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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. When I told my regular doctor about my thoughts of there being a correlation between my joint pains and an outbreak of blisters, I'm pretty sure she thought I was crazy...but in my mind there was no question. I've tried several of the beers, and haven't cared for them. They tend to be sweet to my taste buds...not something I care for in a beer. I'll keep trying them as I find new ones in hopes of finally finding one I like. I'm finding as I look at reviews of various gluten free things there tend to be two broad categories of testers (tasters?)...new people to gluten free and the "old timers", with the new folks not liking things so much and the "old timers" liking them. Makes sense...we newbies still want the exact old taste of the bread, beer, whatever we used to love, and the more experienced folks (I assume) are maybe more comparing to other gluten free things of the same venue??? Example, I've seen several breads get rave reviews, and to me they taste like cardboard and only palatable if toasted. I'm finding that for now at least, I'm tending towards complete elimination of some of the old favorites (like bread)(I used to make my own) rather than settle for something I don't care for much.
  2. I found a great doctor in that he recognized the symptoms for what they were (blister rash), and got the tests done to get a diagnosis. It is a Dermatology clinic, "Advanced Dermatology and Skin Center"...and actually it was the Physician's Assistant (PA) named Jim. Bad part is they don't take most HMO insurance.
  3. Thanks for the input and support. I will go to the link and post the Doc info. The Pizza incedent was an eye opener for two reasons...one, just the speed and intensity of onset of blisters after eating it, but second was the automatic response I had to someone coming up and saying, "hey, want some pizza?" Without thinking I said yes and ate a piece before it hit me what I was doing. Had a second "close call", where I sat down at a resturant and without thinking ordered a beer (my past normal way to start a dinner out)...caught myself that time before I drank any. Again, Thanks.
  4. Hi all...new here. This line of information has answered most of my questions. Short history, hand the "rash" for nearly 2 years before a dermatologist knew what he was looking at, ran the test and biopsy. So at least then (last November) i had a diagnosis and some direction...but my mind needed several weeks to accept it all...sort of a grieving process I guess. Wasn't sold until December when I'd been on the gluten free diet for about for about 3 weeks and slipped and eat pizza at lunch...by the time I got home I had a major outbreak in progress. Since then trying real hard to keep faithful to the diet. Now at about 3 months, I was wondering about the occasional blister that pops up. Rack my brain to try and figure out if I somehow ate something. But it appears I'm still in the time period where occasional blisters (not as itchy, and heal quicker) are "normal". I'll continue wandering around this forum to see if I can fine answers to a few other issues...like hope that my joint pain will eventually get better, etc. I do have one specific question...did any of you guys notice that you'd get severe joint pain (generally, for me one joint, like a wrist) followed a day or two later by a fresh out break of numerous blisters around that joint?? Thanks, Ted