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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yes I'm a coffee addict too. It doesn't bother me in the morning but sometimes if I drink in afternoon. I also thought I had runners trots, which I still have. I run on treadmill near the bathroom mostly. I have a few training related questions for you. Are you a male or female? What kind of pace is low-moderate intensity? Why so many miles? Do you run marathons. May I also ask your age? The reason I ask is because ever since I had my gallbladder out 3 months ago I have been going back and forth with how I feel when running. I am a woman who will be 39 on Monday! Is my age a factor yet? I typically run about 9 miles 5 days a week and it takes me roughly 65 minutes on treadmill, a bit longer outside. I started running when I was 23 so it's been nearly 16 years. Do you think my body is trying to tell me something? Maybe I should slow down a bit and just run a little longer? Maybe I just need to finally give in to the fact I'm getting a little older. NOT old, just a little older. Do you think if I slow my pace a bit but maintain the mileage I will be able to maintain my weight? Actually right now I feel like I want to lose a couple of pounds but I know that I'm just bloated! ugh I hate that! I do know that I definately need my iron. Also if you're a woman are you having periods? Somehow I think with your mileage you're probably a guy right?
  2. What brand of magnesium do you take? And what kind? Is it just plain magnesium? Zelnorm is the pits in my opinion.
  3. Does anyone here suffer mainly from constipation. Not to go into great detail, but soft stools that move slow through the gi tract. Along with of course the bloating. If I have been on the diet a few months should these symptoms started to improve or could it take longer. And does being gluten free even really help much with constipation?
  4. I have only officially been diagnosed with IBS. I figured out the gluten problem myself after having out gallbladder. I have mostly had problems with constipation and I also get the mucus from time to time. I did have alot this weekend which I thought was odd b/c I haven't seem to have it much since going gluten-free (about 6 or 7 weeks now). Can gluten cause the mucus or is this more of an IBS problem? Also after not going for a day I seem to have frequent stringy type stool as well. Then in the middle of exercise (running) I have to stop for usuall D or at least a large amount of soft stool. My C is never hard stool, just seems to be slow moving. Again is this more IBS or a gluten thing? All I know is that my bloating is SIGNIFICANTLY less!
  5. I have been better since taking the iron again too. I take the same strength you do but I use the CVS brand. The Novartis brand has sorbitol in it which doesn't agree with me. I'm not sure if the iron is upsetting my stomach a little or maybe some hidden gluten somewhere. When I went off the iron for a few days (after starting them again from when the doc told me to stop) my stomach wasn't any better. Thanks for replying. You really run alot! I thought I was a nut! Do you run twice a day?
  6. Do you know if atomic fire balls hard candies of gluten-free?
  7. Is it gluten-free or not? I read different things. Just ate some choc chips and my stomach is churning. I really don't think I have any problems with soy or dairy. I eat Stoneyfield plain yogurt every morning and soy cheese on my sandwiches. Should I switch to rice cheese? What else is there to eat? I do alot of running so I can't just live on fruits and veggies.
  8. Visit To A Dietitian

    Thanks so much for all of your responses! I think some of you may have misread my post. I am a dietitian myself. I work in a hospital mainly dealing with tube feedings, fluid restrictions, cardiac diets etc.... When someone comes in requesting a gluten free diet we send up rice cakes. I totally agree with all of you who stated that RD's don't know much. We don't get great detail on the subject in school and I would have to agree that an RD who specializes in this area would be the best source. However I find that when I do my own research my background helps me tremendously. In fact I will be doing an in-service training in the spring to our kitchen and cafeteria staff about the gluten free diet. So I will educate myself and pass along to those working with the food! And I work in a good size hospital in the Detroit area. I bet they know nothing about cross contamination. I know I didn't unless you were talking about chicken. Ravenwoodglass - I still have to get to the gyn. I am overdue anyway. I do run quite a bit so this may be the cause, but I have been running for nearly 16 years. Why all of sudden now would I stop menstruating? Could be both I guess. Another thing I'm sure most dietitians don't know is the difference between celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Again I'm not sure which is my problem. All of this has been self diagnosed thus far as the Docs keep telling me IBS. At least the diet helps, for IBS it seems so hopeless. So I will continue to research on my own. This website is great and there are many other good ones I've come across as well. Who knows, maybe this can be a niche in nutrition for me in the future! I do have one food related question. Are all artificial and natural flavors off limits unless you contact the manufacturer. I think this may be the only thing left that I haven't totally elimated. Mainly in small amounts like in my coffee cream or in candy I think is otherwise safe. Thanks again
  9. Hello, I know these last posts are a bit old but I was so happy to come across them! I am new to the forum all together so I am still working my way around the entire website. I have not officially been dx'd with Celiac. I had been told I have IBS (mainly with constipation, although the other occurs during runninig) and also had my gallbladder out about five weeks ago. My symptoms seemed to have started about 5 years ago, a year after having a baby and going through an awful divorce, and had really gotten unbearable the last 2 years or so. So finally after seeing 3 docs, getting the work-up, the gallbladder out, still felt like an inflated balloon 9 days after surgery. So to make long story short I changed my diet to wheat free, felt WAY better, then gluten free and what a difference!!! So in my mind, don't care what docs think anymore, I'm either just gluten intolerant or possible CE. Haven't felt this good in three or more years! I normally run about 45 miles a week. I had low hemaglobin (iron) levels in the past which I related to running and pretty much being vegetarian. I lived on oatmeal and whole wheat pita bread, Hello! Anyway I had started to really struggle with a 2 mile run, which I could normally do 8 no problem. I figured out it was my iron and started taking iron supplement once a day (took three times a day when pregnant) along with a multi w/iron. Within a few weeks I felt back to normal and even stronger so I kept taking the iron. Well a few months back when I went to GI doc #3 he told me to stop it (causes constipation) and wanted a true read of my iron levels after a week being off. I was reluctant but did it because I couldn't deal with the tummy troubles anymore. Well my iron was fine (but I was only off a week!) and then I just returned to taking the multi. Now the past few weeks that feeling of I'm working ten times harder at a slower pace has started to happen. So I started the iron pills again a few days ago. It's so funny it seems to happen overnight. I think it may be due to being off the iron as well as my diet change. In the past when I was on gluten it may have been that I was not absorbing iron. Not that I'm eating all these gluten-free grains that aren't fortified I think this is exacerbating the problem. So after all this background info my question is this: Does anyone with CE and especially those who are runners/athletes take iron supplements? Are they necessarily gluten-free? I take the CVS brand. Also are there any iron fortified gluten-free cereals or breads? I really beleive the poor performance is related to this problem. Runners in particular are at risk for "runner's anemia". Any help much appreciated!
  10. Visit To A Dietitian

    This is my first post since I've been on this site (which has been over the past week or so). I AM a dietitian and I have to agree. They only teach us the basics about the disease in school and I'm now finding out alot I didn't know. Dietitians that work in hospitals may not come across this too often (or at least we don't know about it). There are dietitans who do specialize in this area who have probably a wealth of information. Others are probably more "generalists" and know to avoid wheat, barely, oats and rye and thats about it. I do know that Shelly Case is one guru on the topic. As for myself I have been suffering with what I thought was IBS for about the past 4 or 5 years. I started having some symptoms after I had my son who is now six. I went through an awful divorce when my son was about 15 months. Then about a year or so after that my symptoms began to get worse and more frequent. The past 2-3 years have really been awful. I never really suspected celiac disease because I didn't have the classic symptoms. I had gone to a few GI docs last year who said IBS and gave me Zelnorm. Then about 4 months ago I started having another set of symptoms, pain and like a swelling around my belly button. Went to yet another GI and finally had some tests done. He too thought it was IBS. Had uppper and lower GI, and ultrasound. US showed gallstones. So about 3 weeks ago I had my gallbladder out. Eight days after the pain was gone but my other symptoms persisted (bloating, constipation, just felk icky) So I went on-line yet again (I am usually on an IBS chat site) to see if this was maybe due to the surgery and that in time it would go away. Well I stumbled across an IBS post about a doc telling her to avoid wheat. I figured "what have I got to lose?" Within one day I felt so much better. I couldn't beleive it. So I have stuck with it for the past two weeks and I feel like a new person. Now my GI doc had did the blood tests which came back negative. But now that I have been doing my own research I am convinced this is my problem. What else would explain it. I'm still probably not 100% gluten free but pretty darn close. I continue to do my own research to learn more. I have my follow up appt with my GI doc Friday and I can't wait to hear what he will tell me. I know he'll say it's not my dx. He'll attribute it to my gallbladder even though he said my bloating and constipation had nothing to do with gallbladder disease. The more I read the more it makes sense to me. Lack of concentration - you betcha. I thought I was just getting dumber. Fatigue I attributed to being a single mom and working full time. All I know is I feel so much better. I have to keep reminding myself this is real. I felt like crap everyday for the past 2 years. I haven't had a period in two years either (I'm 38) related?? I thought that was from all the running I do. Does this seem like celiac disease to those of you who have been officially dx'd. What's up with the blood test being so unreliable? I'm paranoid about everything I eat now. I don't want to mess up a good thing. I would greatly appreciate any help