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  1. I have a tester from my mom as she's diabetic I just don't know how I would use it to test my sugar. Like would I drink 20 ounces of kool-aid on an empty stomach and then test it an hour later? I'll go read the blood sugar 101 section. Thank you!!!
  2. Hey, I know I'm a celiac and I have stopped all gluten but something else is going on. Here's the major symptoms that I cannot improve. I have to eat right at bedtime (almost a full meal) or I wake up with the most upset stomach on earth. I'll be heading to the bathroom in minutes. If I don't eat right away upon waking it's the same deal. Recently, I can hardly see. I don't know what's going on but when I wake up I can hardly see (what I mean is text on my computer screen) but during the day at random times. *POOF* I can see fine. I started having night sweats again. I eat certain foods (not sure which, soy I think) and my legs get really sweaty and I get very hot. During the day at the most random times I go from hot to cold. By hot, I'm in a t-shirt by cold I'm in a down jacket. I weight 158 pounds down from 285. I lost the weight exercising like a maniac. Now I'm reading that may not have been such a good thing. Gluten even in the most minute amounts (I cannot share butter with my family) will make me throw up, have numb lips, and a very severe allergic reaction. I don't throw up right away, it takes about 3 or 4 hours to get there. Benadryl, the maximum dose usually rescues me but that's when it's cross-contamination. I'm terrified to think of what happens if I eat real bread some day. I have skin the peels off the inside of my mouth. Intermittent headaches (very mild), pre-gluten they were migraines. My feet always sweat and I mean a lot. All of this started back in June of 2012 and I'm just now putting the pieces together. I tested negative to Addison's and Thyroid but I still suspect thyroid because my dad has it. I always have brain fog (well it came with the blurry vision). I wonder about being diabetic. I know my sugars can go very high but that was from gluten. Does anyone know can you test diabetes with just a regular blood sugar meter? I don't have insurance right now so I'm doing this all on my own. Oh and uh, I'm a married white male with 3 kids seeking someone who knows everything. .