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  1. To add....the pee is now concentrated all the time no matter how hydrated I am. I can't find much on celiac and if it affects the kidneys like this....
  2. Thank you all so much for the replies and the warm welcomes. To be clear on the urine thing....old normal for first 45 years pee sometimesyellow and concentrated....sometimes more dilute and much clearer. It matters not how hydrated I am. It sounds weird until it happens to you, then it's scary. It's not down to vits, food or water. The thyroid idea is interesting as I've been packing on weight of late despite poor appetite. Tests always normal tho....tsh and frees in top quartile. Keep it coming folks. Frank
  3. Hi everyone, I have a few questions. Been sick for two years now. It started with unexplained weight loss, poor digestion, lots of abdominal gurgling. I also noticed at that time that my urine was more concentrated. It has not been colourless since. My appetite became poor and has remained so. I've had all sorts of blood tests, scans, egd endoscope which was negative for celiac. I have pain under my bottom left rib and down my flank. Stools have gone from constipated two years back to mushy. The urine thing is the weirdest thing. So do any of you with celiac disease have that? Also have tinnitus 24/7. Any help warmly appreciated. Thanks.