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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Um, that is exactly why I posted on this forum- to get more suggestions. I am not complaining or b%$@#ing about my condition, I am trying to find new ways to deal with it and asking people with more experience to help. You do not need to attack me as if I am disagreeing with you.
  2. I am sorry if it feels that I was complaining, I am not, I am wondering more about my own will power. I find gluten almost as addictive as cigarettes for some reason. As for my child, I believe he was tested not so long ago and the tests came out negative. Also, there is food for HIM at home that I do not touch, like fruits, soups, meats, etc. I also bring my own food but sometimes I bring too little I guess? Perhaps what I should is stock up pantry there with gluten-free foods specifically for myself, so I would not have to worry about finding something when I come over.
  3. Thank you kareng, I really am not a believer in gluten-related diagnoses because I've read that sometimes a person might have DH or Celiac but all tests run negative. I basically am reasoning this way: if it looks like DH, feels like DH, the biopsy results are consistent with DH, and gluten-free diet helps to clean it up, it MUST be DH. However, not everyone follows that line of reasoning Thank you for the list of possible foods, but my issue isn't even being tempted to buy cookies instead of chips at a gas station, it is more of when I am at my grandma's house watching my son on a cold rainy day (so we can't even go to a store) and there is no food available except some bread and cookies, sooner or later I would be tempted to eat some. Or I would test the soup temperature for my son (who is not on gluten-free diet unfortunately), and inadvertently would consume some gluten. Or I would order sushi and forget that most soy sauces contain wheat. I even bought my own bottle of gluten-free soy sauce that I plan to use every time I eat sushi, and try to bring gluten-free snacks everywhere I go, but that is still not a 100% gluten-free diet.
  4. Hello there, I am a DH sufferer and have been (mostly) gluten-free for the past couple of years. However, I find it extremely easy to slip into eating it every now and then, especially since I do not get any extreme gastric problems, it is just my skin that suffers, and in any case it looks much better now than it did when I just got diagnosed. Nevertheless, it bothers me, and ultimately I want to be breakout-free. Yet there are so many obstacles to this, like all the relatives and friends not understanding why I would refuse to eat bread, cakes, etc and sometimes taking it as a personal insult if I do not try their cooking. In addition, I am between jobs now and struggling to get enough money for rent, so I often can't afford the more expensive gluten-free options and sometimes I just forget that a certain candy contains gluten. I was wondering a) if anyone has good tips on how to deal with relatives who are unsympathetic (my mother is still convinced my skin issues are results of a drug eruption/scratching, even though I have been off Adderall and painkillers for at least a year now), and How do I deal with my own "addiction"/indifference/weak will when it comes to certain tempting foods? I am doing much better now, but still slip every now and then and end up feeling guilty and that the money I spend on all the gluten-free foods is wasted, since my diet ends up contaminated anyways.
  5. Hi Colleen, No, I did not know that, can you please elaborate? They took biopsy of the active lesion.
  6. Hi, I actually did have a couple biopsies,and I remember studying the results of one and comparing it to DH pathology; it basically said "neutrophil infiltration" or something like that (main idea: higher than normal neutrophil count and some kind of immune system activity going on without any bacteria present= consisent with DH). I have a biochemistry major, however I am by no means a doctor, but what I've read and researched does point to that I might have DH.
  7. Also, do you ever experience random itching of the palms of your hands (feels like you played with some steel wool or ate a prickly pear cactus, but not as intense?) I just noticed that this is something I experience quite often (but without lesions on my palms).
  8. Skin Issues

    I have a patch or whatever on my bottom lip too! And it really hurts! I also have scars that do not go away, and periodic outbreaks of "fake pimples"on my chest, my back and my face (they look like pimples but squeezing them causes nothing but pain; they are really mini-blisters). Recently I had some excess dandruff too and DANDRUFF ON MY EYEBROWS (they are extremely itchy sometimes!). Anybody got that one? Also, eyebrows seem to be a favorite spot for new flare-ups.
  9. Can Dh Be Strictly On Lips?

    Hmm, I have one "blister"on my lip which is more like a painful, burning cyst. Every time I pick at it, my eyes swell with tears, it is sooo painful. It is right under/attached to my bottom lip and will not decrease or go away. I peel off a new layer of skin every few days just because it feels good to do so, and the skin is weird irregular shape.
  10. Hello everyone, I just want to share my story and see if it sounds like I have DH. I was never diagnosed by a dermatologist, this was a self-diagnosis, but I have many reasons to believe that I am right. I am a 25 year old caucasian female. I consumed gluten for most of my life until the age of 21 or so; then, I developed a weird lesion on my neck that would not go away. I tried different antibiotics, but nothing worked. Then, more lesions started popping up on my neck and then face. Sometimes they would form a line pattern, so I suspected sporotrichosis and took some antifungals, which helped at first, but then stopped helping. The lesions were huge, like the size of a dime, but they mostly hurt and leaked pus (sorry this is gross); however they did not look like boils (that I see on some DH pictures); I think they immediately came out as open sores, but of course I might have picked at them without realizing at the time (being on adderal did not improve things). Their center would be pretty hard and moist, and filled with what looked like granules of some sort. They never really itched (still do not itch); however, they do hurt/sting, rubbing them feels sorta good so I guess they do kinda itch (I am confused lol), but the one on my lip REALLY stings, if I start picking at it, tears would start flowing from my eyes involuntarily. It feels like a thousand pins in my lip. Also, after healing, they would leave a purple and white scar that would not go away and stand out against the rest of the skin; the ones on my face are actually idented sorta like cystic acne scars; the one on my nose is uneven and bumpy. Sometimes the scars would form a mini-blister that would be painful and unproductive to pop; sometimes they would form a pimple. I (mostly) do not eat gluten anymore except rare random exposure due to my forgetfulness or lack of food to eat (the other day I bought Rafaellos and ate a couple before realizing they do have some gluten in them; but I take Gluten Cutter, not sure if that works or not). So, anyways, to summarize: - The lesions do not exactly itch, but they definitely sting/burn, and it feels good to rub some of them (not my lip, that is too painful). - If I remember correctly, they never looked like blisters, and started with pretty large open sores. - If I get an outbreak now, it will start looking almost exactly like a pimple, but if I try to squeeze it, it is a painful, hard, watery blister with nothing coming out. It feels like there is a cluster of granules under the blister. Sometimes it starts as a brown, VERY TOUGH piece of tissue (a little crust that is almost impossible to rip off, later it falls off by itself and a regular crust forms). - The lesions leave scars that are either indented or discolored or both. Even the scars still feel kinda prickly and they never go away. - Cutting down on my gluten intake decreased the number and severity of outbreaks, but I still do get them from time to time. Right now my face does not look so good without make-up. The weirdest part: At some point I though I had Morgellons disease, and my lesions did look exactly like the Morgellons lesions with little "roots", etc; I was also finding fibers on my skin and even under my skin. I am not sure if I was losing my mind or what, but I even studied samples of my skin under microscope and found ingrown fibers, etc. Later those symptoms mysteriously vanished when I started cutting down on gluten intake. I am still not sure what it was. So can anyone relate to this? I am REALLY interested in your feedback! Thanks!