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  1. I am wondering if puffy eyes could be another symptom of celiac or gluten sensitivity ( I do have other symptoms). I woke up last Tuesday and the area under my eyes were extremely puffy, I thought nothing of it but they still haven't gone away or gotten better at all. I've tried everything from allergy pills, eye drops,cold spoons,eye creams and cucumbers. Has anyone ever had this happen to them before and could it be related to celiac?
  2. Sorry that I forgot about this forum but I wanted to let you know that everything came back negative and they found nothin wrong they just told me to stay off dairy and they never did anything else but my symptoms still aren't gone
  3. Okay, here's my story. Ever since the age of 7 I have been experiencing stomach pain after meals. In the last few years the stomach pains have been going away but I still have many symptoms such as headaches,skin rashes,dizziness and constipation. I went to the doctor for my problems and they told me to go off dairy and tested me for celiac among other things.The next day they called to say all my blood work was fine and that I don't have celiac ( I find this strange because doesn't the blood work take more than 1 day) Anyways so going off dairy helped a bit but I still have many symptoms. The reason I'm still thinking gluten is the culprit is because my mom also has many symptoms such as psoriasis,keratosis Polaris, fatigue and sleep apnea. I still live with my mom and she thinks that gluten sensitivity is a myth and won't let me go off of gluten to see if I have a sensitivity. Anyways so what should I do and is it possible I still have celiac or even a gluten sensitivity?
  4. Okay,thank you I will definatley post the results. I remember being tested for celiac a few years ago and it being negative so I'm leaning more torwards being intolerant than having celiac.
  5. Hi, I have recently been having stomachaches after eating almost everything. I was wondering what was wrong so I went to the doctor today. I gave my doctor a food diary and she seemed to think it may be dairy and she said possibly Celiac but probably not because I had no symptoms after eating plain white rice. According to her white rice has gluten and that Is not true,right. Anyways so she ordered an x ray for me to check for constipation. I thought this was crazy because I have never had trouble "going". Surprisingly the x-Ray showed that there was a little backup. I know that constipation can also be a symptom of celiac so that also leads me to think its celiac. Anyways the doctor also ordered blood tests for celiac among many other things and I was told to stay off dairy until I get my test results. I think my issues with dairy may have to do with the damage celiac has done to my intestines. Anyways I'm jut looking for what you guys think of all this. Thanks, Stephanie