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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dr said on his inspection of her duodenum, she definitely has celiac, there is inflammation, but mild. We see the nutritionist on June 5, but he said we can go ahead and start going gluten free now. Said this will give us a little time to clean out the kitchen, replace utensils, and ease into the new diet. By the time we see the nutritionist, we'll have some experience under out belts and be much further along. If there is anyone who has a good first timer shopping list of staples, I'd love to see it. I plan to start the kitchen cleaning and CC item removal today. She's feeling pretty good after the biopsy, and seems eager to start the new diet. Here's to a brighter future and better life!
  2. Definitely a temptation =) They love to eat his food. I'll pitch the colanders too then. No biggy there. We don't have a toaster so I'm good. What about staples to buy? Also, we have pets...Do I need to take care she not feed them or touch their foods?
  3. I already have her brother scheduled for the blood test on Tuesday. Her dad got his Wednesday and her mom has been informed she needs to get tested. I'm not testing my son (her half brother) unless dad comes back positive. I'm pretty confident I don't have it (i'm just step mom). I am really hoping to see a turn around for her. She is a good kid, just has a lot of emotional problems, and I really just want to see her happier. I am sure some of it is just being a teenage girl, and I don't expect a miracle, but an improvement would be a nice relief for all of us. I also think that living in pain has clouded her world. I had a back injury a while back and remember how dark and depressing it was to wake up in pain every day. Perhaps relief from pain alone will improve her outlook on life. She certainly seems more hopeful since the diagnosis and is eager to start the diet.
  4. Hi All -- First off, thank you all for your information and support. I appreciate it. Since it is pretty evident my stepdaughter has celiac disease, it looks like we will be going gluten free sometime in the next week or so. We are only waiting for her biopsy to be performed on Monday. I need tips on getting any contamination out of the home. I have decided that we are all going to go gluten-free since I can't afford separate dishes and foods for everyone, with the exception of packaged lunches for the toddler, who is underweight and a picky eater and I don't want to eliminate anything from his diet. I plan to keep his gluteny foods sealed in a bin in the basement, away from the kitchen. Now, I know I likely need to get rid of my wooden spoons and cutting boards. I plan to run all the dishes through the dishwasher - will that be sufficient to decontaminate? Also, I will clean out all the cupboards of gluten foods and wipe them out with lysol or bleach. Same for the fridge and freezer. Clean the stove and oven out well, and the microwave. I downloaded the nxtNutrio app on my phone and hopefully it will help guide me with some grocery shopping. Honestly though, with the exception of gluten-free bread and pasta, I don't much plan to buy things that are specially made gluten-free. I'll buy fruits, veggies, dairy and meats. I don't agree with buying a bunch of pre-prepared, pre-packaged gluten-free junk foods. So I guess I need suggestions for staples I'll need (flours? seasonings? things you frequently need to do substitutions?), and if there is anything further I need to clean/decontaminate that I might be missing. I appreciate your help. Thanks.
  5. I already suggested she make an account and check out the teen forum for support. I'm investigating recipes. I was a restaurant chef for 8 years of my life so I think I'll do ok. I'm gonna set us all gluten-free for the time being so I don't have to worry about cross contamination. It certainly won't hurt anyone in my household to go gluten-free except the toddler, who I plan to keep some gluten foods for, but in a sealed bin. Thanks everyone for your answers. I am just praying this is our road to recovery for her.
  6. Thanks everyone. The GI did indeed schedule an endoscopy for Monday, with her ttg level where it is, he wants to get a look in there. He is confident celiac is the cause, and scheduled us to see the nutritionist as well to get her started on the gluten-free diet as soon as her endoscopy is done. I forgot to ask about the DGP when I was there. I'll ask him Monday. You are all giving me great hope, that I am passing along to her. Thank you.
  7. Well, I truly hope she finds some relief and soon. Its been a hard road. We are about to go see the gastro today. I pray he will get this ball rolling quickly.
  8. Thank you for your answer. It is actually my stepdaughter's test results. I probably should have made that more clear. She is 16 and has many symptoms...They did not run a DGP, but we see the gastroenterologist tomorrow. Should I request one? I'm highly ashamed to say for a long time we did not believe her, as she had a long record of wanting to not go to school, hating school, and has quite a flair for the dramatic. I feel terrible we didn't catch this sooner, but it wasn't for lack of trying...we did have her to the doctor more than 20 times over a 10 month period, tested for a multitude of illnesses. I feel terrible that we chalked a lot of it up to not wanting to go to school/anxiety. Her symptoms are: Intermittent diarrhea and constipation (one week she has diarrhea, the next constipation) Extreme gassiness (reported, not witnessed) Extreme irritability/moodiness ADHD Depression Anxiety Acne Vulgaris Joint pain (specifically the knees) Bloating Tenderness in the stomach, particularly the liver region Eye pain Elevated (not extreme) Alkaline Phosphatase Digestion issues with dairy Tingling sensations/legs "falling asleep" Coordination issues (reported, not witnessed) Fatigue She did have a normal abdominal ultrasound in January. I know that means nothing for celiac, but her liver appeared healthy so no further action was r What is the likelihood this will help clear up some of her psychological symptoms when she is permitted to go gluten free? She is currently not gluten free until she sees the specialist tomorrow to determine is a biopsy is necessary. To be honest, and by her own admission, those are the worst problem.
  9. Can you help me interpret these results? I specifically want to know if they are very indicitive of celiac, or moderately...what is normal vs. what is seen? ttg AB IgA >100 H out of range IgA Serum 96 Endomysial Antibody Titer 1:160 H out of range Thanks