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  1. Thank you for the reply! I do have celiac disease. I'm not constipated. I haven't tried gas-x I'll have to give that ago.
  2. I have been having lower left abdominal pain on/off for a couple months now. Ob/gyn did ultrasound, came up normal. I've been to urgent care, doc couldn't come up with anything. Has anyone else experienced this? It's near my left hip, it isn't debilitating it's just there.
  3. I was diagnosed with celiac 5 years ago. Since then I've had off and on stomach pain that I have assumed was do to accidental ingestion here and there. However the last month or so I have had pain on my left side basically pelvic pain. Sometimes I can feel it in my back and occasionally it goes up to my navel. I'm wondering if anyone had experienced this with accidental exposure to gluten. I'm hoping that is all it is and not something like crohns or something. Any help is appreciated!