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  1. We're Back - With Nephrotic Syndrome

    Thanks for your replies. Now that we are eating entirely whole foods there is no soy in the diet anymore (and I don't buy tofu). So one less thing to worry about in the meantime. He had no dairy today and no eggs, so we'll stick with this for now and I'll speak to the paediatritian tomorrow about what he thinks (although I've found diet information severly lacking). Can something like an egg allergy just appear at any age (the nurse said it was a mild allergy)? He's never shown any of the classic allergy symptoms - although over the weekend he did start with a dry cough occasionally, clicked his tongue like he had an itchy throat, and the odd sneezing (not today though...) but no development of a cold or other illness.
  2. We're Back - With Nephrotic Syndrome

    Just a quick update - I had ordered some blood tests from my own doctor after being diagnosed with the nephrotic syndrome (hospital/paed weren't interested in finding the cause of the problem so took it into my own hands) and the nurse just phoned to say he's got an egg allergy!!! And low in Vit D and zinc. There go the eggs.
  3. We're Back - With Nephrotic Syndrome

    Thanks for all your replies! OK, so I will start with dairy elimination as of today and will chat to him about the nuts and eggs too. Since tomorrow we're likely to start the taper off the drugs, it would be a good time to see how he reacts to coming off it. I might reintroduce millet again since he quite likes that and it will be a good replacement for the eggs that he's currently having for breakfast. He hasn't had any oats since being gluten-free. So should i really expect after 3yrs of a gluten free diet for his poop to be brown if there were no other intolerances? I will go off and read all the links you've provided for me (and maybe that will answer my above question). For sweetener, if needed (which isn't often now that i'm making everything from scratch and am not big on baking, esp. now that we are off all grains for now), I'm using honey or stevia. I'm relieved the eggs aren't a gluten source - also, they don't rely on the pellets for their sole source of food as they free range a lot of the day. We homeschool, so there is no external source of contamination going on (a plus too now with him being immunosuppressed from the steroids that we can control the environment a bit easier). Mommida, sorry that you are also going through a secondary diagnosis! I have found this round of food eliminations much easier on my emotions than going gluten-free. Just bad timing that both kids have their joint birthday party (haven't had one for a few years) coming up in less than 3mths...
  4. Hi, I haven't posted for a few years. My son was diagnosed with coeliacs 3yrs ago when he was 2.5yrs old and we have pretty much just cruised along like that since then. However, a few weeks back we were admitted to hospital and he was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome (minimal change). I'm trying to research as much as I can to see if I can find other triggers for this. A google search led me to this site and members suggesting to go gluten-free. Hmmm, we're already gluten-free, but I'm wondering if inadvertantly glutening him over the years could have caused the NS? does anyone know of any research or links into this? It doesnt' happen often, but I wonder if there are still contaminated sources. I have eliminated ALL grains in the meantime, no sugar, no processed foods (except baked beans occasionally), no processed meats (bacon, ham etc) - so surely no other means of gluten getting in as well as trying to heal his gut. He is still on a high-dose prednisolone (50mg a day) and will hopefully start to taper this week when we see the paediatrician on Wednesday (he went into remission really quickly within 4 days but has been on a high dose for 3wks). I'm wondering if there are diet changes I can make while we do the taper to try and ensure that he doesn't relapse. Is dairy a link with coeliacs in some way? I've removed milk drinking, but he still eats hard cheese and probiotic yoghurt. I removed potatos too for a week or so, but his hunger from the steroids is just crazy and it's one easy way for me to provide a satisfying food for him. Are eggs a source of gluten contamination if the chickens eat wheat based foods (as our chickens do)? His poops have never looked "normal" even on a gluten-free diet. They no longer contain undigested food, but are still what I would term on the yellow side instead of brown - is this normal? The doctor and our paediatrician don't have a problem with that. Sorry for the masses of questions, but I'm so lost and going around in circles with all of this and feel that diet is really all *I* can do if that makes sense? fortunately for me, my wee fella is totally cool with me calling the shots of food options. Thanks.
  5. Is This Progress?

    Thanks for your encouraging commments. It does make me feel better than we are seeing the small changes. I didn't find my paediatrician particularly useful and in fact have learnt so much more on this site and maybe my knowledge and questions in response to his information annoyed him? Anyway, I'm glad I've got you all to help on this new journey.
  6. My 2.5yr old has been gluten-free for a few months now and I have noticed that his skin rashes have cleared (they were just eczema type rashes on his torso), his poop is slightly darker, now "sinks" most of the time, and more formed and down to about 3 a day opposed to 5-6. I was thinking this was quite good, but I'm questioning whether it is "enough" progress. His poop still looks quite full of undigested food. Why I'm starting to doubt myself is we finally had our Paediatrician appointment yesterday and he gave me a bit of a hard time about not having the biopsy done for my son. When I said that surely because his bloods came back positive and that I was seeing positive results from the diet then wouldn't that mean Coeliac? Anyway, he kind of grumbled his agreement, but it's left me wondering if I'm *imagining* the changes in his poop since it's not a dramatic improvement iykwim? How long would I expect to see his poop completely change?
  7. Babies With Cd

    I'm also in the "no milk needed" after weaning camp. Once my son self-weaned from breastfeeding at 14mths I didn't offer milk. He drinks loads of water. I did give him natural unsweetened yoghurt though along with his normal diet.
  8. Homeopathic Doctors

    I am completely into homeopathy and have seen remedies do wonder for both of my kids (and I no longer suffer asthma). BUT, I recently spoke to my homeopath when Nathan was diagnosed and wanted to know whether homeopathy would help our case - she said NO, the remedies will help with the symptoms but will never get rid of it completely (which totally makes sense considering it's a genetic issue, not a regular "imbalance in the body" which is what homeopathy works on.
  9. So I've been reading that this may show up also now that we've gone gluten-free. It's been 1 week and I think we've done really well, no visible changes yet, but the odd poop that is dark and "normal" looking (is this what happens in the early stages or the fact that it changes from pale to dark still mean he's likely getting glutened?). Our whole house is gluten-free now, but I guess there could still be traces in places, but we are very aware of what we're trying to achieve. Now to my question, today I've noticed ds is quite gassy/smelly which has never been a problem for him regardless of what we've eaten. How would I know if it was a lactose intolerance or do we assume that he likely will/does have it as well for now? Do we just remain gluten-free only and then cut out lactose as well later, or do both now and then add lactose back in? Not sure on how I'd know if it was lactose related or not, are there other classic symptoms? TIA
  10. OK, so I'm just new to phoning and emailing companies about products we currently have in our house and I was checking sunscreen yesterday and emailed about this product. I got a reply, they tell me it's gluten free, but I kind of felt the reply was making out that I was a bit dumb for thinking gluten would be in sunscreen based on the first paragraph, here's the reply: The fact that they say "to the best of our knowledge"...does that sound like a definite or that they don't REALLY know, but assume? Or am I just being oversensitive and reading too much into this? Anyone else checked out this brand? On the plus side, I'm pleased to find out that my current shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste are all ok. TIA
  11. Do I Gluten My Baby?

    Thanks! Wow, still a bit confused though...my mum is going to her doctor tomorrow to get a test done since she also thinks she's suffered for years. Her doctor has Celiac's, so she's going to ask his opinion on it too.
  12. Thanks everyone! Well fortunately it was a once off hissy fit, so maybe just a regular hormonal 2yr old day???
  13. My head is just spinning with questions at the moment and I spent hours last night lying awake in bed when I should have been sleeping..... Anyway, I've come across differing opinions on whether to introduce gluten to younger siblings. My baby will soon be at the age to introduce wheat (I actually already had given her a few regular crackers but stopped when Nathan was in the process of being diagnosed) and just wondering whether to go ahead like normal and then get her tested and stop or whether to just not introduce it yet? Because we're going gluten-free in our house she will obviously be gluten-free but I'd like to know whether she needs to make that a long term decision by the time she is around 2yo it'd be nice to know whether she needs to be strict about it if out of the home. I've read too that the test isn't necessarily accurate in under 2yo's, so not sure which way to go. Any advice would be appreciated. TIA
  14. OK, so I've read that people can be affected when they get glutened, but how about going gluten-free? We made the switch from lunchtime yesterday and all was well, he even slept through the night last night (that was a miracle in itself). But OMG, this morning it's like some crazy child has been unleashed - screaming, crying, disagreeable, not listening (this isn't new) and it's only lunchtime here now. Is this normal or maybe it's just a normal off toddler day??? I feel like ripping my hair out already, fortunately DH is here to share the load.
  15. Thanks for your replies. I can't believe how much I've already learnt in the space of 24hrs! We are committing to thid diet as of this weekend and will be making our house gluten-free.