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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello! I'm a newly(ish) diagnosed celiac, 8 months on GFD. My symptoms prior to diagnosis were mild, once-daily diarrhea and cramping, but nothing debilitating, I never had any weight loss or signs of malnutrition. Diagnosed after blood test and endoscopy. Six months on the GFD (I follow strictly, overseen by a gasto and dietitian) my blood tests had all bounced back to normal, all my nutrient levels are perfect, BMs fine. Well, this weekend I slipped up after a late night out (I'm 25f) and had a piece of pizza! I was expecting the worse, but woke up the next morning, had one mildly loose BM, and that was it. Several days have gone by now, and I feel fine. Being relatively new to celiac I have to ask: are there people out there like me who aren't as sensitive? I have no plans to quit GFD, because I know that I could still be doing major gut damage, even if I feel fine. But since it sounds like most people get sick from even small amounts, I'm not sure if my case is strange, or if people like me just aren't as active on forums like this. I will be seeing my gastro for a check-in soon, so is this something I should bring up? Thanks!
  2. Hi All! I've been lurking here for a month, ever since my postive blood tests. I'm feeling pretty comfortable with some of the basics, but now that I've recieved a postive bioposy I wanted to really dive into what's going on in my body, and how I compare to others. Here goes... Current Age: 24 Symptoms: Just general stomach aches and cramps my whole life, I never noticed a particular gluten trigger, and childhood doctors dismissed it. So now as an adult I went to the doctor and mentioned I got a lot of stomach aches, and they reccomended a blood test to check for celiac. I have no family history of celiac. Blood Test Results: Transglutaminase Ab IgG/M/AL Tragl IgM: 3/20/2014: 5.9 U/mL Tragl IgA: 3/20/2014: 11.2 U/mL Tragl IgG: 3/20/2014: 53.5 U/mL (I'm confused if this is the full panel, or what blood tests these exactly are? Are they the Tissue transglutamise tests I've heard about on this site?) Biopsy Results (I can't even begin to interpret these) DUODENAL MUCOSA WITH LAMINA PROPRIA EXPANSION BY LYMPHOCYTES AND PLASMA CELLS, VILLOUS BLUNTING, AND INCREASED INTRAEPITHELIAL LYMPHOCYTES, SEE NOTE. B: STOMACH, RANDOM, BIOPSY: : ANTRAL AND OXYNTIC MUCOSA WITH MILD CHRONIC INFLAMMATION. : NO HELICOBACTER ORGANISMS IDENTIFIED ON WARTHIN-STARRY STAIN (CONTROL SATISFACTORY). : DETACHED FRAGMENT OF INTESTINAL EPITHELIUM, NO SIGNIFICANT HISTOLOGIC ABNORMALITY. NOTE: The findings can be seen in the setting of gluten-sensitive enteropathy (celiac disease), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, drug-induced injury, tropical sprue, immune disorders, and sensitivity to non-gluten proteins; however due to the patient 's documented history of positive Celiac serology, the findings are most likely consistent with Celiac disease. Clinical correlation recommended. So now I've been one week gluten free, and I'm starving all the time and still have D (only about once a day though) Since my pathology report says the findings could also be the result of other allergies (I have a lot), bacterial overgrowth (I've heard my crazy hunger could be candida overgrowth) or some other autoammune disorder- I'm just curious if there's any chance I have something else going on? How do my results compare with other patients? SO many questions! Thank you!!