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  1. Yes, I can have nuts. Do you have any good recipe suggestions with nuts? Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, Is it possible to be a vegetarian despite multiple food intolerances? I don't like eating meat but unfortunately, many of the usual meat substitutes are out of bounds. I am working with a naturopathic doctor (gave up on symptom-treating mainstream doctors) to heal my gut and hopefully reintroduce some things, but here are my current taboos: gluten dairy (except hard cheese) potatoes, sweet potatoes corn (can eat corn meal or flour) beans, lentils peppers, sweet and hot onions and garlic fish large amounts of soy ie tofu or edamame I mostly eat eggs, gluten-free bread or rice, peanut butter, and safe fruits and vegetables. And unfortunately, a lot of sugar and coffee, because it is so hard to find interesting flavors otherwise. Suggestions for how to subsitute for those would also be great. Thank you!