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  1. It's no cure for sure, but my skin now is soft, it calms my itching within a few minutes, and I swear my reactions are left frequent. Good luck. I will have to try prep h too. Thanks!
  2. Last week I was suffering from some DH breakouts and hives (new makeup issue). I went into my local Wallgreen's and decided to pick-up some new gluten free lotion to try. I sampled Dove Cream Oil (extra dry skin/advanced formula) on my itchy arms and hands in the store. I laughed to myself thinking, "I'm either going to feel a little better or a whole lot worse in about 30 minutes." I liked the way the lotion felt on my skin and decided to purchase it. I noticed on my drive home that I was no longer itching on my hands as I had all morning long. I waited a few hours and my hands felt soft and calm. I decided to go for the gusto and apply it to my whole body. Same result. My DH on my stomach, back, legs, and shoulders were no longer driving me insane. I had a peaceful nights sleep for once!!! So, I have been religiously this cream to my body for the past few days. I actually feel normal. WOW. I forgot what that was like. I am pleased to announce that my skin is calm. No new breakouts. My DH spots are healing & I have a new sense of hope that I can experience some relief!!! It is very early on, but I really wanted to share this good news. I know how miserable this itching can be and if this helps anyone else I will be so pleased. Thank you.