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  1. So, it guess it's a long story, but I'll try to keep it short. I've been gluten free following 7 years of strictly following the diet. It seems that about 8 years ago when I had my daughter, I developed several health issues. Looking back it's hard to tell what caused what, etc, but at one point I developed mastitis and I was put on an antibiotic which caused me to develop C-Diff. After awhile, I had lots of symptoms: purpura (vit K def), positive ANA, Sjogren's antibodies. This could have all been in the works before the infections. My primary doc diagnosed Sjogren's. I felt there was more. Online research led me to believe I was having gluten issues, but not necessarily classic Celiac symptoms. (FYI - my 2nd cousin was diagnosed Celiac by biopsy.) I did Enterolab and the results said I was having issues with gluten and casein. As best I could, I adapted the diet and found that I felt better. I found a new Doctor who went from a traditional practice to a focus on nutrition and functional medicine. He did testing and I found over time (lots of visits, lots of tests) that I was deficient in Vit D, B12, ferratin, ostepenia, B1, B6, B9. He confirmed my Celiac disease without sending me to the GI doc. I also found a rheumatologist who also confirmed my "Celiac". After all this time, I still don't have these vitamins in check. I'm not vegetarian and eat a lot of meat, particularly red meat and I still can't get the ferratin and B12 up. I've been realizing the last year or two that I still have stomach issues despite following the diet - seems to be no rhyme or reason. And I developed new autoimmune symptoms. No thyroid issues. Decided to go to a new Rheumatologist nearer to where I live. Since I'm a new patient, she's questioning everything. Wants to be sure I have Sjogren's and Celiac or whatever before she starts treating me. Said one of my new symptoms is probably a magnesium deficiency or the B12. Anyway, she questioned the Celiac due to no biopsy. She sent me to a good one who has experience diagnosing Celiac. He had me start a gluten challenge. I was hesitant and honestly scared b/c I feared how sick I would be, but I guess I'm desperate for answers. He wants to confirm Celiac vs Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, plus the possibility of Crohn's disease or microscopic colitis. In the past I've been dry eyes, dry mouth, migraines, stomach issues, flank pain, intersititial cystitis, etc. The thing is....I've been eating gluten and dairy for just under 2 weeks. I have had limited issues. Do I feel 100% awesome?? No, but heck I'm not used to eating this way. I've been enjoying pizza and donuts, etc and what I feel mostly feels like anyone would when they are eating junk. Of course, I don't want to eat this way everyday forever, but I'm really feeling fine. I'm at a total loss. It doesn't seem like I have any issues with gluten and mild issues with dairy, but I think it best to minimize or eliminate altogether anyway. The endoscopy and colonoscopy will be at the end of the month. Has anyone else experienced this? I guess I'm wondering if I was misdiagnosed by Enterolab and well meaning doctors didn't question anything. Instead, my symptoms could be totally caused by Sjogren's and as far as not absorbing vitamins, I have been wondering about Pancreatic issues - low enzymes, pancreatic function issues, etc. This can also be caused by Sjogren's. Sj can also cause harm to the digestive system which could explain the whole thing instead of a joint diagnosis of Sj + Celiac. What do I do if he says that I don't have Celiac??? No symptoms and no villous atrophy??? Mind blown.