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  1. My celiac daughter is now 15. We believe that she has had celiac since infancy, but she was not diagnosed until she was 10 years old. She has been gluten free for 5 years (not counting accidental ingestions). She still battles emotional issues from time to time. I have found that if she skips taking sublingual B's she will begin to feel depressed, focused on her health, tired, and have complaints related to tingling legs and arms. My husband, too, experiences the same things. They will find their energy and emotional state bounce back with the B's, sometimes dramatically so within 10 minutes. The difficulty in staying up on their B vitamins seems to be linked to the celiac, yet it stays even when no gluten slips in for a long period of time. I highly suggest BTotal Sublingual made by Nutraceutical Solutions, Inc. because the fruity flavor is pleasant. Sublinguals will require letting the liquid sit under the tongue for 15 seconds to 1 minute. Flavor can be essential with a 7 year old in getting that to happen. I just cannot over emphasize how essential the B's (especially B12) is for the emotional side of celiac. Early in a diagnosis it is hard because there is a period of family and friends becoming informed and coming to accept that celiac is an accurate diagnosis. After many months to many years, friends and family no longer need to have it all explained and the focus on celiac issues can subside. This is a big help in getting a young girl's mind off of her being celiac. That first year for my daughter was pretty tough becuase Grandma and Grandpa resisted the dagnosis and literally snuck gluten in to disprove the diagnosis. That was a real challenge for all of us. Now after 5 years her Sunday School teachers all know how to accomodate her needs without fanfare. Friend's families know not to serve wheat party foods without a heads-up that Melody will need to bring a substitute. It just gets so much easier with time. Some physical issues just don't go away even gluten free. John and Melody both have thyroid damage that will not heal completely. Though the cold doesn't seem to bother John, Melody is particularly susceptible to getting chilled and feeling cold. She is still small for her age making her mass small enough that that underactive thyroid is a real problem for her. Keeping that in consideration has helped her energy level. When she can stay warm enough she feels better emotionally and physically. When we do outdoor activities, we make sure that she is warm. Indoors, she has comfy warm lounging clothes, warm covers, and her own adjustable heat source in her room. It is more than physical comfort. There is an emotional lift when you feel cozy and know that your family loves you enough to keep you warm. If your daughter is like ours in regard to body temperature, go for several fun, 'house socks' so that she can have variety. Special bedding is fun. Have plenty of mittens so that missplaced ones will not mean that she has to go without. Let her pick out winter scarves, hats, etc that she can enjoy and that fit her personality. If your daughetr has to wait for a school bus, try to get a way for her to get there without a long wait in the cold. Once cold, it takes poor Melody forever to get back up to temp. Tammy Moore
  2. My 15 year old daughter used some I got her a few months ago because she was having to lie in bed wide awake for hours at night and feeling absolutely exhausted all the next day. This had gone on for months and she was really feeling frustrated and feeling sleepy all the time. Melatonin seemed the least dangerous of the sleep aid options out there. It worked very well. The first night she was asleep in less than 20 minutes. After two weeks of being able to go to sleep easily and sleep sound, she stopped taking them and retained the good sleep pattern. It worked very well for her. An important warning from her though, make sure you take it early enough to allow a full 8 to 9 hours before the time you need to wake up. She said that when she didn't she felt particularly groggy the next morning. Whether that was just due to not getting in all the sleep she needed or that the melatonin was still in her system I don't know. Watch the dosage. You don't want to over do it. It took her a few nights to figure out what amount worked best for her. If you feel dizzy, that is too much. If you lie in bed awake for hours, its too little.
  3. We have used leftover homemade gluten-free cookies crumbled up with pecan halves and almonds as cereal before. I just give 'em a vitamin along with it to pretend it is a wholesome breakfast cereal. LOL. Peanut butter cookies were really good this way.
  4. Weird Pain In My Chest

    John actually went to a cardiologist before we figured the celiac out for the same chest pain you are describing - plus radip heartbeat. The cardiologist couldn't find any reason for it. It went away after he went gluten-free. He did have high cholesterol though. None of the meds have ever agreed with his body. We heard at the healthfood store that vitamin E can be a big help, so he began taking extra. Sure enough, to the doctor's amazement, it has come down to the normal range after being a walking heart attack waiting to happen. I will mention a few other possibilities too. John has had these a time or two: Other potential causes are esophogeal spasms. John still gets these sometimes, especially when he eats cold meat. It is not brief like you are describing though. More like a muscle cramp lasting 5 to 20 seconds. I thought that I would mention it though, just in case it is a faster spasm than John gets. Another possibility is a rib being out. For some reason the nerve twinges from this place the pain right in the front of the chest over the heart and lower front chest area. Doing the weed eater gets John. A trip to the chiropracter to get it back in place and the sudden sharp pains disappear. Tammy Moore
  5. The Smiles are made by McCain. Here is how they describe the Smiles: "Crispy Outside, Mashed Potatoes Inside." That pretty well describes it. Theses are quite flavorful. Everyone loves them in my family, especially the kids - I have 4 children. To me, they actually remind me of the flavor and texture of a fried bread - kinda like the batter on a good corndog but smoother. Here are the ingredients just in case you are curious: Potatoes, Non-hydrogenated Canola Oil, Dehydrated Potato Flakes (potatoes, citric acid, sodium acid prophosophate, mono-and diglycerides), Modified Potato Starch, Salt, Pepper, Dextrose, Sodium Acid Pyrophoshate (added to preserve natural color) vitamin data and stuff: serving size = 6 smiles, cal=160, sodium = 16%, potasium = 11%, total carbs = 8%, fiber = 8%, protein = 2 g, vit C = 6% McCain has a web page. Right after we tasted our first batch out of the oven, I looked them up to thanked them for making such a tasty product and expressing my gratitude that they made seasoned fries with rice rather than wheat flour. They sent me several coupons to get their products free. I thought that was pretty gracious of them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For the hamburger buns: I ordered them from Grandma Ferdon's - http://www.grandmaferdons.com/catalog/inde...&sort=2a&page=2 The price for the buns were not to bad - six of them for $4 and something. The only shipping option is overnight though, so that can bring the total order $$$ up pretty fast. They arrived the very next day after we got a shipping confirmation. The products arrived in a box with a really nice styrofoam cooler to contain the products - which we are going to save for gluten-free day travel snacks in the car. Everything was cool to the touch. No worries about getting product that has overheated in transport. I just went ahead and ordered a few other items with the buns to make me feel like the shipping was spread out over several items - wierd logic, huh? I also got brown rice lasagne noodles (which I am going to make into lasagne tonight. I will let you know how they do), potato starch, and guar gum. I haven't tried baking with any baking product I cannot get at WalMart, so the guar gum binder and potato starch will be my 'experimentals'.
  6. I have posted about our fun tonight in being able to serve gluten-free hambergers - on buns! Go to my blog at http://homeschoolblogger.com/armoorefam/. If you have come across this thread weeks and weeks from now, this entry might not be at the top of the blog. If so, just use this link http://homeschoolblogger.com/armoorefam/celiac to isolate only my celiac related articles, or locate the entry for November 15, 2005. The Smiles (a fun gluten-free type of french fry that looks like smiley faces) are made by a company called McCain. Our local super Walmart carries these. The buns are cornstarch and potato flour buns from Grandma Feldon's (dedicated gluten free facility). Tammy Moore
  7. Glutened By Spices?

    McCormick is the brand we usually use for cinnamon and nutmeg without trouble. I just made pumpkin cake Sunday using McCormick cinnamon and nutmeg both (the cinnamom is a new bottle) and no specific problems; though, hubby has been glutened over the last few weeks by another source so it is possible that that might mask a reaction to the McCormick. However, we have used it long term in the past without incident. I know it is very frustrating to find a mystery gluten source. We just figured out what was causing the rounds that my husband had over the last few weeks. It was the charcoal used during grilling at work. Made perfect sense since he had acute reaction after every grilled meal at work. The charcoal never even crossed our minds. I just happened to come across a statement that Kingsford uses gluten as a binding ingredient and viola the mystery was solved. I hope you figure it out and so sorry you are having to struggle with being glutened. Tammy Moore
  8. Charcoal

    This solves the mystery! My husband has been having gluten symptoms for several weeks and the only thing we could find that was different than normal was that once each week for the last three or four weeks he has eated grilled burgers and once grilled venison that they have made for the crew at work. He was careful to check the labels on the spices and avoided contamination from buns. NOt being able to find a source of gluten he was begining to wonder if a prenkster at work was sprinkling wheat into his coffee or something. LOL The brickettes having gluten is probably the source of the problem.
  9. My husband and daughter have always had trouble with their scalps. I never, ever thought about gluten being in their shampoo! Is there a list of what chemicals in the indgredient listing that I need to look for? I strongly suspect our brand now that I realize shampoos can contain gluten. I bet his soap is good though. My husband used to have a good bit of trouble with his skin, but it is so much improved since he switched from an anitbacterial soap to Dove brand bath soap. His skin is baby soft. Even the chiropractor's personnel have commented about how unusually soft it is. He still has dry areas on the inside of the bends of the arms and on the knuckles during very cold weather (he works in outdoor conditions in the winter), but everywhere else it is wonderful. Dove must be gluten free to have been such a remarkably positive impact on his skin.
  10. Dealing With A Spouse

    My spouse and daughter are the ones with celiac. I am the main researcher, careful cook, and cheerleader for them. However, my parents thought this is all a bunch of hogwash. For quite a while there they seemed to almost set us up for gluten. It was as if they felt that if they could get gluten in secretly they could then say, "Ahha, you had gluten and didn't know it. Nothing bad happened. Proof that this is all nuts." They finally came around though. I guess their attempts actually served to prove it to them. John also went through something similar at work. Some of is co-workers are playfully mischievous. A few times when he has had a flare up of symptoms and I couldn't find the gluten source, I have to admit to wondering if some prankster was at work. Especially, when he has a sudden flare up at work.
  11. How Do You Cope W/ The Fatigue?

    My two celiacs (hubby and daughter) recover from fatigue quickly with sublingual B12. As a matter of fact, we have learned not to do that at bedtime. LOL. This works significantly after you have been gluten free for a while without infractions (hubby has been on gluten-free diet for 8 years and our daughter has been for 8 years). With an infraction of gluten is is less dramatic. Do consider the underlying cause if you are feeling tired and yet haven't had gluten slip in. It could be that anemia is a culprit. My daughter, even with daily iron, seems to always be borline anemic. Thyroid support meds have also been a help for my daughter as well. Both have had trouble sleeping quite often. About two months ago, I bought melatonin at the health food store to see if that might help them get off to sleep faster. Hubby passed on it since he has to use heavy equipment sometimes - just in case it didn't wear off well. But is was a big help for my daughter! She fell asleep within twenty minutes instead of it taking the usual two hours of laying there. After about three weeks she was able to stop using them and has been pretty consistent in getting to sleep ever since. She has even started getting up earlier than the boys pretty consistently - that was such a shock the first week. LOL. She also mentioned that it was a help to get up and open the curtains as soon as she woke up instead of lying there in a darkened room and going back to sleep. It helped her to turn her bio-clock around. She has felt much more rested.
  12. It is the typical 15 oz can - would make one 9" pumpkin pie. I have ben thinking about trying pumpkin in a regular bread recipe as it seems to make for a really nice texture improvement. It would be exciting to see if it could make for a genuinely useable sandwich bread or hamburger bun. That may be a bit weird, but since it is so hard to get good bread, it is worth a try. Lots of vitamin A too. I will try to post back on the results.
  13. Just Had Gluten...

    My husband gets bone and joint pain when he gets gluten which takes about two weeks from onset to go away. Digestion is faster for him; it settles down in just a few days. My daughter has never had trouble with the bone and joint pain, but she gets depressed worse than dear hubby. For us the magical B vitamin is B12 sublingual to lift the sadness. It works within 5 to 30 minutes of taking it.
  14. Any One From Greenville Sc ?

    We lived there until 1997 which was about the time we figured out that my husband had celiac. Now we are 780 miles away in Arkansas. As big as Greenville is, I bet you will definitely start finding other celiacs soon. I don't know if it is still there after all these years, but we found out about celiac through a health food store on Wade Hampton blvd. You might want to make inquiries there. Tammy Moore who missed Greenville, Taylors, and the trips up into the mountains very much <sigh>
  15. Testing For Vitamin Levels

    I don't know of any lab test, but you can monitor B12 levels if my two celiacs are typical. They have both noted that when their urine goes pale that they need vitamin B12. They will monitor how long it takes to get back to the normal yellow to tell how far off their B12 they are. Once or twice my husband got very behind and it took a few days to start spilling the B12. They have also noted that when they are low on B12, they experience poor concentration, feeling down, and tiredness. Unless they are way behind on it, one dose and 5 to 20 minutes is all it takes to feel normal again. Tammy Moore