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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Claire, do you mind if I ask why you're no longer able to take it? Did you develop some type of allergy to it? Thanks, Scott
  2. Hi, everyone. I'm brand new to the forum. I have a question for you. (I've searched the forums for a topic that might already have answers to my question, but could not find one.) Have any of you had a lactulose/mannitol test to determine whether or not you have a leaky gut? I just got the results back from my test, and it's pretty scary. The percentage of lactulose recovered in my urine was 2.45. That's much higher than normal. The percentage of mannitol recovered was 26, which is also quite high. The lactulose/mannitol ratio was .09, again fairly high. I'm just curious if any of you have had this test done and, if so, how your results compare to mine. I have not (yet) been diagnosed with celiac disease, but I am almost certain I have it. After elminating gluten (and casein) from my diet 10 months ago, my depression/anxiety cleared up completely. It was amazing. I've been on the paleo diet (lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables) ever since, and haven't had any problems. Except for eczema and shortness of breath after eating citrus fruits and tree nuts -- and so I've elminated them as well. I've asked my doctor (a family practitioner) if he can find another lab that will perform this same test. I just want to confirm the results. If confirmed, I guess I'll start looking for ways to heal the gut -- I've heard glutamine, fish oil, and acidophilus are all helpful. Any other treatments you've heard of? Thanks much! Scott