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  1. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!! There is so much food for thought here, i have no idea where to even start! Ferghus brings his own lunch to school every day. Having said this, he is certainly exposed to other kids eating gluten around him. He doesn't trade food with others (EVERYONE knows he has celiac and so food issues are not an issue with the kids. 5 others have celiac too, as well as a teacher.) But, there is a good chance, now that i think of it, that the tables are contaminated, of course. He also does go out with his friends to eat about twice a month, to local shops and grocery stores. I know for a fact that he isn't an assertive questioner with the staff, not that the staff will even know anything... (On the other hand, my 16 yr old daughter will demand to see the ingredient lists or speak with the chef!) So, again, chances are he is getting gluten in that way, i suppose. He is in the Foods class at school, so is occaisionally exposed to the flying wheat flour in the kitchens. We knew this when he signed up and chose to risk illness because Ferghus LOVES to cook and wants to be a pastry chef. The Culinary School in our city has a gluten-free pastry certification, which he plans on attending after graduation. So this cross-contamination at school right now was anticipated. Perhaps he is reacting much more strongly than we had planned for. Someone posted here that as we get older, our reactions to accidental gluten ingestion get worse. I agree with this; it has definately been my experience over the last 40 years. Maybe Ferghus is just getting worse now that he has been on the gluten-free diet for 8 years. And as for the rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, i hadn't even thought of that! Is it just me, or do we once in a while just zone out and don't put 2 and 2 together? Of course the seasonings they use on the chicken would be suspect... It never even crossed my mind... I guess all this goes to show that i need to be much more suspicious of everything than i have been. I am not suspicious by nature, and so i have always had this "benefit of the doubt" attittude toward the unknown. "Chances are i'll be fine!" Well, for the sake of my son's health, no more! Thanks so much for all your support and suggestions. I'll keep you posted. patricia
  2. Hi there. I am at a loss! My son (14), daughter (16) and I all have celiac disease (Danika diagnosed at age 9 and me at age 11 months). My son, Ferghus, was dignosed 8 years ago and has been gluten-free ever since with very little trouble with compliance. Lately, though, in the last 6 or 8 months, Ferghus has started to develop suspiciously celiac-related symptoms. At his annual physical last week, our physician had him go for bloodwork to check for thyroid, ferritin etc, as well as a celiac screen to check for contamination. Man... it came back positive. I have wracked my brain as well as torn the kitchen apart, and i cannot find any source of gluten. We have a gluten-free kitchen, other than my husband's bread and his own peanut butter and his own toaster. (The husband is anal about no cross-contamination.) Ferghus swears he is compliant, and i have full confidence he is. He was so very sick as a little one, i know he hasn't forgotten it yet! At first i thought maybe his toothpaste (Crest Sensitive), but the company lists it as gluten-free. I checked all the labels in the kitchen, thinking maybe i had missed a change in recipes (that's happened once before with President's Choice Frosted Flakes), but no, i couldn't find anything different. What am i missing? Any ideas or experience you might have had that i could learn from? Is Listerine Mouthwash gluten-free??? See how desperate we are? I am even questioning the mouthwash... patricia
  3. Alberta

    Hi SofiEmiMom, There are lots of good restaurants to eat at here in Calgary. At Tony Roma's, the sauces are gluten free, so you can order what you like of the ribs. I do not know this first hand, but some of the moms in my Kids With Celiac Group shared that at Chianti's restaurant, you can order your pasta meal with gluten-free pasta! When you call to make a reservation, mention that you'll be ordering gluten-free, and they will have the pasta on hand. all of their sauces are gluten-free, including the white sauces. They also have an allergy binder. (I just phoned them and they confirmed all this info!) you'll find them in the north: 300, 20 Crowfoot Cresent NW (547.5020) you'll find them in the south: 444, 10816 Macleod Trail S (225.0010) When my family and i eat out (my son and i both have celiac) we tend to eat at japanese, indian and vietnamese restaurants. these have many items that are gluten-free! here are a few suggestions: downtown: glory of india: 515, 4th Ave SW (263.8804, i recommend a reservation and at lunch they have a great all-you-can-eat!) vietnamese: my family and i love this one: oriental pheonix: 503, 4th Ave SW (262.3633) or 80, 104 58th Ave SE (253.8383) i cant be much of a help for banff. i am certain, though, that they have many asian, indian and maybe even italian restaurants that may be celiac friendly. call the calgary chapter of the celiac association. they may be able to help and/or send a recent listing of celiac friendly calgary/banff restaurants! 237.0304 hope this helps, and have a great trip! Patricia
  4. Hi there! So, who out there is from my neck of the woods? I live in Alberta and both my son and i are celiac. I was diagnosed as an infant, but was told at age 11 that i had outgrown the disease!! I ate gluten for 20 years and was re-diagnosed at age 33. My son was disagnosed shortly after that, when he was 5. He is now 8. We are gluten-free now, and doing very well! I also have a daughter, age 10, who has not been diagnosed with celiac, but i sometimes wonder... she seems to have alot of symptoms, and though they are very different from my son's symptoms, they are similar to what i had. She, understandably, is very reluctant to even go there! Bye, Alberta! Patricia
  5. Hi! My son is 8 and was diagnosed 2 years ago. I was diagnosed with celiac as a baby. I don't know if your daughter is an adventurous eater, but my son is. So, his lunch box could contain any of the following: homemade sushi (his favourite includes cucumber and smoked salmon) homemade salad rolls (include rice vermicelli and leftover meat/veggies) smoked salmon rolled around a small peice of cream cheese tuna salad with celery sticks for scooping cream cheese dip (one savoury, one sweet) with fruits and veggies for dipping pea-nut butter (our school is nut-free) and jelly on bread of tortilla The list is endless, really! I recently recieved the best gluten-free cookbook as a gift from a good friend. It is loaded with easy to make, wonderful things like Buttermilk Bread, Mock Flour Tortillas (excellent, they get soft in the microwave, and hey, you know you can put anything on a tortilla and call it lunch!) and loads more. A definate must-have in any celiac home: The Incredible Edible Gluten-Free Food for Kids, by Sheri L. Sanderson ISBN 1-890627-28-3 Good luck, and happy eating! Patricia