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  1. I experience peripheral neuropathy in hands and feet, sometimes with great burning in my feet. I have discovered that products containing corn, but particularly cornstarch, are one of the culprits with this. For me it was less the wheat and more this common ingredient that appears almost everywhere wheat does. Oddly, actual corn is less of a problem than cornstarch or chips (less concentrated). Years ago I had a several neuro symptoms (never diagnosed, but probably post-viral syndrome) and mentioned to my nutritionist that I suspected medication and supplements contained an inert ingredient that was aggravating my neuropathy. She suspected it was cornstarch. So for the next couple of years I avoided it completely (which is not easy, because it is in A LOT of things ranging from medication -- ironically gabapentin, which is sometimes used to treat neuropathy -- in the coating before they sauce many foods (in lots of chinese food). and it is virtually always in bread and baked goods. So even though corn gluten is completely different, and not a celiac threat, it can pose issues for others on these boards who suffer from this awful ailment. Sulfites are also an issue, as are alcoholic beverages (even one). Vodka is not as bad, because it doesn't also have sulfites. So if you are still having peripheral neuropathy issues try eliminating one of these at a time.