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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I want some gluten intolerant buddies in Utah. So add me as a friend if you are so inclined.

    You know its funny, I just posted on a discussion called "anybody taking Accutane?" and gave a very stern warning to those thinking of taking it. Because of this my Forum account has a "Warn status". I was just trying to prevent people from getting hurt like I was from the m...

  2. I don't believe the acne medication Accutane has been properly addressed here. Or, in other words, its pain has been sufficiently revealed. I believe Accutane,for myself, came out to be MISERY IN A PILL. I took the max that a person can take at the age of 14 (at the time in 1989 that was 3 consecutive courses of accutane at 5 months per course of treatment). I had severe severe acne. To be accurate I have to preface this post that I long had nervousness before taking the medication. I've also taken another highly destructive medication after the accutane called Paxil (took that for 10 years). So I can't say exactly for sure where these problems are coming from. Maybe both medications have added together their effects on me. Concerning the Accutane, after finishing all three 5 month courses I developed more symptoms in the years and decades afterwards including: dizziness, depression, insomnia, emotional instability, lethargy, drowsiness and weakness hair loss at age 15 and major male hair thinning/baldness at age 20. As I got older the worse the symptoms got. In my late 20s to now (35 yrs old)the weakness and lethargy and dizziness really has gotten bad. I've been eating gluten free since 2005 but the problems have gotten worse and worse. In case anybody is weighing prospects for taking this medication Let me just say don't even think of giving any human being this medication for any reason whatsoever. Decades of misery may result.
  3. I have a job in a company that makes over 30 skin care products. I once asked the master chemist whether there were any wheat based ingredients in the products and he said no. Then months later he came to me saying he didn't realize this before but one of the suppliers sends the company a mix of ingredients in a proprietary formulation under the name of something like "olive oil something something" (sorry I don't remember). Apparently, according to this experienced chemist this is the most popular skin lotion additive on the market because of its great dermal properties. Then he showed me the vendor advertisement for this "olive oil" mix additive and wheat protein was listed as the first ingredient!! Most likely you don't need to worry about buying products from my company as most of our market is in Japan and Australia. But if you come across a skin-care line of "True Touch" then you know these are the products I'm talking about.
  4. I just heard that these two supplements really boosts your immune system. I was wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge...
  5. Anxiety

    I can say that I am one that suffers with severe anxiety issues which definitely get a lot worse with any gluten contamination in my food. It doesn't occur only with gluten but with generally all allergic reactions or getting the flu or with any type of immune-system-connected issue that I experience. I've tried everything under the sun including 8 different medications by psychiatrists and nothing has helped except in eating healthy and in going to bed early and getting up early. I'm not sure exactly what type of social anxiety you have but mine is the basic social anxiety disorder that is not readily dectectable to any except to those whom I tell.
  6. I don't have an answer to your question but there is something I've heard about different kinds of milk from different breeds of cattle. On Mercola.com a weekly newsletter reported that the milk produced by cattle in the United States (mostly Holstein cattle) has a certain slight difference in the milk protein casein which causes so many problems with some people. It said that the African main cow breed didn't have that particular amino acid sequence in their casein protein and the same people can eat it just fine. I don't know if this is true - just saying what I read, and Mercola.com is a well-known and trusted health information source.
  7. Pier 49 Pizza In Utah

    Oh - my - gosh!!! Thank you for posting this!! I will probably eat there very soon. The only thing is that I'm on a dairy-free kick now but I might need to go off it temporarily for this.
  8. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  9. TSH testing is almost useless if you get tested by a normal doc. The range of "normal" TSH levels is absolutely ridiculous. You can research that. I've known a few different people who have very talented specialists that very finely tune the TSH medication. They said that unless their thyroid medication was extremely fine tuned they say they would be "completely off" and it would not help them. I feel your pain about getting cold after a meal. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I'm not completely satisfied that it is only just the extra blood flow going to the digestive system. I think there may be more to it. I"m no expert but I think it might be a possibility that a small allergic reaction (and I have many food sensitivities that range in severity) could cause the body to exhibit the same symptoms as that of being sick. When the body is sick it is using all resources to fight the infection, and I'm thinking an autoimmune response can be the same. I think it is very interesting the connections involved here. The Thyroid and Adrenals regulate metabolism, body temperature, and stress. The Thymus is a sight for a large percentage of the body's immune response. I'm not expert on anatomy or physiology but I've heard some say the Thyroid is just the sac that sits on top of the Thymus. I would like to find out if there is interaction with the thyroid by the thymus or vice versa in the process of metabolism or food digestion.
  10. Anyone In Utah?

    Cafe Rio is one of my favorite! I've eaten there about 7 times and haven't had any reactions yet. I get the enchiladas.
  11. Anyone In Utah?

    Hello all, I just found my new favorite celiac friendly Provo/Orem restaurant last night: Cafe Rio 2250 N University Pkwy # 816, Provo - (801) 375-5133 I had the enchiladas with steak, and it was very good. The price was about $6.95. I'm starting to think that ordering enchiladas at any Mexican restaurant is safe as I have yet to get a reaction from any of them. I just double check they use corn wraps instead of tortillas first. Sweetfudge, yes I'm a student at BYU as an undergrad in Biology. I tried the Pudding on Rice with the vanilla and cinnamon flavors and they were both good! I tried contacting the company to find a list of safe flavors but their website was down. Does anyone know which ones are safe?
  12. Anyone In Utah?

    Hey, I've been doing pretty good thanks. Just got back from summer break. Thanks for the info. Are you and your husband students? Oh, and yes I like the name gfDan; how does one change one's name in here? GFBetsy are there any upcoming classes?
  13. Anyone In Utah?

    Hello fellow Utahns! It's been a long time since I've posted on this website, but thought I'd just say hi. I've found a couple really good restaurants to eat at since my 1 and 1/2 year stay in this state: Las Tarascas - Provo I've only ordered the "Enchiladas Rojas" with chicken but it's a really tasty meal, especially with the seasoned side potatoes that comes with it. I've ordered this dish about nine times so far and have not had one reaction yet! The Bombay House - Provo I've only eaten there once but I really want to eat there again soon. I think I had some sort of dish with Lamb and sauce. It was really good too but I did have to specify not to include the type of bread that they usually serve. Frozen Yogurt - Provo located right next door to Las Tarascas. It's a nice treat but I would stay away from the toppings. and of course, there's the larger chain restaurants in Orem: PF Chang's and Outback Steakhouse. Never had any reaction with any of these restuarants. Does anyone know of anyother good places to eat around here (Salt Lake to Spanish Fork) ?
  14. Specific Carbohydrate Diet?

    Hello, I'm new to this diet and have some questions, and forgive me if my questions are already addressed as I only read up to page 8 or so: Do any of you use a probiotic on the SCD diet? Is Theralac Legal? What vitamin supplements do you use? Is the "microbes" referred to in the book the same as candida? I bought the book and tried eating as recommended but my energy level took a dive and I developed a bit of anxiety.