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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. General Tips For Italy Or Greece

    Thanks for all the great tips!
  2. General Tips For Italy Or Greece

    They will mostly be staying in Rome while in Italy. Thanks for the suggestions!
  3. General Tips For Italy Or Greece

    My son will be travelling with a group in Italy and Greece. He will not be able to control where he goes so he can't use names of specific restaurants. I'm looking for suggestions that might apply anywhere in Italy or Greece. Is there chain restaurants he should watch out for? Are there any gluten-free brands he could watch for? In the grocery stores, is there usually a "health" section? I will definatley send the restaurant cards. Thank you in advance!
  4. Chex Cereal - Canada?

    Chex are not sold in Canada. After 5 years, I haven't found a "regular" cereal sold in Canada. I did, however, see a couple of boxes of Chex once at the Sobey's on Clarke street in Vaughn Ontario. All my friends and family bring them back from the US for us when they're travelling. If you do get across the border stock up on Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles. ("regular" cereal not available in Canada.)
  5. Thai Recommendation In Toronto

    We had spring rolls, chicken satays, beef ribs with pad thai and chicken fried rice. They had lots of other options but these were very good.
  6. We tried the Thai food at Lemongrass last night on Bayview. It was a great experience. They have a long gluten-free menu (maybe 20 - 30 options). Don't go to the Scarborough location (they didn't know what I was talking about.)
  7. Mount Tremblant

    Thanks! My French isn't great. Ironically, from years of reading bilingual labels, I'm pretty good at finding gluten on a label but this won't be too helpful at restaurants. The French language restaurant card is a great idea - I'll bet I can find it on the celiac.ca site. Thanks again - as always - appreciate any suggestions.
  8. Mount Tremblant

    Hi I'll be taking my son skiing at Tremblant in a couple of weeks. It will only be a couple of days so we'll be able to figure it out. But, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience? Any of the restaurants there that don't look at you with that blank stare when you say gluten? lol Thanks in advance
  9. Another Good Find In Toronto

    I definately recommend it. And, the stir fry meal comes with ice cream so even though it's the only gluten-free dessert - everyone's having it!
  10. For those of you dining out in Toronto, we had a great experience at Fire & Ice on Hwy 7 in Markham. It's a stir fry restaurant and you pick your own veggies (like a giant salad bar.) It comes with your choice of protein and rice. The only thing we really couldn't have were the noodles. They had a print out of all the ingreadients for the sauces. So it was very easy to order. They put a special note and then tell the guy who's doing your order so he doesn't add anything. The food is plentiful, healthy, not too expensive and delicious. Their soy sauce does have Gluten so next time we'll bring our own.
  11. Great Find In Toronto

    I'm sure you'll love visiting Toronto - I love living here. There's a few places that are really great... Swiss Chalet is a popular restaurant here. It's a little fast foodish but with sit down service. They have a nutrition guide that lists everything on the menu and what allergens are in it. The chicken, potatoes and corn are all safe. So is the sauce which is almost like a gravy. Il Fornello's is a nicer restaurant - it's Italian and they have gluten-free pasta and pizza. The Outback is also a good option. (They have a gluten-free menu and an amazing gluten-free dessert!) Most grocery stores here have some gluten-free options. But, a great one is the Big Carrot on the Danforth. They have a really good selection. Enjoy your visit!
  12. Risotteria

    Please keep us in the loop when it opens. We live in Toronto and Risotteria made our last visit to NY so awesome, we're planning another visit.
  13. Great Find In Toronto

    For those of you in Toronto or visiting, Big Mamma's Boy on Parliamant St. downtown is a great find. Everything on the menu can be prepared gluten free except for the spring rolls. A lot of the items are only made gluten free. There's pizza, pasta, gluten-free breaded chicken... and more! They had 3 choices for dessert the night we were there. They also do a gluten-free brunch on Sunday. The food was great... so was the service. I would recommend reservations (it's a little small.)
  14. Royal Carribbean Is Great!

    We also just returned from a RC cruise and I can't say enough about how great they were. We always ate in the dining room and gluten-free bread was available at every meal. The first night was a little tough because they were just figuring everything out but after that they made such a fuss over us! We did bring small packages of salad dressing which made having a starter easier every night. We also brought small packages of gluten-free soy sauce which meant we could ask for plain rice. I baked brownies for dessert which my son had with the frozen yoghurt every night but... they did make him a special dessert every night. Jello was always available but they made a different mousse type dessert each night. There was also a Ben & Jerry's on board (extra charge) but I checked their website before we left and brought a list of flavours I knew were safe. The fries weren't safe but our head waiter had the chef make hand made fries (cut up potatoes in separate oil) every night. We can't wait until our next cruise!
  15. Orlando Aiport?

    Thanks - we survived the airport. We ate at Chili's but just a head's up to future travellers - the airport location doesn't have everything on the menu (ie. no potatoes, vegies, etc.) But we did get a grilled chicken salad.