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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. hi, about chicken: i eat rocky (free range) or rosy (organic free range) chicken with no probelms. what i do is buy one a week and make different things. at first i stick the whole thing in a big pot of water and bring it to a boil. then i let it sit until it's cool enough to take the meat off the bones. then i put the skin and bones back into the pot with the water and simmer it all night on low. the chicken is wrapped in plastic or put in 'tupper ware thingies'. i like to separate white and dark meat. in the morning, i strain the broth from the bones and put it in a pot in the fridge overnight. this brings the schmaltz (fat) to the top and makes it stiff and hard. in the morning, i scrap all off except a TBS. i put the now rendered schmaltz inna freezer tupper ware and freeze it cuz it's organic flavoring. really helps soups in the winter. these chickens are expensive and i live below the poverty line, but i long decided that good diet is crucial and besides, a chicken a week is between six and nine bucks in northern california. that's kinda like a buck a day for protein. one day i have enchildas or tacos (corn tortillas), another day a thai rice dish, another day curry, etc. you get the idea. and all along i have about seven or eight cups of broth to add chicken and veggies too. the broth is weak because you haven't added MSG, but a little salt and after you get used to it, it's delicate and good. i hope this helps. cluck from flaxy
  2. Insomnia

    i'm new to this group AND new to being diagnosed with celiac, though i have had it all my life. how do i know this? when i was two y/o, i had my first barium test because i always complained of tummy aches. i was born in '55, and i'm quite sure the medical world had no idea what celiac was, and the docs told my mother that it must be psychological because i had a new baby brother. (jealousy) oh brother...my theory is: at two years old, i started eating more 'adult' food, like crackers, bread, cream o' wheat, cookies, etc. and my body freaked out. the question at hand though was about insomnia. i have had insomnia all my life. i sleep often during the day to make up for the lack of sleep at night. oh, i know it just adds to the vicious circle, but those eye lids just keep falling... for the most part it's okay for me to have a wacky sleeping pattern, because i'm disabled (not cuz of celiac) and only work part time. i have tried some sleeping aids like restoril which works, but i woke up with a giant headache (which would go away after about 20 min). i tried other sleeping pills which gave me horrible dreams...i hate most sleep pills, but have found something light like xanax, ativan or atirax (sp) makes me sleepy within 15 minutes for xanax, and longer for the others, and yes, i wake up a few times during the night, but without the initial aid, i wouldn't get to sleep at all... i don't know if this helps, i'm just trying to find my way around this place and this dialogue... having just learned i have celiac, i sure am glad i love rice! flaxy