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  1. ... thank you everyone...ill have to do some more homework. if anyone is thinking about getting a bread maker, just last week i got the new cuisinart machine that has a gluten free setting and it is really nice and easy to work with...i recommend it!!!
  2. hi everyone...im new at all of this and so far ive noticed that this forum is really going to help!!! i recently bought a bread machine that has recipies and a gluten free setting, but have yet to find a recipe that tastes good. i think that i have a intollerance to rice flour and all the recipies call for it...does anyone have a recipie for bread machines that dont use rice flour??? and that also taste good??? also i was told that if i want to make bread containing gluten for the rest of the family that i could buy another basked and paddle...is this info correct??? thank you to anyone who has any info for me...