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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Chex Mix

    couldn't you use those little hidden valley or whatever packets of ranch flavoring (that you're supposed to mix with sour cream)? i'm not sure if they're gluten-free i don't really use them, but that's what i thought of cause i know my mom uses them for different things. good luck! agree on the glutino pretzals--delish!
  3. Pizza Crust Mix

    that's such a good feeling not to miss the "real" thing! i also like the chebe pizza dough mix. i made mine into calzone and they were soooo good!
  4. hey everybody! i just had a really good protein bar and thought i'd share it with anyone who was interested. i know i struggle getting my protein somedays so here it is: its called "thinkThin" the flavors i saw were: creamy peanut butter, brownie, and crunchy peanut butter they were all gluten free. the one i had did contain milk soy peanuts (i had the creamy one) it's 240 cals. lower in carbs. 40% of protein. um...no sugar...said it was good for diebetics...think those are the highlights! oh and it delicious and it wasn't HORRIBLY expensive...$1.60/bar i believe at my store. anyway, just thought i'd share! hope all is well with everyone! kms
  5. T-shirts

    if you type gluten free into the search at the top on that same site a bunch of good ones come up too. i want the one that says "i party gluten free" haha
  6. Gluten Free College

    hello! there is lots of information about college+celiac on here so take advantage! in my experience (i'm a sophomore) the dining center i go to has 2 other gluten free kids and the plan i made with the dietition was great, lots of variety and everything. but the kitchen never followed through... it wasn't ready at the right time or i just got vegetables and rice all the time. so i dunno, i think it really depends on the college. (mine is a state university but not a huge one). def talk to your dining centers but also have a fridge and microwave to fall back on just in case... oh and just accept that you're going to be wasting loads of money for the meal plan (ah! it's so frustrating... i just have to let it go...) on a side note, i read those articles you posted the link to...they kind of made me angry! i dunno...something about them....i guess i don't like when people who don't understand pretend to know what it's like because unless you have this issue i just don't think you can. even if you are just lactose intolerant or something it's still different. a lot different. oh and i just loved how they put the the GI symptoms at the end of the article...the girl in it was trying to be discrete about what happens and then they annouce to the whole campus she'll get diarrhia when she it's gluten...i'm sure that was pleasant...
  7. yum that sounds really good (i'm a sucker for anything with peanut butter & chocolate together! ) where do you get the arrowhead mills stuff? like a health food section of normal grocery store or i will i have to go somewhere more speciality? i live in the middle of nowhere... haha
  8. Clueless

    hey tritty-- what do you get at TX roadhouse?? all i ever get there is a plain baked potato...i'm scared to try anything else and the waiter/tresses always seem kind of [sorry] unintelligent/clueless... i did hear they were changing their menu around though....
  9. Clueless

    i refuse to eat at applebee's...too many horror stories--gluten-free and otherwise. yuck.
  10. Pf Changs

    i recommend trying it. but you should go to their website first and print off their gluten-free menu items because [at least the one i got to] does not have a section marked off as "gluten free" -- they're just mixed in among the other items.
  11. Gf Eating Out In Iowa

    hey iowans!! i think most everything has been touched on... i've been to "beyond the grain" a few times and recommend it VERY MUCH. it was amazing to be able to walk in and order virtually anything and know it was safe. also VERY delicious. i think there are many things that are dairy-free also. i also love pf chang's, some say it's expensive but i'm a vegetarian and usually just get the garlic sauteed snap peas and the rice comes with. very good and enough to fill me...but i usually get the chocolate dome anyway cause it's so good. so i don't think it's outrageous for good gluten-free food. if you're from the cedar falls/waterloo area, pm or email me or something, i might be able to help you a little more specifically. also, if any of you can eat dairy, def try the van harden cheese crust pizza...O M G!!!! AMAZING. that's all i have to say about it available at most hy-vee stores in IA. hope you all are enjoying the lovely ice storm we are having... took me 45 minutes to get into my car yesterday! ah! haha
  12. i think it's really expensive also so i don't buy it regularly but the honey nut was on sale once. tried it...i'm nuetral. i mean it was better than other gluten-free cereals, but something was off about it. and there was this giant chunk of brown stuff that smelled wierd that came tumbling out of the box which really grossed me out but i ate the rest of the box anyway cause i'm so poor right now... hahaha that was sad but my dad bought the apple cinn. kind for me once and i thought that one was better. def better to snack on than with milk i thought. good luck!
  13. i actually just heard about this on the radio when i was getting ready this morning...looks like a lot of people heard about it! the report i heard was "blah blah i guess jessica simpson won't be doing any more pizza hut commercials because she has an allergy to wheat, tomatoes and cheese." i'm sorry i don't really like her so my first reaction was omg...yeah right *eye rolling* but i guess if people heard it from difference sources maybe it is more plausible. can you really be allergic to just cheese? or is it dairy or something... that's what made me wonder. but yeah i agree, she is dumb and if people hear about this and then are like oh jessica simpson looks so great maybe i should go wheat free as a "diet" which i'm sorry maybe it's selfish but i think it's an insult. my friend's mom (who is just...don't get me started...) recently decided to eat "wheat free" as a weight less diet and i find it an insult!! she wouldn't even have known what it was until i went gluten-free a year or 2 ago. it's like she just give up wheat on a whim and it's nothing. it is NOT like that! it's hard!! it's not a choice so i can loose weight! besides i saw her eating a "spinach wrap" the other day...seriously you think that's just made of spinach?!? i'm sorry that was a little off topic, but i needed to vent because it makes me really irritated...
  14. yeah i'm planning on doing it longer than a couple weeks (although i had a bit of a slip up today ) i was just wondering if there were an "typical" reactions to certain groups that might help me figure it out quicker/steer in the right direction. for example, let's say if you have a watermelon allergy, that makes your pinky toes tingle for 36 seconds (ok i'm totally making this up). well then i would know it's not watermelon because those aren't really my symptoms. lol but then again i suppose it's different for everyone, so it doesn't really matter... emcmaster, i hope can figure your's out too! i was feeling really good doing the elimination but kind of slipped up and am feeling back to usual. have you tried it? it might be worth it. i just decided recently that i want to take control and really get all this figured out instead of being content feeling average-ly good being just gluten-free. i want to feel great! i hope we can all get there someday...
  15. Attn: Iowans!

    i know they are so delicious! my mom (who is not gluten-free) and i sat down and ate almost the whole thing one nite... lol i do like hyvee and their little health food area! i go to UNI and they just built a whole new HUGE one here! yay! i heard that the guy who came up with the idea for these pizzas is going to contract to sell nationwide?? that would be exciting... stay warm! kms