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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. A doctor explained to me that vitamins and minerals are used up by the rest of the body (bones, organs, muscles, etc.) prior to there being a deficiency in the blood. Only 1% of the calcium in your body is in your blood. Just googled an osteoporosis website http://www.medindia.net/Patients/PatientIn...steoporosis.asp On this site, they say that people with osteoporosis generally have normal calcium levels on their blood tests. Wishing you the best of luck and hope you get effective treatment.
  2. Chest Pain

    Thanks for the reply. However, my bra is wireless.
  3. "celiac Isn't Hereditary"

    Dear Bean, You have my sympathy. A similar thing happened with my father in Baltimore last fall. He has had major G.I. problems for years and was having his second abdominal surgery--this time for colon cancer. I asked him to ask his surgeon to check for celiac. He told the Dr that his daughter in CA has celiac and wondered if he might have it, too. The surgeon just laughed at him and said, "If you had it you'd know!" My father thinks doctors are like God and that I am like a teenager who is below average, so end of story. They are so happy with their IBS diagnosis, which seems to mean "Ignorant, but satisfied" or "I don't know s... about the cause, but here's a meaningless label." Hope you dad is doing better despite the atrocious medical establishment. Anne p.s. anyone know a celiac knowledgeable Dr on the Monterey Peninsula?
  4. I am low in potassium. That is all that the tests turned up--just got out of the hospital--my internist thought my symptoms indicated heart attack. Turned out my heart is OK--don't know what all they tested but they took a lot of blood--will find out on Monday. Am now taking magnesium to aid the potassium absorption, but still feeling weak (the main symptom of low potassium.) How were your test results? Good luck, Anne
  5. Chest Pain

    Las week, I had tightness and discomfort (not sharp pain) in my chest after walking for 20 minutes. Then I felt weak and slightly nauseated. I went to my internist who promptly put me in the hospital for tests in the cardiac unit. All they found abnormal was a low blood level of potassium which can weaken the muscles, including the heart muscles. So I'm supposing that my gut isn't absorbing the potassium from my diet since i eat plenty of fruits and veggies that are high in potassium. Are there enzymes to take that increase the absorption? Is anyone else low in potassium? Maybe that is causing some of other peoples unexplained chest pain. Thanks, Anne
  6. Soy Allergy

    Dr. Kenneth Fine who specializes in Celiac care and who has a laboratory in Dallas that uses a stool test for gluten allergy estimated 50% of Celiacs have soy allergies. I have read various accounts that soy allergies are increasing dramatically with so much more being added to the food & cosmetics. Also, an increasing number of women in menopause are developing soy allergies as they are eating so much more in an attempt to alleviate their hot flashes, etc.
  7. Carmel/monterey Ca

    Hope this isn't too late. The Passionfish in Pacific Grove, CA is an excellent restaurant. The chef's wife has multiple food allergies so he is completely knowledgeable and will substitute sauces or side dishes to accommodate us. Wonderful fresh fish. Great duck. It's good to be able to enjoy sauces that agree with me. Also a great wheat-free chocolate torte. Anne
  8. While using Mode de Vie Shea Butter Shampoo with Vanilla, I got an immediate reaction--deep hacking cough and sudden extreme fatigue. (I did not get any in my mouth, in fact I got a reaction the following day from the scent when I picked up the bottle to recheck the label). I contacted the distributer to find out what is in the "essential oils and fragrances" --she called the French company and was told that they don't know. The vendors who supply these ingredients to the manufacturers are not required by law to divulge them. So we, the consumers, are in the unfortunate position of reacting to one or more of the 5000 ingredients used in cosmetics and having no way to find out which ones are making us sick. Before purchasing the shampoo, I had read all the labels in the health store and this was the only one without gluten or soy listed. Is there any group that is trying to get the cosmetics industry to put complete labels on their products? THeir "self-regulation" obviously is not in our interest. Anne
  9. Soy Allergy

    Most restaurants use cooking oils that contain soy. Lactaid Milk, while not labelled as containing soy, actually does--I contacted the company and found out. There are so many sources that hide it such as "natural flavors", stabilizers, etc. I'm wondering how others are communicating this to chefs. The list is too cumbersome to expect them to read (in addition to all the hidden gluten sources). So far, I have only found one restaurant nearby (Pacific Grove, CA) that works for me. It is "The Passionfish" and the chef's wife has food allergies so he is well-educated in the problems. (It's also an excellent restaurant.) Any advice from soy sufferers? Thanks, Anne
  10. L.a. Restaurants?

    We just returned from L.A.--thanks for the P.F. Chang recommendation. Had three delicious meals there--glad I knew there is an actual gluten-free menu since they don't post it--in fact, one new waitress had trouble locating the gluten-free Menu. We got the book that lists PF Changs all across the country. Anne
  11. gluten-free and Lactose and sugar free pancakes: 2/3 c garbanzo -Fava bean flour mix 1/4 c sweet sorghum flour 1/3 c cornstarch 3/4 c tapioca flour 1/2tsp xanthan gum 1 tbsp baking powder dash of salt (optional) 2 tbsp safflower or canola oil 1 tsp. vanilla extract (optional) 2 eggs 1 3/4 c. organic soy milk mix dry ingredients, mix wet ingredients and combine beating with spoon until most of the lumps are gone cook on griddle at c. 375 degrees light and delicious--I serve with butter and maple syrup and sometimes add pecans to the batter