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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Folks, I hope someone can tell me about leaky gut symdrome to include: How would I know if I had it? What would I do about it? Could it be the cause of my flu-like symptoms (stay-in-bed exhaustion without the sniffles, sneezes, fever)? Thanks, - Henry
  2. So What Do You Do When You Can't Sleep?

    Ambien works well for me. Fortunately, I only need it occasionally and I try not to use it at all. Tylenol PM has also been suggested to me. - Henry
  3. Cause Of Flu Like Symptoms

    Leonard, I hope that others come through on this one. I. too, have described my ailment as being like the flu but without the sniffles, sneezing and fever. I want to get up & going, but my body just says no. I have fasted for 24 hours twice in the past 2 weeks and felt better for a little while afterward. On Monday, I caught myself climbing steps 2 at a time & humming tunes! This was the best I had felt in months. My goal is once a week for now. I'll provide more feedback as I progress. Best wishes as you continue to figure things out. - Henry
  4. Yes. I was always hungry, especially for breads, cakes, cookies, pizza, etc. Thank God it wasn't alcohol I craved so much, or I'd be a real mess. I, too, had many cavities. I also had back spasms. My guess is that I didn't absorb calcium well. These have not been a problem since I've started taking a calcium/magnesium supplement. My dentist was even impressed that my teeth were so hard. Best wishes, - Henry
  5. Still chronic fatigue/depression (please tell me it will go away), but... - Inflammation blood work #'s are way down; - I lost at least 50 lb; - Allergies almost non-existent (no Claritin for 2 months or better); (A little dh came back since, however. Perhaps the Claritin kept it at bay.) Best regards, - Henry
  6. Geez, I didn't know of a difference until you asked and I saw that eKatherine added that sweet rice flour would not separate when in the refrigerator. I was thinking only of Cajun dishes and gravy that would typically get eaten right away, but leftovers are always good, too. I hope you'll let us know more about the differences. Thanks, - Henry Thanks, everyone, Hopefully, I'll be able to make some good reports, soon. - Henry
  7. OK, folks, Before I try silly experiments of my own, please let me know what you have learned about the possibility of making a gluten-free roux. (I guess corn starch would be my first trial.) What about thickening agents, in general? Thanks, - Henry
  8. Drug Interactions?

    All, Thanks for the info and your best wishes. Yes, I had just eliminated the rest of the gluten from my diet when the crisis began to develop. I came off the Ritalin just before entering the in-patient program. I have just begun to take it again, and it does seem to be keeping awake later than usual. Previous to going gluten free, I would have said that it did not affect my sleep. So, I'll continue to monitor this. And, yes, I hope to eventually find that going gluten free will eliminate the ADD. - Henry
  9. Folks, This is Henry returning after more than a month since my last post. In summary, I'm 47 and chronic fatigue has been with me for ages. I again quit wheat products in November and wound up losing about 50 lb since. At the beginning of June, I had just finished reading Dangerous Grains and eliminated the rest of the gluten. I saw my PCP, and when I asked if I should get tested for gluten sensitivity, he said no due to the fact that I had lost weight so easily (i.e. again--I had done this before & quit believing that bread could be such a culprit as compared to other carbs), I had dh, and my recent bloodwork showed a great reduction in inflammation. I immediately looked up "inflammatory diseases" & felt wonderfully optimistic that I was going to feel great any day. The week after Memorial Day, I started with the insomnia. By the end of the week I told coworkers I was "in overload". The next week, the anxiety & abdominal pain kicked in & I began taking sick days. They called in an Rx for Ativan that helped some. The next Thursday/Friday I was really a mess with the anxiety and insomnia, plus I was so tired but with this crazy energy in the middle of the night to the point that I was doing somersaults on my bed & pushups to blow the energy. I bounced back some and even felt well the following Monday, but by the end the week, I was a mess to the point that I saw the nurse practitioner (unfortunately, my beloved PCP was out during all this) who sent me to the psyciatric crisis center, i.e. "Do not pass "Go", do not collect $200", and I wound up as an in-patient for a week, then 2 weeks as a outpatient for a total of 3 weeks away from work. During this time I hit the "doom & dispair", which I wouldn't wish upon anyone. I'm now 3 weeks back at work, I'm taking Zoloft, & I continue to improve--at one point last week teasing with a coworker that I might eventually feel so good consistently that it will be tough for the rest to put up with me! (I'm still fluctuating, so at another time, he might have gotten a less optimisitc report.) Granted, life had been busy with sufficient challenges that it might all have been an anxiety attack due to the situations, but the doctors mentioned the liklihood of sleep deprivation due to sleep apnea and a Bi-Pap that I had quit using because it didn't seem to help & because it was sufficiently uncomfortable, and as I had been taking Ritalin for ADHD. (It was so nice that I finally became a reader in my 30s when I started the Ritalin.) So, while the doctors can't say exactly what happened, my thinking is that as I was cleaning my body of the gluten, the Ritalin became more assimilated to the point that it passed the point of calming and began acting as a stimulant, leading to the insomnia, sleep deprivation, and the psychiatric crisis. Any thoughts? Any other notions of drug interactions? Please keep me in your prayers & best wishes for continuing improvement as I am not quite "there", yet. Best regards, - Henry
  10. Hi Nashville, I'd love to check out the article, but it came back as "File Not Found". I'd be grateful if you would see about providing a little more info so that I'll be able to find my way there. Thanks, and best wishes, - Henry
  11. Besides the weight that comes off without thinking (or fighting)...260 to 210 since Nov. ... Have the allergies really disappeared?!?!?! Wouldn't this be cool?!?! Thank you, everyone, for sharing. - Henry
  12. Folks, I lost a lot of weight this past month, most notably 8 1/2 lb in 5 days of what was a crisis period for me, and which I've pretty much come out of. This is a lot more than could possibly be achieved for a loss of fat, so it must be mostly water weight. Right? ...From a release of chronic inflammation? The story... I had given up only wheat through May, then after reading "Dangerous Grains" learned to eliminate the rest, and finally gave up the dairy, too. So, basically from the beginning of June, unknowing to me, my body was in the next state of transition. In the 1st week, I saw my GP, who reassured me that the no-wheat was good for me based upon my 6-month loss of then 40-ish lb & my blood inflammation #'s were way down. I told him that I was still "iffy" feeling that the chronic fatigue/depression/whatever could take over my life at any moment...even though I always have felt that there is a "happy boy" just waiting to come out just as soon as I could figure out what has been keeping me down. June also brought in more stress to what was already stressful, so it was easy to blame the external factors for getting me into "overload" by the end of the 2nd week. During the 3rd week, what I called the "anxiety attacks" began. I looked it up and saw that they were not "panic attacks", however, so now I was not only miserable, but confused, too. My call into the GP office lead to a called-in Rx of Ativan for anxiety, which was very much needed and thankfully helped. I later learned that this is not something to be taken continuously, and I hope I have taken the last one of my lifetime. The 4th week was very rugged, especially Thurs/Fri. As the weekend progressed, I got up out of the hole, and I'm progressing to the point that I felt quite good last night (Monday), only OK-ish today & better this PM. ... So, my thinking is that my body really liked the idea that I had quit eating the remaining gluten products, and started to relax and give up life-long battle it was waging. The inflammation goes down and the inflammatory cocktail of chemicals are seeking to be released. Much water would be needed for this, but I'm still drinking the normal amount. My body gets overloaded in these chemicals, leading me to my crisis. Since then, I'm making it a point to drink a lot of water and I'm doing better. Seems to make sense, but what's the real "poop"? The inflammation seems to be a key health concern, especially after looking up "inflammatory diseases". I'd like to think that I'm on the right track, but some reassurance would help, especially after doing a search here for "inflammation" and finding nothing of note. If nothing else, would a lot of water really helped keep me out of the crisis? Thanks for the prayers & well wishes, and many blessings to you, too, - Henry
  13. Folks, RE: Related dairy sensitivity At my appointment a few weeks ago, doc said the gluten causes the villi to matt down. The digestive actors for dairy are at the tips of the villi, so they are not out where they need to be to do their job. - Henry
  14. Folks, Cautious optimism... I'm becoming more optimistic that this is my body responding to the release of a toxic load that it is sheading quite rapidly, now. External stressors are quite high, so let's give them and any consequential anxiety their due, however. I've had a fairly productive day at work despite a good bit of insomnia last night. I started to fade around 10:30AM & broke away to go to the gym. On the exercise bike, I could not believe that I was still aerobic with my heart rate at 150 bpm. 130 - 140 maybe, but 150--I felt good, pumping hard with no pain & unforced breathing. I've spent a lifetime with almost zero "wind", and pushing myself to the point of muscle pain, so this was a treat! To top it off--and this is also scary--after my shower, I stepped on the scale & found that I had lost 8 1/2 lb since Wed. 8 1/2 lb in 5 days!?!? Loss of water weight as inflammation continues to decrease?...Any insights? (The dark side within wants to put the thought of serious disease into my head, but we'll just wait until we discuss this with doc.) So, maybe my crisis is was simply due to the high rate of toxic release....it's over, right? Maybe I would have done better by forcing myself to drink a lot of water to wash things out when I was at my worst. I am doing that now. Thank you for your best wishes. - Henry
  15. I'm losing it quickly and without a thought. (What? No struggle?...This is too easy. Isn't it supposed to be hard?) And my inflammation bloodwork results are way down. - Henry