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  1. Hi jessie I totally understand how you feel! I think it is completely normal. My daughter was diagnosed in Dec. through a blood test. She just turned 2. I was pretty devastated at first, and cried the whole day when i found out. My 6 week old son was in the hospital at the time so it was pretty stressful. After the first day though i felt relieved because we finally knew what was wrong with her and knew what we needed to do to make her healthy. Also she could have been diagnosed with something much worse! She also has been traumatized by tests and doctors and I was having such anxiety about her having the biopsy done. She had it in the first week of Feb. and it went much smoother than i had anticipated. My husband reacts just like yours. He thought I was crazy when I got teary eyed in the grocery store looking at all the foods she can't have. Like the other posters said there is really so much information and products available. It certainly will mean some changes in your lives. I feel heart heavy when I look at her, but i take great joy in seeing the happy child she has become since we have made changes in her diet. So stay strong! it will get easier and easier every day. Maria