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Are you considering gluten-free options at your non-gluten-free restaurant, school, hospital, prison, church, etc.? Perhaps you want to begin manufacturing gluten-free products in a non-gluten-free facility, or selling them at a retail location?

It can save you money and risk to consult with a gluten-free expert up front to make sure that you avoid some of the most common pitfalls, like those experienced by Domino's, McDonald's, California Pizza Kitchen and Starbucks, as you will likely not get a second chance to get it right. has nearly 20 years of gluten-free expertise to help your company/agency succeed in making the transition to making, selling or serving gluten-free foods. We can help you:

  • Find the best gluten-free certification program;
  • Formulate proper gluten-free manufacturing or preparation processes and handling procedures;
  • Train employees and staff on how to handle and prepare gluten-free foods in a way that will avoid cross-contamination;
  • Train employees and staff on the best way to handle gluten-free guests/clients, so that they will feel comfortable with how your staff responds to their questions about the safety of your foods;
  • Choose and obtain the very best prepared gluten-free products to create your gluten-free menu, or offer to your customers;
  • Market your new gluten-free status, product(s), restaurant, service, etc., to the gluten-free community.

By catering to the gluten-free market your business/agency could get ahead of your competition in this rapidly growing niche market. Many schools, hospitals, hotels, assisted living centers, Head Start programs, restaurants, prisons, jails, churches, bed & breakfasts, government facilities, etc., need to be able to offer gluten-free options to their guests/customers, and the experts at are here to help guide your company/agency through this difficult and confusing process.

Contact us regarding our consulting services: (707) 228-1350.