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  1. I can eat Bob's Red Mill bread made with the mix every day with no problems. But other brands of bread, pasta, etc. just kill me. You'll probably just have to do quite a bit of experimenting to find what works for you. Unfortunately, these gluten issues affect every single one of us differently.
  2. Sassy_1

    Healing And Miserable

    I can only ditto what Hannah said!! The more I behave the worse I get when have gluten. Insane isn't it? I have become hyper aware of how my body reacts to anything these days. Even certain gluten-free products make me horribly sick. Unfortunately, we are all unique in this gluten mess and have to find our way through trial and error. Be sure to show your husband these posts so he'll realize you're not crazy.
  3. The only thing I buy at Trader Joe's is their acid-free coffee. I spoke with an employee one time who told me that their gluten-free stuff isn't really gluten-free. I have not found anything there that is truly gluten-free. Earth Fare on the other hand rocks!!
  4. It may be the acid in the coffee that is bothering you. I have not been able to drink regular coffee for a couple of years now without it just killing my stomach. The stuff just kills my stomach. But I have had great success with low-acid coffee. I buy the Trader Joe's brand. I tried the Folger's coffee that was supposed to be easy on the stomach but still had issues. Maybe this will help.
  5. Try the Pamela's Baking Mix: http://www.pamelasproducts.com/ The baking mix can be used in any recipe but don't add the salt and some of the other ingredients called for in the regular recipe. The mix already has just about everything in it. I have made several things with this mix and have been in heaven. It's been years since I've been able to bake and this mix did the trick. Poke around the website for more info and recipes.
  6. It could be from a lack of fiber. Fiber fills us up. Many people with gluten issues do not get enough fiber because of all the things we have to cut out of our diet. One solution I have found is to follow the Glycemic Index diet/eating plan. There is one book in particular that offers the plan around gluten issues. It's the Glucose Revolution Series. With this plan, I am eating healthy, losing weight and never feel hungry.
  7. Sassy_1

    Family Reunions

    When I attend potluck events, I bring a casserole that I know I can have. I also bring the sour cream coffee cake that can be made from Pamela's baking mix. The recipe is on her website. The funny thing is that there is NEVER any leftovers because "regular" folks like what I bring. I agree with taking some granola bars or something. The Glutino bars are fabulous, especially the chocolate banana ones. Take care of you. It's not worth getting sick over. Believe me, been there, done that!! Tell everyone what's going on. And when you tell them that 1 in 133 people have this but don't know because it mimics so many other symptoms, you just might end up helping someone else out.
  8. Coffee may be the culprit for you. I have found that my system has become so sensitive that regular coffee on a daily basis just kills me. I have had to switch to low-acid coffee and have no problems. Starbucks is also a major problem for me. Within a couple of hours of anything from Starbucks other than tea from a tea bag, I have the worst stomach issues that can be quite embarrassing if I'm around anyone. Not sure what else it might be with your son. It has to be so hard with a little one. I would double-check with the daycare to be sure the kids aren't sharing snacks. They might think it's okay for him to have "just a taste". I know from personal experience that "just a taste" builds up over time and I end up sick sick sick. Hope this helps a little.