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  1. I keep getting glutened and I believe lip gloss/lipsticks have been the culprit. I also have really bad breakouts if I use anything on my skin that contains gluten. I'm having a hard time finding makeup that is gluten-free.. I'm currently using covergirl foundation, powder, mascara and lipstain (i'm pretty sure this one is NOT gluten-free!!!) I also have Quo products (I use their blush and have used their foundation, lip gloss and powder faithfully in the past, but I emailed them and got a response saying they could not guarantee anything they had was gluten-free...sigh) I have Korres lip butter which I think I am reacting too as well. The only safe thing for my lips I have currently seems to be my Burts Bees lip gloss! Any info you have on the products listed above or any good products that are not too expensive and easy to find would be muchly appreciated!! Thanks for your help .
  2. After eating the Teff today I'm pretty sure I'm reacting to that I've had the Bob Mill's Mighty Hot Cereal which is also one of their gluten-free products and never reacted to that.. but now I can't find the Mighty Tasty hot cereal around here which is why I got the Teff instead!
  3. I've only been gluten-free for a few weeks.. but I keep messing up! Ugh this is so frustrating! I think it was the cereal.. I had the teff again this morning and I feel it again. When I eat gluten it feels like someone took a SOS pad and scraped my stomach with it! :/ I have that feeling again, though not as bad as if I ate a piece of bread! I looked up Bob Red Mill's website and they do have a seperate facility for their gluten-free products however their standards are the "under 20 ui".. which I gather means most their gluten-free products will probably have small amounts of gluten... how frustrating!! I think I've got a long road of learning ahead of me!!
  4. Yeah, the cereal says gluten free on the package. I guess that could still mean there could have been some CC?
  5. Hey guys, I'm very new to this and am trying to find the source of my glutened feeling today.. The only different thing I've had is Bob's Red Mill Teff cereal with frozen blueberries. I've read some conflicting things about fresh produce possible containing a wheat coating.. as well as dried fruit dusted with wheat to prevent sticking.. I was wondering if this might be possible for frozen fruit? Has anyone else had any issues with this?
  6. 9 months ago I beganfeeling "off".. I became EXTREEMLY tired.. I could hardly get out of bed. At the same time my appatite increased and I never ever ever felt full. I gained 10 pounds in a month because I was contstantly shoving food in my mouth because of this insane hunger. Most of the time, after eating I would feel hungrier than I was before I ate! I started suspecting that it was something i was eating... I kept a lof of what i was eating and realized that it seemed like any time I had carbs (cereal, bread, etc...) was when I felt worse. My head was filled with fog, I could not concentrate at work, I felt like I was living in a "dream" world.. I felt like a zombie.. all I wanted to do was eat and sleep. Other symptoms I had: -Yellow ring around my mouth (I had blood work done for liver function, etc and that came back normal) -My nails became brittal -Irritability -Fatigue and weakness (stopped being able to excersise) -Jointpain -Itchy rash (I developed this rash 10 years ago when I worked at a fast food place.. I had seen my doctor numerous times, and he constantly prescribed me different creams and nothing worked to get rid of it.) The rash went away on its own and seemed to have just disapered miracously! Not it's back.. I have it on my hands, elbows and my left knee. It is blistery, burns at times (especially after a workout) -DH -Abdominal cramping and pain -Have not had my period in 8 months -Rapid weight gain (6 pounds overnight!) -I feel "crawlies" under my skin after eating certain things -Rapid heart rate after eating certain foods -depression -crying for no reason I went to the doctor and advised him of my suspicions that it was something I was eating.. he diagnosed me as being depressed and suspected I had an eating disorder... I was offended at first, but decided to keep an opened mind (from what I read depression can have physical symptoms, and all I wanted in the world was to feel better!) So I took the Zoloft.. it seemed to help me feel a little happier, but things still were not right. I went back to the doctor and he assured me it was just depression and upped my dose... That lead me to start trying to figure it out on my own.. I started googling my symptoms and immedietly had a huntch that it was a food sensitivity. Once I came accross Celiac diesease I had incredible suspicions that it was this (especially due to my mysterious rash). I have cut gluten out for one week.. I immedietly started to feel better! My rash has cleared slightly, I can think clearly.. but I am still a bit fatigued and feel weak. My hunger seems more manageable, and my joint pain has improved termendously! I'd appreciate any input you may have! Thanks
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