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  1. In my case, it's embarrassment. Rational Me knows this disease is not a reason to be embarrassed.. people don't choose their diseases, etc etc... but when I see guys gulping down their beer and eating their 1200 calorie burgers, it makes me feel really inferior.. how can I possibly order a salad, pull out my own bottle of dressing and not feel weird about it? Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but before you were diagnosed, or maybe before you had even heard of Celiac, try picturing the above (salad with own dressing) and how you would react if you saw a man vs. woman doing it in a restaurant. I'm ashamed to admit this, but if I had seen the woman, I would've thought - trying to maintain weight - trying to maintain clear complexion - trying to be healthy For a man in the exact same situation, I would've thought - what the f is wrong with him? - let's get him in the parking lot (okay, exaggerating a bit on this one to make a point)
  2. It's interesting reading people's triggers... I was diagnosed around 3 years ago. I had no symptoms - the only reason I had the test was because my dad has celiac (and of course I need something else in my life to worry about). So the doctor says I have celiac, but says that my intestines look pretty good, with only minor inflammation. I figure, what the heck, live it up for a few months and when I start feeling bad, change to gluten free. Only that day never came.. so I kept eating gluten. I had blood tests every 6 months or so, and my levels were always perfect, so I didn't see the point in switching to gluten-free. Then my asthma inhaler gave me oral thrush. This is around a month ago. I started on a new inhaler to treat my very very very minor case of asthma (hindsight - wish I had never treated it) and got a really sore throat. Treated with anti fungal medicine and it went away in a few days. Fast forward to around a week ago.. suddenly I'm dizzy/lightheaded every day and can barely concentrate. I self diagnosed this as having anemia and started gluten-free and iron supplements. I'm hoping to get past this and go back to eating gluten (yes, I know the risks - no need to post them), but my fear is that now that it's been triggered, it will continue. My conclusion is that the oral thrush caused all of this. I read something a while ago about oral thrush possibly triggering gluten sensitivity symptoms, and figure this is what happened to me.
  3. Are there any gluten-free cold cereals with a lot of fiber? I'm coming from the All Bran 13g of fiber per cup world, and am finding cereal one of the toughest things to replace.
  4. Sorry if this has been posted... I haven't found a comprehensive Canadian Frito Lay list on this board. http://www.fritolay.com/your-health/canadian-products-not-containing-gluten.html (My first post - I'll be back often!)
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