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  1. So far Berberine two thumbs up. I feel more full after eating. Losing weight little by little without working out. More energy. Bladder is on extreme but that has been going on since after recovering from covid. I always had a little to much water retention and water weight. Zero blotting, a...
  2. Great potential. Its would create a strong possibility of testing children early. Hopefully free, we only need universal healthcare now. A for profit healthcare severely limits care for celiacs. I could be wrong. How would my celiacs respond.
  3. Berberine supplement 1 pill 500mg 3 a day = 1,500mg. Resets proper good gut flora. There is some burping and farts no puns intended. Iodine intake to keep the thyroid nice and strong. Potassium iodide, sodium iodide, molecular iodide from kelp. (selenium) Chaga mushroom protect the DNA...
  4. I'm not sure anyone seen this article in NYU Langone Health on "Celiac Disease Linked to Common Chemical Elements". (I wonder if fire retardant is one of them. Could I sue?) url address to the article below. May 12, 2020 https://nyulangone.org/news/celiac-disease-linked-common-chemical...
  5. Research and try out Berberine supplement... then introduce probiotics. For a few days prepare for gassy moments and burps, especially when drinking probiotic kefir/kombucha drinks. Maybe hold back alcohol.
  6. Time for a research with celiac disease that's taking Berberine 1500mg daily. To see if their gut flora is healthier.
  7. I'm trying out Berberine in helping healthy gut flora. That in return proper digestion and increasing nutrients. 750mg to 1000mg a day. I hoping to loose weight around the belly as well. lol
  8. Infected FEB 2020 covid19 severe. Then in OCT 2020 mild infection. Its the not smelling that is so real. Could be other than health issues than glute/celiac. Like border line diabetes. Double down on B12, Iodine supplements (thyroid issues), Vitamin A. Once recovered do try Berberine supplement...
  9. I've tried Niacin in a B complex pill. I had negative side effects from niacin for some strange reason. So threw out the B complex and I watch for energy drinks packed with vitamins like niacin. uugg
  10. I overdose on B6, B12, take a little of Biotin. Increase energy for the body and mind. But also add in Amino Acid deficiency testing is needed for Celiacs.
  11. I support going all gluten-free soaps and shampoo/conditioner. So basically shopping at organic grocery/nutritional stores ($$).
  12. I tried Vitamin D and it didn't help me out at all. I dose up on B6, B12, plenty other amino acid supplements for a healthy livable day. Real Vitamin D from the Sun is essential in staying healthy and include exercising.
  13. Making me hungry. I would leave out the bacon. Add in chopped up raw celery and my favorite for all broccoli sprouts.