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  1. Happy birthday, silver_naki! May God bless you today in all his abundance!

  2. I've been eating the Act II Microwave Popcorn in the "Kettle Corn" flavor, and so far, I have NOT had any advert reactions to it. Thus, I am hoping that the Kettle Corn flavor in this brand is SAFE? (everyone is different, & I just may be able to tolerate it better than some folks??) Was curious here!
  3. ECELLENT advice here on the "Bag Balm" Jess!!! I use this stuff for EVERYTHING, and have for many years... Living on a Ranch, one has alot of this kind of stuff around. Even my Doctor told me that his DAD used BAG BALM for everything! It's just a really good product, it really is. I use it for "Chapstick," and my husband uses it on his Hemmroids! Laugh! (no kidding!) "It'll cure what ailes you!" Yep!
  4. JEN! Yes, our GARDEN is EMONGOUS to say the least... a person could literally fit a HOUSE inside the plot... it's all fenced in with a "gate' and all of that fun stuff. (to keep the critters out) We have alot of Land & live way out in the Country on a Ranch, so can grow all the "fun" stuff we want, including a multitude of Fruit TREES~ The Garden is alot of work for us each year, but I sure as heck wouldn't be without it! I just hate buying Produce in the Grocery Stores... but there comes a time, where one must do this on occassion too. I have Chickens too, so have my own fresh, ORGANIC, free-roaming brown Farm EGGS.... thankfully, I don't have an intolerance to "Dairy" that I know of~ Now all we need is a few Milk Cows!! LOL! (One cannot "milk" a Horse!) Another interesting thing..... is around here where we live, each Spring, we go walking the local water irrigating Canals, & pick fresh "wild" Asparagus! It grows heartily along the Canal banks & ditches. We bring it home, clean it up real good, freeze it, "Can" it, or "pickle" it! There's always neat things to find from the EARTH. We do the same with wild Pine Nuts we gather in the hills..... (roasted Pine Nuts...) ORGANIC!
  5. Good topic here on the Weight Gain & going "gluten-Free."...... It seems most of us in our Society nowadays, go through the WEIGHT "thing." Isn't it just a bummer? For the record here, I too have GAINED ALOT OF WEIGHT since going "gluten-Free." I kept thinking to myself, "what the heck?" After reading some of the Posts here, I find it is not abnormal. My biggest problem is, I love POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes! Also, everyone's body metabolism is different, & especially when a person "ages," that doesn't help either, as I think it's a natural "thing" for folks to put on pounds as they age. Our bodies are always in a constant state of "change." Sooo, I'm debating whether to just stay "FAT" and love my POTATOES, or restrict myself some more! (haven't quite gotten to that point yet with the gluten-Free Diet & all!) All I know is none of us are going to look like BO DEREK, that's for sure~
  6. Count me in on the GARDENING & also the "home-Canning" episode! I couldn't exist without a Garden... and also preparing all my own "home-grown" veggies, & Fruit. Our Garden is so huge, I actually have to hire help with it. We also have all the "fun" Dwarf Fruit Trees on our Ranch here, so anything I "must" buy in the Produce section of the Grocery Store, is nothing less than "fake Food!" Laugh!!! There's nothing better than HOME-GROWN & "HOME-MADE!" Cheers all!!
  7. Jen... Thanks for Posting this Recipe here! I printed it off & would like to try it... I'm sure alot of the other folks would too~ Thanks much!
  8. Gee THANKS for the info here on the Liquid Smoke brand... I looked at some of the ones I have the other day, and they are the "Wright" brand of Liquid Smoke. I still haven't checked into this, to see whether it is safe or not. Gosh.... if "Colgin" comes in big GALLON containers, WOW--- that would last a Life time!
  9. ....Hmmmm, this is interesting here, because since I have gone "gluten-free," my Sleep patterns & dreams have actually gotten WORSE! This is no kidding. I'm wondering if anybody else out there is having this same problem??? I'm hoping my system will adapt to all the changes, & perhaps "settle down" later on? Maybe I'm just having "Wheat-withdrawals!"
  10. All the Meatloaf Recipes look soooo good! I haven't tried Meatloaf since I've been "gluten-free," but I always used a mixture of Oatmeal & Saltine Cracker crumbs in mine, but I can't do that anymore. Your Meatloaf ideas here sound really good Jessica---- do you have a "gluten-free" Recipe for your Sweet & Sour Meatloaf, using the Minute Rice? Would you be willing to post it and share it with any of us?
  11. WHOA Rusla!!.... the year 2046???? WOW!.... just think, I don't think any of us will have to worry about "gluten" that far in advance, huh? (giggle!)
  12. I like alot of the Johnson & Johnson, and also the Playtex & Huggies brands BABY LOTIONS..... does anyone know if these are safe to use? I have quite a few bottles of various kinds, as I love the feel & the smell of them... It's hard for me to tell yet, if I have any reactions to any of these, because my skin is so dry & "itchy" all the time in the Winter. Nothing major is happening with still using these brands of Lotions for me yet. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Does anyone happen to know about SCIENCE DIET brand (dry) dog food? I'm recently having to switch my house-dog (elderly) over to a Senior dog diet, and this is what my VET has refered me to, as far as a new dog food brand goes~ I forgot to ask him about any "gluten" factors! Yikes!!
  14. THANK YOU KAREN... for all of this great information on the Spaghetti Sauces & brands!! I had recently bought the "new" Ragu ORGANIC in the jar, and was my first time with trying out Spaghetti Sauce since going "gluten-free." ... It worked out pretty good for me, and I didn't seem to get "glutened" that night with my Spaghetti dinner, so some of the folks on the Forum Board here, might want to try out the new line of RAGU ORGANIC. But... some folks might be sensitive to tomatoes too. I have not tried any of the Spaghetti Sauces in a can yet, so your info here was much appreciated! Thanks!
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