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    Native Amercian Indian raised on a Reservation in the North West.<br />Ranch Life<br />Horses & Farm animals<br />All of Nature.....
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    Idaho USA {NorthWestern Montana previously}

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  1. Happy birthday, silver_naki! May God bless you today in all his abundance!

  2. After replying to this Post earlier.... I still went through a tremendous time with being SLEEPLESS, these past days & nights~ Dang, it got so bad, I had to get some "rest!" Unfortunately, I have had to resort back to taking AMBIEN in order to go to bed, and try to get a good night's sleep...
  3. I'm still trying to "tie-in" the symptoms of Celiac & "gluten" with my horrendous sleep patterns... I haven't quite figured it all out yet, due to the fact, I'm still adjusting my DIET, & not being gluten-free yet for too long. I may have got "glutened" just last night, (even tho...