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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I'll give another recommendation to the Sesmark brand of rice crackers. Delish. Also, Orgran brand crispbread is AMAZING. They're imported from Australia, but if you can find them...
  3. ChelsE and SuzieQ - I too have just the elevated IgG. My regular doc and the allergist are at odds to whether it is Celiac. It seems that in a small amount of the population, an elevated IgG can exist and not really be related to any conditions. It's either Celiac, or, I guess, idiopathic. That's what they both said... My allergist said that so long as there's a positive response to the dietary change, might as well stick with it. People go vegan and vegetarian and dairy-free for so many reasons.. Being wheat free, because of a disease OR because it makes you feel better, just makes sense.
  4. Wow, thanks for the info! I love in Brooklyn and have to do most of my shopping in Manhattan.. I'll go there as soon as I can.
  5. Ugh, I am disgusted with myself. When I started the gluten-free diet, I started treating myself to sugary things, which I had perviously cut out of my diet. I think I've gained about 5-10 lbs. Not much, but when you have pre-existing depression and warped body-image standards.. Well, you get it. Sorry, I'm having a moment. About binge eating - I used to binge on pasta and bread products before going gluten-free. I just never got full when eating pasta. Tinkyada's rice pasta fills me up now, so I eat less... Still binging on tortilla chips. I'm cutting the sugary snacks out of my diet and taking up the exercising again..
  6. Hello! I'm Michelle, and I may or may not have Celiac disease. Hopefully someone reading this can make some sense of my experience.. Here is my story: Around the beginning of September 2005, I started experiencing urticaria (hives). I thought it was a reaction to something in my new apartment, so I tried all I could to pinpoint what I thought I was reacting to. I found nothing. It got worse and worse, and I started getting some terrible angioedema (swelling) to go with it. I endured it for months until I finally broke down and went to my PCP, then an allergist. The allergist sent me for a ton of blood tests. He said that it's very unlikely that I have an allergy, and believed that the urticaria and angioedema are caused by Celiac disease. My family has no known history og the disease. Here are the abnormal things from my bloodwork (and the bits about Celiac): From the CBC: Monocytes, absolute: 185, Low; ref. range is 200-950 cells/mcL Eosinophils, absolute: 0, Low; ref. range 15-550 cells/mcL Other blood.. Immunoglobulins, IGA, serum: 49, Low; ref. range 81-463 mg/dL T4 total: 13.3, High; ref. range 4.5-12.0 ug/dL T3 Uptake: 20.0, Low; ref. range 27.8-40.7 percent T3 total: 188, High; ref. range 60-181 ng/dL Markers for celiac: Tissue Transglutam AB IGA: <20 Gliadin AB (IGA): <20 Gliadin AB (IGG): 46 Units, High Ref. ranges: Negative: <20 Weak Positive: 20-30 Strong Positive: >30 The Gliadin AB (IGG) concerned him - he advised me to continue taking my anti-histamines and begin a gluten-free diet, which I have. He also wants me to get my thyroid checked out, which I will, eventually. An endoscopy was not discussed. I see him again in a few weeks and have a ton of questions for him, but I want to get some opinions and additional insight from you all... From all I've read, Celiac can cause lactose intolerance. Years ago, I noticed I couldn't handle my dairy products, and have been taking lactaid ever since. Years before that, and until I began the gluten-free diet, I was plagued by almost constant gas. (I thought it was due to my antidepressants.) These two, along with the urticaria and angioedema, seem to be my only symptoms. How odd or unusual is this combination of symptoms? (Oh, weight gain and fatigue might be symptoms, but who knows if they're related to that or depression..) For those of you with knowledge of these sorts of test results, what can you tell me about the significance of having only the Gliadin AB (IGG) elevated? Can this be caused by something other than Celiac? My doc didn't seem too concerned about the low levels of monocytes and eosinophils. Anyone know if it can be connected to Celiac (malabsorption, maybe)? I've been gluten-free for about two and a half weeks. My gas problem is gone, as is the angioedema. I still have a few small hives in the morning, but they're becoming fewer and fewer.. I think that's about it for now.. This message is already much too long! If anyone can answer any of my questions, or has other insight, I'd be very grateful. Thank you! Blessings, Michelle
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