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Additional Celiac Disease Concerns

This category covers everything from dealing with celiac disease, schools, hospital stays, quality of life issues, camps, pets and gluten, dealing with relatives, and much more.

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    Phosphate. Image: CC--Rawen Balmaña

    Dietary phosphorus occurs naturally in dairy foods, animal meats, and legumes but according to the Institute of Medicine, high levels of phosphorus can be a contributor to cardiovascular, kidney and osteoporosis disorders.

    Image: CC--Hernán Piñera

    People with celiac disease know that going gluten free isn't a choice—it is a health necessity. It is also a human rights issue. Food and nutrition should be seen as a citizen's human and social right. People who fail to be attentive to the health needs of people with celiac disease may be violating their rights.

    Photo: CC--Sage Ross

    Many childhood celiac patients do not seek follow-up care as adults.

    Image: CC--mattwi1s0n

    Norelle R. Reilly, M.D., has offered several of her opinions regarding gluten-free diets in a commentary published in The Journal of Pediatrics, earlier this year (1). It is important to recognize the difference between this publication and a report of findings arising from a study. She didn't conduct a study. No ethical approval was cited or needed.

    Many partners of celiac patients report feeling burdened. Photo: CC--Brandon Grasley

    Is celiac disease a burden on your relationship? Many partners of celiacs say yes. Between thirty and forty-percent of people with celiac disease said that their condition was a burden on their relationship, according to a study presented at Digestive Disease Week 2016.

    Image: CC--NIAID

    Do you realize that metabolic and emotional stress, hormonal imbalance and food sensitivities all impact digestion? Many individuals believe that once they stop eating gluten, digestive disorders will disappear. Nothing could be further from the truth as we take a closer look at gastroenterology and the link between the gut and brain.

    Image: CC--brett jordan

    It's never become so clear to me how much our health and quality of life are dependent upon the food we eat since seeing myself, my family and more than my share of celiac friends and acquaintances make the transition to grain-free from gluten-free.

    Photo: CC--Lance Fisher

    The world of nutrition is currently obsessed with "super foods". Super foods are loosely defined as foods that are extremely high in nutrients – particularly antioxidants and vitamins – and which everyone is heartily advised to add to their diet.

    Photo: CC--Melissa Doroquez

    Is the fast-growing gluten-free baby food market about to get another boost?

    Are gluten-free foods expensive enought to warrant cash support for those who need it? Photo: CC--Quinn Dombrowski

    An Australian dietary organization says gluten-free food is expensive enough to warrant a subsidy program to help those who need it.

    A plate at P.F. Chang's. Photo: CC--Parker Knight

    The Chinese eatery was facing a lawsuit alleging discrimination over surcharges for gluten-free food.

    Photo: CC--U.S. Army

    The paleolithic diet, or paleo diet which happens to be gluten-free, has been growing increasingly popular among athletes and health advocates, but it has a history dating back to the mid-1970's as a means of preventing diseases and health conditions such as autoimmune diseases and cancer, when investigations were made of the eating patterns of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

    Can it work to have a merged family of celiacs and non-celiacs? Or does one have to feel that they are being deprived food-wise?  There's a way of balancing everything to achieve harmony and still maintain one's health and wellbeing.  This article explains that.

    Is canary seed the next gluten-free health food? Photo: CC--Steve P2008

    First, the good news. Canary seed, commonly used as feed for its namesake yellow birds has been approved as gluten-free and fit for human consumption in Canada.

    Photo: CC--aoshi

    Did an Ohio pizzeria sell regular pizzas as "gluten-free?" One couple claims it did.

    Photo: CC--tupelo

    Spanish fashion brand Zara has pulled its "Are You Gluten Free?" T-shirts after many found them offensive to people with celiac disease.

    Photo: CC--annastirling

    In the last 3 years, there has been an evolving spectrum around celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. The acceptance of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) in the medical community as a distinct clinical entity has gone from that of being an orphaned child crying in the world for recognition, to an accepted, unique component of the triad of gluten-related disorders.

    Photo: CC--francois schnell

    Vitamin B12 is a group of cobalt containing compounds described by Alan R. Gaby, M.D. in Nutritional Medicine called cobalamins. Methylcobalamin is the coenzyme form of B12 that is critical for human health. Hydroxocobalamin is a more stable form of B12 but it first needs to be converted to an active form before use in metabolism.

    Photo: Wiki Media Commons

    Kellogg has announced that gluten-free versions of its Corn Flakes and Special K cereals will mark its gluten-free debut into the Australian cereal market.

    Photo: CC--William Cho

    The woman's voice, polite but firm came over the line: "We cannot accommodate your mother." "You can't accommodate her?" I wondered if I'd heard wrong.

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