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  1. Ataxia Or Als?

    may i contact you in your mailbox?
  2. my neurological symptoms are now so severe, after many doctors and many tests, i was finally diagnosed with ALS. but, the diagnosis was rescinded for several reasons…my tongue muscle is good; my breathing is good; and, after 6 years, i'm still here... so, i'm back to being undiagnosed. someone mentioned ataxia to me; if it is gluten ataxia, have i not been strict enough?? i'm afraid to get my hopes up again...
  3. Prescription Drugs

    thanks for responding. i've been looking for a list of ingredients in prescription drugs that DO have gluten. seems easier than looking through all the do's and donut's...
  4. i was officially diagnosed with celiac disease about 3 years ago. 6-7 years ago, i began taking a medication for ADD/ADHD. it's called amphetamine salts and the manufacturer is TEVA. 6 years ago, i began having muscle atrophy in my left hand. and, over the last 6 years, the muscle atrophy and fasiculations(sp) have progressed to the point of a diagnosis of ALS (lou gehrig's disease). i looked up this ADD/ADHD medication's ingredients and one of them is cornstarch. i've heard cornstarch can have gluten in it. could this really be ALS? or have i been unknowingly glutening myself over the last 6 years to cause these severe neurological problems?? i didn't take the medication today…and won't until i know for sure. this is my last ditch effort to prove it's not ALS. i hope i can get some replies soon.
  5. Received results of IGg from BioTek ($235.00). Now I'm confused because the only foods it said I should avoid are dairy, eggs, asparagus, bananas, and cane sugar. But, wheat, rye are very low on the scale. Can anyone tell me what's up?
  6. Depression Question

    Mama, I;ve been gluten free for 7 months now. However, I'm what we call a silent celiac. I never had D or vomiting, or pains in gut. But, my symptoms among depression, C, crankiness, anxiety, achy muscles and joints, were not being able to get up and and stay out of bed for a few days...absolutely NO energy. I'm diabetic too so some of that is because of sugars being high or low. May I suggest that if you have a dog or a cat, get one of those laser lights...they'll chase it around wherever you shine it...they'll get you rolling on the floor and laughing out loud. if you don't have a pet, maybe you could get one...something you can hug; let sit on your lap, lick your face, purr in your ear, look at you with unconditional love, enjoy making you laugh???? I recently wanted to temporarily discontinue receiving notifications from this site. I receive so many every day, some of my other "personal" emails had been slipping through the cracks. And, I felt I just needed a break. But, I think I've changed my mind...I can always choose to read the ones that are close to my heart. I really don't know what I'd do if this site wasn't available! Are you feeling better now?
  7. Depression Question

    Yes it will get better...
  8. Depression Question

    Absolutely! I had a lot of anxiety too. At this moment and for a good part of the day, I'm feeling pretty sad. And, it's not just the blues, it's more of a PHYSICAL sadness I FEEL in my chest/heart chakra. It seems there is a difference between being mentally sad...does that make sense to anyone?? But, then it is that time of year and I'm having a new procedure for my motor neuropathy (or CIDP) called ivig. I've had a nurse here (home) for 3 days in a row for 4-5 hours each day and one more day tomorrow...for me, it's difficult to have someone in my space for that amount of time. I don't know...maybe i was glutened afterall. I just remind myself that in a few days, I'll be ok. I hope that thought helps you get through it. Hugs
  9. I continued to do the same thing when I was first diagnosed...forget to read the labels. Finally, when I would remember to read everything, I'd realize I forget my's all coming together now, though. Tuff to change old habits. Feel better soon...
  10. Yea, and not charge an arm and a leg for it! Does it really cost them more to make gluten free food???
  11. When Did They Lose Their Manners?

    Or, they probably have adhd from eating gluten! Ha! But, really...I know what you're talking about. Even commercials on television show children acting like their parents are the idiots by rolling their eyes, the tone of their voice, blahblahblah. I don't know when/where it started. And, why parents let their children do this to them. I'm glad I don't have kids.
  12. Feeling Very Sad Today

    I feel for you jasonD2. I go through the same thing but have to remind myself I'll feel better tomorrow or maybe even in an hour. Just hang in there. Have you tried meditation and/or gentle yoga?
  13. Frequent Urination

    any possibility of diabtes??
  14. It certainly is a delicate balance. Seems like some people care but don't understand or, unless they've experienced the results, they forget about their gluten-free friend. And some people do just think we're neurotic...or as one member said "spoiled." It can be difficult to deal with this. I've found that if I speak to one person at a time and make that "meeting" ABOUT this issue, I've had more success with getting their attention. I started by asking them how they felt/thought about my gluten intolerance/celiac disease and the times we've been out to eat (with a group or alone). Based on what they say, I can educate them...have a brochure handy. Just let them know one-on-one, how serious it is. It could be looked at as "bullying" if they're all out in a group and they tease you about being neurotic. hmmmm
  15. Cross Contamination Issues

    Have you (or anyone) tried ordering from