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Event details

East TN GIG will be holding its Valentine's Day Party

On: Feb 12

At: John 23rd University Parish

From: 1-3:00 PM.

We will be discussing our plans for the year. Please bring gluten-free goodies with

recipe/ingredient list. Country Choice hot chocolate and Perfect 10 bars

samples will be available at the meeting.

Directions to meeting:

Take the 17th St exit off I-40.

Follow 17th St to the end. Ignore the fact that the road changes names.

Turn right and go one block. Turn right and follow this road back around to

John 23rd. You can park next to the church, next door at the Baptist Student

Center or across the street at the Black Cultural Center.

Children are welcome. We are looking for someone to chair the children's


Our treasurer has had numerous health problems this year. She would like to

resign. Therefore, we need someone for treasurer. Without someone in this

position, our support group will have to fold.

Hope to see everyone there.

Theresa Cornelius, MS, RD, LDN


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