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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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7 week challenge for biopsy

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I Just Want To Scream

Test came back 'normal' even though IGG and IGA was in the normal/high range after a 7 week test (previously I was almost gluten free for a year). My ALP was normal/low.

To even speak to a specialist for a biopsy would take at least 6 months. There is no way I can continue with this challenge as depression has set in, my skin rashes on my legs looks horrible and my under eye circles have my customers asking me if they can grab me a coffee (dispite all the make up I have on).

I'm just going to go back to a gluten free diet as I felt 100% better before and maybe one day get a genetic test done.

Thanks for bearing with me folks.

Week 7

Constant aches and pains. I always have a stomach ache, my knees hurt, I want to go to bed by 8pm and I'm taking ibuprofens a few times a week to help my headaches. On top of that, at week 5, I started to develop this facial rash that is intensely itchy on my jaw bone and is red and blotchy on my whole cheek area. It almost looks like psoriasis. Can DH appear on the face too? My eczema on my legs are NOT itchy, but are gross looking, similar to that of ringworm.

I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and finally got to take my blood work. Hopefully in 2 weeks, I will have an answer to all my plaguing symptoms.

Day Thirty One

Alright. So its been a month since I've started doing the challenge and now my the tip of my thumb is starting to crack and peel. Now, some of this is to blame on the cold weather, but I DO recall that when I was almost gluten free last year, my thumb hardly split at all.

I am FINALLY free of that cold/laryngitis thing. That only took about two weeks to get rid of.

I'm not starting to find that after I eat, I am still SUPER hungry. Could it just be TTOTM (ladies will understand) or am I at the point where my body may not be getting its nutrients, therefore its hungry still. I usually eat 1800-2000 calories a day, but the last 8 days or so, I'm up to 2500 and I haven't been more active than I usually am.

Day Twenty Two

I'm still not over this cold/laryngitis. Just when I thought it was over, WHAM! I'm totally fatigued again today and my throat is tightening up. I also noticed that a lymph node at the back of my neck has become swollen. I remember as a kid I used to have swollen nodes in my neck ALL the time and my doctor making a comment on it.

As for symptoms, I'm either battling IBS-C or IBS-D these past few weeks. Oh the joy.

Day Nineteen

So this 'cold' turned into laryngitis. I had to leave work on Friday because it hurt too much to talk. On Saturday I just napped and took it easy. However, early this morning at around 1:30am, I had a migraine that almost lead to me throwing up.

I also had insomnia during this whole ordeal, which is probably why the cold turned into laryngitis.

I'm also developing eczema again on my legs.

Day Fourteen

I didn't eat gluten all day until dinner time. I didn't want to because all day I had stomach cramps. The cramps have begun...
I ate a peanut butter sandwich for dinner and within 30 minutes I was wincing from the pain. So not good.

And sorry boys, skip this part as this may be a bit TMI, but I started midcycle spotting again. I always thought it was grain related (I noticed I spotted after eating corn products) but I'm only day 10 into my cycle and I've started to spot. I keep really good track of this as I do the Natural Family Planning method, so I'm not due to ovulate yet. I suppose that could be the 'fertility issues' celiac can cause. Of course, we're not sure if I am celiac or not, that's why I'm doing this challenge so I can go get tested.

Ok, enough of that stuff. My throat is still sore and I'm feeling somewhat groggy from this cold I'm fighting. Nothing else has changed other than stomach cramps and cycle issues. I'm 2 weeks into this challenge and unless something new pops up, I'll only update then.
So exactly 24 hours later, just like clockwork, on day 12, a migraine sets in. I'm assuming the pizza because that's what I pigged out on 24 hours earlier. I was also very sore under my armpits and chest, like I was either coming down with the flu or had done push ups the previous day (which I had not).

Today, day 13, I went to the chiropractor as my back was acting up again. And now, I'm getting a cold. My first cold in about 2 years. No, I'm not even joking. I rarely get sick thankfully. It could be a coincidence as I was hanging out with a semi-sick two year old on Sat, but at the same time, it could be that gluten lowered my immune system just enough to let me get sick.


Day Ten

Had a regular customer of mine ask me if I was feeling ok today while at work. I asked her why and she told me I had really dark circles under my eyes and I looked tired.

Starting to get stomach cramps after each meal where gluten is consumed.

Day Eleven

Not much different other than I enjoyed some licorice and pizza hut for the first time in a couple of years. Very tired by 9 pm, but that could be from the excessive couch potato mode I was in. It was girls weekend, so horror films and junk food were in full pursuit.

Days Seven And Eight

Well, those two days were almost the same. Nagging headache, starting to feel nausea after eating gluten, running to the bathroom and very tired by 8 pm. On day eight (yesterday), I made a lasagna and black forest cake for my boyfriends birthday. Of course I had some and it was all very delicious, but my guts were just rolling still three hours after and I could hardly go to sleep. My tummy was so full of gas and nothing would come out, so it was just none stop stomach cramps and gas cramps last night. Ugh.

Day Six

Starting to get slight stomach cramps after meals now. As of this moment, my stomach is making gurgling noises even though dinner was gluten free. I'm feeling slightly bloated and gassy now and I've actually gained 5 lbs in the 6 days of starting this, and yet I'm not eating my full days caloric needs (I eat around 1800 a day).

I've also had a niggling of a headache all day. Not enough to require and Advil, but enough as a gentle reminder that something's not quite right. I'm still slightly fatigued throughout the day, but not enough to make me feel horrible.

Day Five

Had 2 pieces of toast for breakfast and felt fine. Had a bagel and cream cheese with tomato soup for lunch, started to feel a little fatigued and gassy. Dinner was fairly low in gluten, just had a touch of bbq sauce that had soy sauce in it and then I decided to have a beer. As soon as it was finished, I developed a migraine and extreme fatigue. I was ready to pass out at 8 pm.

Day Four

Still kind of tired today, but not as bad. My back has residual pain after being as sore as it was, but not enough to warrant advil or ruin my sleep.

I noticed last night when I woke up at some point, that my left nostril was plugged. I've never experienced that before other than when having a cold. I also had a mild headache today after eating an apple fritter (like I said, I'm going to make the most of this challenge!) and then heartburn thereafter.

Still going to the washroom lots, along with gas and bloat. I forgot that this is what IBS is like!

Day Three

Fatigued. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired. My eyelids droop as I write this.

On an interesting note about how another way gluten may bother me, I saw my chiropractor on Wednesday for an adjustment. I see her once in a blue moon. It seems that as soon as a long weekend comes, my back likes to tweak out (not twirk out thank goodness!).

Anyways, she does a great job on Wednesday and I say 'see ya next month!' Well, yesterday, day 2 of gluten challenge, I'm washing my hair in the shower when my neck and the area between my shoulder blades seize up. Not fun as I have soap running in my eyes and now I can't move. I call her up and she tells me to come in tomorrow (which is today). I have NEVER had this happen so soon after an adjustment.

So, I'm in there today and shes asking me the usual 'what happened?', 'are you doing anything different' and then she asks 'are you still doing that no sugar challenge and no gluten thing?'.
My ears prick up. Nooooo... can't be...
"Actually, now that you mention it,' I say, 'but I'm on day 3 of a gluten challenge so I can go get tested for celiac disease.
"Ohhhhhhh! THAT explains why you seized up between your shoulder blades then!' she excitedly shouts.
I can't get into details cus I'm not a chiropractor, I'm a semi qualified lab and vet tech at best, but something about the thoracic nerve being between the shoulder blades and how it is connected to your stomach... like I said, I cant explain it, but I understood it as GLUTEN IS MAKING MY BACK WHACK YO! (ok, too much Breaking Bad, sorry).

Anyone else have back issues with gluten? Maybe she's full of bologna and its just another one of those crazy things chiropractors say (I'm not here to debate whether a chiropractor is a REAL doctor or not. They make me feel better and that's all that matters to me), or quite possibly, there could be some truth to the matter. What do you guys and gals think?

Day Two

So here I am on day two. No fatigue or migraines surprisingly. I'm wondering if they have passed as I got those on the weekend when I was accidentally glutenized. Today was more like bloat and making a few mad dashes to the washroom. By the end of the day, my tongue had swollen as I can actually see my teeth imprints on the side of my tongue. Is that even a symptom? Tongue swelling? I can certainly feel a few cankers trying to 'blossom'.
As I "poison" myself through this challenge, I thought I'd make the most of it and today I baked banana bread. I haven't had it in over a year and there were exactly 3 bananas in my freezer. I took that as a sign to bake it and I figured I might as well live it up while I can. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a bagel and cream cheese!

Day One

So after a year and a half of being part time gluten free (avoided the obvious sources, but continued with sauces, malt vinegars and beers) I have decided that I want to be tested for celiac.
I kept a food journal and after playing around with food eliminations, I discovered that I have fructose/fructan malasorption. So I avoided apples, wheat, onions and garlic for the better part of the year. I also discovered that wheat caused intense pain in my stomach. Since wheat's sugar is fructan, I simply stopped eating it. I did this for almost 2 years, but I still ate things like soy sauce, malt vinegar, gravies, and lightly breaded meats.
Recently, beer and malt vinegars have caused migraines exactly 24 hours later, and I can tell if I have been 'glutinized', as again, exactly 24 hours later, I have fatigue, stomach ache, migraines and more recently to the symptom list, canker sores.
I finally made an appointment to see my doctor, but it isn't until the end of November. I am aware that since I've been eating it part time, I may get a false negative, so I have started a gluten challenge in hopes that if I get a negative, its a REAL negative.
Today was my first day. I had a slice of toast for breakfast at 730 am and by 2pm I was getting some stomach cramps. At 4pm I had a muffin and started to develop gas within 30 mins. Dinner at 7 was some breaded chicken fingers. Now, at 10pm, I can feel my tongue start to swell a bit, and possibly a canker developing. I am also very tired (note, I saw the chiropractor today after a week of pain, and I do notice that after an adjustment, I get tired.)
I have tomorrow off from work and am bracing myself for intense fatigue and migraines. I am hoping that the intensity will die off after the first few days, but if its as bad as I fear, there will be no way that I can go the full 7 weeks. I'm not even sure if what I'm doing it the right thing, but the info I've been reading says that most docs make the patient eat 1-4 servings of bread a day for up to 8 weeks anyways before they do the test if they haven't already been doing so.