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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Iron was *slightly* low, but nothing that would make me think that's the cause. And anemia seems to cause more the "I'm light headed and going to faint" type dizzy to me, not the "what do you know, the world DOES revolve around me" type of dizziness I have right now. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  2. I recently (re)started my gluten-free diet (I know, I'm terrible) and suddenly in the last 2 weeks or so I've had MAJOR dizzy spells, to the point I don't feel safe driving anymore and had to call out of work twice. Has anyone had similar issues? I went to the doctor to complain and got told "sometimes people just get dizzy and we don't know why". Gee, thanks? I'm wondering if this can be a gluten withdrawl issue, or if I need to go pitch a bigger fit at the VA. Thanks!
  3. Health Care Reform And "unnecessary" Tests

    I'm a veteran, and I honestly have to thank God every day for that fact. I'm absolutely thrilled and consider myself lucky to be in the one of the only socialized medicine programs in the nation. The government doesn't decide what tests I need... my doctors do. And when I show up with sound, logical reasons for something, they do it. When the results aren't particularly logical for me, they'll repeat them without nagging. My medications are paid for, I can see a specialist quickly, and my medical records are all tied up in one system so my Gyn can see what my GI doctor did, who can see what my psych prescribed. I consider myself majorly blessed.
  4. I'm going to do the A lcat testing. (Take out the space and google it. It changes the words here on this board.) It looks like a really good test.) They'll test for more things than just gluten, which is nice. Of course, you can always Enterolab. Did Enterolab wtih my son and was very satisfied.
  5. Symptoms like that was how I discovered my soy allergy. Good luck to you.
  6. Yes, I already got the notes from him. I'm terrible. What I'm figuring is there will EVENTUALLY be slip ups. Someone, somewhere, will give him what he's not supposed to eat. I'll call THOSE challenges, and leave his intestines alone when I have control. I feel guilty ignoring the doctor, though, when he's all willing to go on dietary response with me. Yeah, I think this is what I'm going to do. I can't in good conscience make him sick on purpose. What kind of mom KNOWS teh answer to her kid's problem and then screws with him anyways? That's just cruel. So I'll let accidental glutenings be the challenges. That'll be proof enough for me. Shalia I should. *grin* I should ask him if he wants to take care of an embarassed, sick, upset 8 year old who's mad cause he knows he's not supposed to poop in his pants, but can't help himself cause his gas and D is so bad. That might clear up the 'challenge' question.
  7. No, he wants me to do it once now, and once in the summer when cold and flu season is over. *sigh* And I don't know what he expects in relation to school. Tyler gets so sick he's out of school for a couple of days vomiting. I can't do that to the poor kid.
  8. Well, got Tyler's doctor to listen to complaints, and he even is willing to consider not doing bloodwork and biopsies and go based on dietary response. (Woot!) However... He wants me to put Tyler BACK on gluten not once, but TWICE as a gluten challenge, to make sure it doesn't coincide with a stomach bug, to "prove" that it's Celiac. Even with a positive Enterolab test. *AACK!* How could he think I want to make my kiddo sick ON PURPOSE TWICE just to prove a point to him? I don't get doctors. Really, I don't. It's not enough that *I* have a diagnosis. No, I have to torment my kid TWICE. Grr. But, on the bright side, no biopsy, he told me to stop if Tyler gets sick (duh!) and I got the notes from him saying gluten free diet for the daycare and the school so they'll be forced to comply. So I got what I need.
  9. Anti-depression Meds

    Ah, I forgot the Lamictal dizzy. It'll do that too, but that *usually* goes away. I'm surprised Seroquel didn't give you weight gain. It's notorious for that. Pretty bad on inducing type 2 diabetes too. It has a black box warning for that now. Seroquel MADE me hallucinate. What good is an antipsychotic if it makes you hallucinate? *grin* I didn't recommend seroquel because it's an anti-psychotic, not anywhere near the class of meds she's looking for. Lamictal isn't really the right class either, but at least it's FDA approved for the problem she's having. Seroquel is not. (Except perhaps the sleeplessness. Guarantee she'd sleep! *grin*)
  10. Did they test you for kidney stones? I ask because *I* have them. I thought I was getting glutened and I couldn't figure out WHERE FROM. It was driving me BONKERS. And my only symptoms were a vague pain in my right side and diahrrea from hell. Finally, a doctor did a CT scan and found out I have multiple kidney stones in my right kidney that are refusing to move. So, maybe that's your problem? It's worth looking at? I now know I'm gluten sensitive AND have kidney stone problems. (Eating a gluten filled candy bar that I *thought* was gluten-free only proved that to me. I'm definately gluten sensitive. But the pain and the recent D was from my kidney being out of whack.) (I think "out of whack" is the official medical term.) Remember, not all symptoms are celiac.
  11. Anti-depression Meds

    If you can swing it, Lamictal. It's weight neutral, won't cause sleeplessness, and is good as an antidepressant if you are having mood swings. It's generally only given to bipolars, though. It's technically an anti-convulsant (aka for epilepsy) but it's FDA approved for bipolar depression and "treatment resistant unipolar depression". It'll also cause headaches from hell and can in very rare cases cause a life threatening rash. So grain of salt there. But it's exactly what you are asking for. It'll make you sleepy and it won't make you fat. Everything else people have suggested can make you fatter. Especially if you are already prone. Lexapro is an SSRI. Effexor and Cymbalta screw with EVERYTHING mentally, seratonin, norepinephrine, AND dopamine. I wouldn't touch them with 30 foot poles. (But everything makes me manic, so... I mean, sudafed makes me manic. I won't TOUCH Effexor.) Outside that? Strattera. It may cause mild sleeplessness, but nowhere near the level of Wellbutrin, which is the other weight neutral (actually, weight losing) drug. Strattera is a fight to get, because everyone will want to give you an SSRI first. But they can make you fat. *shrug* You can also go uber-natural, and get 5-HTP from the health food store. It'll help your body CREATE more seratonin from scratch, rather than needing to reuptake what you already have. That'll likely at least tell you two things: whether or not you are seratonin deficient and whether or not you are bipolar. Because trust me, if you are bipolar, you'll know it in days of taking 5-HTP. Mania inducing stuff THAT is. Without a good "downer" you'd be to the moon. If you want weight neutral, stay away from the SSRI's. And don't let them give you Effexor. It has a harsher withdrawl profile than HEROIN. Evil drug. (I can find a link if you'd like.) For good info on mental health meds (although the language can be kinda harsh) check out http://www.crazymeds.org and read there. They have tons of info. Kassiane (from that site) posted on here a few times. She's a friend of mine. Jerod is the owner of the site and she helps with research. Good luck. Angle for Lamictal. It's honestly a good antidepressant. It's what you are looking for. It's what *I'd* ask for. (Except Lamictal makes me manic.) Hope you get the help you need!
  12. Well, I'm trying to remind myself she's in mourning like I was when I was first diagnosed. I've expected it for Tyler, so it's not a huge deal to me, and I'm STILL bummed. She's devastated. But I think she'll eventually learn to deal. And if not, we'll go to supervisd visitation, and I'll find a teenager to come over to our house on weekends while I'm home studying and have him entertained that way. I'll figure something out. Thanks, everyone. We'll get through this.
  13. Wow, thanks! Lots of reading. I love medical info. I appreciate you spending the time. I'm gonna go read now. ETA: Teh problem with my MIL is that she watches Tyler on the weekends. I'm a full time student, and that's when I get my homework done, and Randy works all weekend. Tyler goes over there. We need her cooperation or we need new daycare! *sigh* We might be able to do the casein test now that my student loan came. But I was going to do ALC AT testing with it because I'm still having issues and I'd like to know what foods are causing it. But I might have to put off mine. ETA more: The fact that you are answering me is helping enough. I really needed to vent tonight. Thank you.
  14. Unfortuately, our insurance won't cover them, I called and asked. My MIL isn't talking to me now. She thinks I'm mean. And she's pissed. *sigh* This is goign to be fun.
  15. Got his test result from Enterolab. We could only afford the IGA one right now, and that came up barely postive. It came up 11, with 10 being postive. *sigh* I'm trying not to feel guilty taking away all his favorite foods, but I'm having a hard time with it. Maybe it's all in my head since I know *I* do so much better off gluten... but it's still a positive, right? My husband has agreed to abide by it, seemed a bit bummed by it but told me to make a loaf of bread to make Tyler's lunch with tomorrow. So I think he's going to try. But I feel SO GUILTY. All the kid eats is gluten and casein. And I want to get the casein test, with him being autistic and all. And after this weekend of hell from him being gluten lite and coming back to all sorts of terrible foods, and then puking and having D everywhere? I know what I know. But I can't help feeling bad. Am I abnormal here?