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    Gluten Free Camp Details for Manitou-Lin in Middleville MI<br />UPDATE: 3/6/08 Note we have been informed that the flyers read that the kids will be sharing cabins with non celiac kids, and that is not the case.<br />The camp let us know that there will only be celiac campers in the cabins there that week (other than the day group campers) and that the entire menu will be gluten free.<br />They will not be making separate meals, because the entire kitchen will be cooking gluten free!<br /><br />This should put your mind at ease if you had any questions about mixed groups.<br /><br />Note: We will be at the G/F food fair in Grand Rapids, MI on May 17 if anyone has any questions.<br /><br />Date: Aug 17 - 22<br /><br />Ages for overnight camp are 7 - 15<br /><br />For more information email glutenfreemichigankidscamp@yahoo.com or see<br />the below links.<br /><br />**** Gluten Free Camp coming at Manitou-Lin in Middleville MI***<br />http://www.campmanitou-lin.org<br /><br />Cel-Kids (Michigan kids with celiac)<br />http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/cel-kids/<br />
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  1. I am finding it difficult to eat healthy during the school year. I keep food in my classroom, but I want to keep increasing veggies and healthy meals for me at work and school and for my daugthers lunch. I'm home sick today and planning to read what you all have posted. Any idea would be helpful.
  2. I have a hard time thinking that this 20 ppm is ok. I bought several bags of these for my campers this summer and luckily they bawked at it. Because as I sit here and read, WHY dont we, the USA have these guidelines. I think poeples health is important. It's frustrating.
  3. I have them here in Michigan and been fine, and I'm sensitive. What I have struggles with are the gluten-free Chex.
  4. I am reseraching to see if Gildess FE 1-20 is gluten free. I called the manufacturer today because at the bottom of the inactive ingredients is a word "Alpha-tocopherol" and when I looked it up it's made from WHEAT GERM! Well the lady from that company did not have it listed as such and they also dont test for trace amounts like that. SO what I want to know is where is there research proof of Gluten Free oral conctraceptives? My daughter is on them for very painful cycles and started it about a months 1/2 ago and she's had terrible celiac symptoms ever since. Now, I did not think to look up wheat in this until yesterday.............du me! Looking for guideance please. Thank you.
  5. G/F Food Fair in Lansing, MI

    Our Lansing, MI celiac group is hosting a Gluten Free Food Fair on October 18, 2008 from 11 am - 3pm at the South Lansing Precint on the corner of Cedar and Holmes Rd. For more information email Greta deWolf <dewolfg@voyager.net> or see our web site at http://micapitalceliacs.atspace.com/ Thanks, Nicole
  6. G/F Camp Manitou- Lin in Michigan

    Only celiac campers will be in the cabins there that week (other than the day group campers) and that the entire menu will be gluten free. They will not be making separate meals, because the entire kitchen will be cooking gluten free! This should put your mind at ease if you had any questions about mixed groups. Note: We will be at the gluten-free food fair in Grand Rapids on May 17 if anyone has any questions. Date: Aug 17 - 22 Cost: $419.00 Last day to register August 3, 2008 10 to a cabin Ages for overnight camp are 7 - 15 Deposit: $75.00 non-refundable required to reserve space for the camper. This deposit comes out of the full amount for the camp. Once full payment is received you will receive additional information on activities, list of items to take to camp, additional forms, etc. Please make checks payable to "YMCA Camp Manitou-Lin". Send completed Registration Form and Deposit to: Nicole VanZwoll
  7. HI, My son, now 4, has been dealing with chronic constipation for over 2 years. So much that he has a bit of prolapsed rectum happening and he more often then not, bleed with a bowel movement. The rast test came back neg, and his celiac test came back neg again (he's been tested 3 times in the last two years). So, we have taken out dairy and most gluten, even though hubby isn't sure he needs that. The gastro doc said to decrease dairy, so that's where I got that idea from. What else can we do? Nicole
  8. HI, My daughter and I react to the "Fake" sugar as well. We get MAJOR diareah and very emotional and MOODY and angry . For me, my head basically takes over and I have very little control, now that's really a basket case. My brother also has this. It's no fun. Nicole
  9. Newly Dx In Howell, Mi

    Here you go, I found this on the CSA website. Dr. Luba Nowek, Howell 517-552-9336, drluba@yahoo.com
  10. Newly Dx In Howell, Mi

    Here is the link to the Farmington Hills Celiac group http://www.tccsg.com/index.htm Nicole
  11. HI, Girl scout cookies are all around again. I read last year some recipees for substitute cookies. Today I made MI-Del animal crackers with peanut butter on top, and then melted down bakers chocolate with some drips of mint extract and added that to the tops. It was a winner. Nicole
  12. Newly Dx In Howell, Mi

    HI, I'm in Lansing and am a part of the local Lansing Celiac Group. That might be too far for you?!?! There is another celiac group too in Farmington Hills, is that closer? can always e mail me too. Nicole
  13. HI, One thing I didn't see on here was Lame Advertisement. They have some good gluten free groceries and you can often get free shipping with them when you read the part about elgiable for free shipping. Nicole
  14. Potty Training Regression Due To Celiac's?

    HI, I"m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to see someone posted this experience on here. I have a 3 3/4 yr. old son who's been chronically constipated for the last 2 years. Miralax didn't help. Lactulose didn't help. So, he's now on a gluten-free/cf diet and has been having bowl movements that are much softer and frequent. He wasn't potty trained either until about 4 months ago. With all the trouble with bowel movements, and the terrible pains and fisures, he wanted NOTHING to do with it. We ended up putting on hemorid cream before each movement and that seemed to help just get it out. How long do you think these kids need to be on a gluten-free/cf diet before we see more changes? We finally went to see a peds. gi last week and he did a rast test and a few others. His iron was a little low, and celiac for the third time came back neg and dairy came back neg. <<<see me making faces!!!>>>> But doc suggeseted gluten-free, cf anyways. Nicole
  15. Recommend A Doctor In You State

    Dr.Safwan Malas, MD 1200 E. Michigan Ave Suite 460 Lansing MI 48906 ph 517-364-5490 A peds. gastro doc. Very familiar with celiac and food allergies. He came to speak at our group last year and my son just saw him last week.