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  1. I need some help. I joined weight watchers last week. I lost my 1.6 lbs for the week and spent most of my time starving. I mean beyond the normal range of hungry. I am on the Flex Plan. What am I doing wrong?? I am wrinting everything down and trying to make healthy choices, but I am hungry. Any thoughts? I know I exactly how I got into the postition of weighing too much. Bad food choices etc. Now I can't seem to figure out what I can eat that will fill me up on 20 points a day! I have called for help and I have spoken to the leader of the meeting in person. Neither of them are much help. Just really frustrated about the up coming wedding I have to attend and wish I could drop some weight. Thanks
  2. Reaction Signs?

    Thanks for the fast replies. I wouldn't be suprised to find I am allergic to something in the vitamin. this gluten reaction is just really different than all of the others. The swollen rash on my face just hurts. Normally I suffer a week of miserable intestines and terrible moods. This time it was 48 hrs of sheer pain and hell and now the rash starts. UGH!
  3. I appreciate the labels. I support companies who label clearly and easily. But my favorite vitamin nearly killed me last week. I bought a refill. I thought it was the same bottle I always buy. Maybe they changed the formula, maybe I bought a different one last time. Regardless, the label font was so tiny I could not read it in the store. I bought it anyway, because I have used these vitamins for years. I have never been so sick! I full 24 hrs after hell started I got out EVERYTHING I ate and a magnifying glass to read labels. Turns out in the size 2 font that the vitamins contained wheat, oat, and barley. Gee I feel so smart The misery just never ends. Why do they make the font so small???
  4. Breastfeeding With Celiac

    Hi. Sorry about the hard pregnancy and early birth. I hope you and the baby are doing well now. Babies and pregnancy are hard enough adding celiacs and food allergies just makes life much harder and more stressful. Do what you can to relax, get help from friends and family, and enjoy the baby. Here's my story. I have two kids. The first child was full term, but the post partum depression, weight loss, COLIC (for seven months!!! ) all that nearly killed me. I nursed her for seven months exclussively then gave up. The nursing never went easily or well. But it was my first kid what did I know? As soon as I stopped nursing the colic got better. I lost so much weight after the birth that looking back I think the baby was just starving and miserable. She gained just enough weight not to be alarming to the doctors. I lost so much weight people thought I was annorexic or had cancer or something. Turns out years later I found out I had celiacs. The second pregnancy was pure stress. Glutened at least once a month for 6 months out of 9. Not good! The baby was born a little early but healthy. The early brith was due to another gluten reaction. I nursed that baby too, but I also gave one bottle a day of formula. It helped me to add formula. That way I knew the baby got enough food every day. And it added the flexibility I needed. I had an emergency surgery when she was 5 months old. She got formula while I had the surgery and recovered on heavy drugs. That made me feel better. Turns out this child is allergic to milk. I think she also has Celiacs. When I stopped nursing her she got a terrible rash that did not stop for months. Once again the doctors thought it was ok. When the rash got under control she gained significant weight and grew quite a bit in just two months. At one year old she was wearing 6 mth clothes. The doctors just said this child was pettite. I did not agree. At 15 mths she is in 18 mth clothes and gained 4 lbs. Thats huge for a baby. So in my experience, follow YOUR GUT with your kids. Document foods, rashes, changes, etc and find a doctor who will treat your opinions as a valuable part in the overall care of any kids you have now or want to have in the future. I think there is some relationship between the foods you eat exccessively while nursing and the allegies kids develop. That is just my opinion.
  5. I got glutened last week by a refill medication. My fault for not reading the label. The font was so tiny I just couldn't see it in the store. The problem is the symptoms. I understand abdomin pain, but this felt like someone used my stomach as a punching bag. Now days later I am getting a raised rash on my head, face, torso. Does this happen to anyone else?
  6. Thanks for all your input. Today is her first birthday. She is sick again. The last two nights have meant no sleep for me.She was literally up all night one night and last night just for several hours. She is miserable and crying alot. It just maxes me out. No sleep and a screaming baby is not a good combo. Poor thing is just so upset. So she has been on a new oral fungal med and a topical cream for about 5 days and her butt looks the same. She gets no gluten, but she mouths EVERYTHING she can so anything is possible. I just do not know what to do next for her. We have another child with a food allergy so food allergies are still a possibility. This baby is on Soy formula because she is really upset on milk formula. I know she is old enough to start drinking milk, but I don't want to add anything new until the rash is gone and she looks stable. Her size is another issue. She still fits her 3-6 mths undershirts although most of the clothing she wears in 9 mth old. Her shoes are still the 3 mth size and she shows no signs of growing out of them. Just maxed out today. Thanks again for your input and advice.
  7. Does this sound like celiacs to you? If your baby developed Celiacs under 2 yrs old, can you write what happened that you knew it was Celiacs. My daughter never tolerated regular formula and had colic symptoms from the start. She was nursed for about 8 months getting one bottle of soy formula daily. She got all the glutens by 6 months and was eating table foods happily. At 9 months she dropped 30 % in height and weight. About the same time the diaper rash started. It's been three months and the rash only gets under control at times. Tried fungal meds and all forms of creams and nothing resolves the problem for good. About a month ago I started keeping a food and rash diary. It appears that she gets a terrible diaper rash 24 hrs after consuming gluten. There have been a few instances where she had the gluten and absolutley nothing else weird that day. She was not on a strict gluten-free diet at this point. Recently we have tried to keep her gluten-free to see if the rash clears. The rash clears and then comes back. Right now we are using a new round of fungal meds (topical and oral). I can track exactly when she eats a piece of toast (not gluten-free) and the next day there is a rash. My problem there are other days that she has not had anything bad that I know of and yet we have a terrible rash. Typically, along with the rash is diahhrea. Overall she is happy and moving right along developmentally. She walked at 9 mths. Now she is running, climbing, trying to talk, pointing, etc. So she is not really a sickly baby although has upset sickish days here and there, but she eats only gluten-free baby food right now. Very few table foods. (I have Celiacs, but no one else in our immediate family has it.)
  8. Pregnant! Relieve My Fears!

    Congrats soon-to-be Mama! My second child is 11 mths now. My pregnancy was long and stressful from work and worrying about wether or not something I was doing would screw up the pregnancy or what would happen at the hospital, etc. You name it and I worried about it. In the end, the labor was faster and less painful than the first child. However, one of my biggest concerns nearly came true - made it to the hospital (in the city) and the baby was born 1 hour and 20 min later!!!! YIKES! She is still happy, smart, funny, and early for walking and teeth. Be extremely careful of your foods while pregnant. I am very careful and still got glutened 6 times while pregnant - bird food, eating out, samples from a fellow gluten-free at a store, etc. Through it all the baby was fine. With the first child I was sick but didn't know I had Celiacs. That child is perfect too. I say get a journal and write to your baby - the first baby is a unique experience. Relax and enjoy every moment of it. If you need help or advice, we are all always here. Later in the pregnancy start looking at breast feeding vs nursing and all the products you will be using on this baby and feeding the baby. Enjoy the fact that you are pregnant and let the worrying happen later
  9. Thanks you for the full scale check and information! I need to toss the Desetin Cream! No wonder my hands are a mess!!!! UGH! This gluten-free stuff gets irritating
  10. I know you already have tons of great advice form the other posters, but I have alittle more to add. My child is now 10 mths old. From birth I nursed and gave one bottle of formula a day to give me a break from the constant nursing. I stopped nursing 3 mths ago and what a disaster that has been. First the baby always showed signs of milk problems/allergy so we have used Soy formula. Once I stopped nursing she got a ear infection and burst ear drum with in the first mth of formula only. The second month of formula only she got a TERRIBLE diapper rash that responds to nothing. Now three months into the formula only thing I wish I was still nursing. It looks like we have a food allergy but I can't figure out to what. The diaper rash will go away once in a while and then the next day her butt is practically bleeding and it takes forever to heal. She has been pulled off all table foods and she was eating like a champ before. My advice is to contact the LaLechee League to get advice about how to produce more breast milk. (I hated pumping) They can help increase the amount of milk you produce. Rent a good pump if you decide you need one. Personally I would fight hard to increase your milk flow and keep the baby off all formula until things settle down. Also avoid any and all suspected allergens in your diet while nursing. I know it is really hard but good luck. Another thought is to go to an Herbalist /Kinesiologist (sp?) and see if they can help. We were really happy with the relief from colic using herbs. Some are great for babies in that they cannot OD on the product. Other herbs you need to be careful with. The Kinesiologist will test the baby (non-invasive and immedite results) with each herb.
  11. Dish Detergents

    My hands are all broken out right now too. I get skin splits and bleeding. It hurts. I would love to know what the clupret is! I use JOY soap. Normally the soap is fine and it is not a new bottle, so I am sure something else is killing my hands. Try Crazy Glue for skin splits and Vasaline petroleum jelly or Olive Oil for the scaly hands. My hands are all broken out right now too. I get skin splits and bleeding. It hurts. I would love to know what the clupret is! I use JOY soap. Normally the soap is fine and it is not a new bottle, so I am sure something else is killing my hands. Try Crazy Glue for skin splits and Vasaline petroleum jelly or Olive Oil for the scaly hands.
  12. What are the "common or typical" signs of Celiacs in an infant?? The baby is eating all the glutens and seems fine overall. She is active and crawling. At the most recent pediatric appt her length and weight dropped in percentages (40% L and 20% W) from just 3 months prior. Dr says it is fine. Baby is doing fine. I know about what celiac disease did to me, but what does it do to babies? What makes parents and DRs suspect celiac disease in a baby?
  13. Non-celiac Spouses Please Advise

    Thank you for all the replies! Gypsyfey - what is your short description that you use in restaurants? I know that is one of his complaints - I tell them I am allergic to wheat , rye, barley, and oats and request no bread, no seasoning, etc. I still have problems when the food arrives. Any thoughts?
  14. Someone please explain this to me. My spouse and I have a regular heated debate about using cast iron pans and non-stick pans and why EXACTLY I cannot use them. It is to the point that I no longer buy bacon (it HAS to be cooked on a cast iron pan . . . blah blah blah) Next is what happens at a restaurant. I have to specify my food requirements with the server and my spouse makes comments and faces that make me feel like crap. If I call him on it on the spot it gets thrown back in my face. Its like my food requirements cause him embarrassment. If the food comes out wrongs he tries very hard to help the server get it right, or get something that I can eat. But, I have heard him explaining celiac disease to other people in a very positive way, and explianing that I have it and what being gluten-free has done for me etc. all very positive. I don't go crazy keeping a gluten-free house, but all meals except pasta and panckaes are gluten-free. Plenty of non-gluten-free snacks in the house. So how does it make you feel to have your spouse get very sick, go through tons of doctors, surgeries, etc only to find it is celiacs? How does it effect your life?? Does it bother you to have to live with a celiac?? Someone please enlighten me as to what is going on
  15. Well according to my gastro, pre-celiac diagnosis, since my villi were flat and I was suffering from malnutition, he was suprised that I had not gotten pregnant while on the pill. Take it for what it is worth, but it made sense to me. Pre-gluten-free diet I wasn't absorbing anything very well so I would think the medicine would also not be absorbed very well. While on the gluten-free diet, without accidents, the pill should be perfectly safe.