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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, I am sorry you are still suffering. I have followed the diet without fail for just about a year and I am in COMPLETE recovery. My blood results have shown that I am no longer damaging tissue, all vitamin D, calcium levels are back to normal, and I am no longer suffering the neurological and joint issues that I was suffering. When I got this news from my dr I was so happy, it is such a hard diet to follow, and to know it was working was wonderful. I hope this gives you some hope and that you are on the road to recovery.
  2. Central New Jersey Dr. Armen Simonian 416 Bellevue Ave Mercer Gastroenterology Trenton, NJ 08618 Highly recommended!
  3. Age Of Diagnosis?

    I was 33 when I was diagnosed. I had severe weight loss and neurological issues, all of which resoled themselves since on the gluten-free life.
  4. I was gluten free for 2 months. My Gi dr wanted me to do a gluten challenge for my endoscopy. I ate gluten for 6 weeks, and then all of the blood work and the biopsy taken. All blood work was positive and my biopsy was positive, as well.
  5. Coffee

    hi, I did not get a new coffee maker. I did get a new grinder. You can put the coffee pot in the dishwasher to make sure it gets a good cleaning. Dunkin' Donuts french vanilla coffee is gluten free (sold at BJ's, too). I only make it at home. Starbucks coffees are usually gluten free. Wegman's store brand offer several flavored varieties that are gluten free. Jaime
  6. Hello Again...

    Vitamin D and Calcium mal-absorption were my only main symptoms before I was diagnosed. I never had stomach issues, just heartburn for the last few years. I was having joint and neurological issues, getting tested for MS and ALS, and a friend mentioned a cousin of her's that had celiac and had MS symptoms. I told my doctor, he thought I was crazy, but ran bloodwork anyway.... my calcium and vitamin D were scary low, and my celiac panel came positive. I then had the biopsy, and that came out positive, as well. My doctor apologized! It has taken me a year of gluten free, and vitamin/calcium supplementation to get my levels up to almost normal. Good luck with everything!
  7. Wow, that must be hard to do this diet in college. I am trying to think back to my college days and what I would like to eat. Some of the easy things that I eat (well, used to but my metabolism is not 20 anymore:)) that you may like: baked potato with cheese melted on it, sour cream, too! utz corn chips with the frito lay cheese dip hebrew national hotdogs with annie's rice pasta mac and cheese wendy's potato, chick fil a french fries canned chicken to make a quick chicken salad (hormel) hormel chili on a potato perdue short cuts on a salad with any gluten-free dressing egg salad made with hellman's eggbeaters/cheese/hormel ham omelet luigi's water ice orville red. microwave popcorn yoplait yougurts Hope this helps!
  8. Vodka

    try Chopin. It was recommended to me since it is a potato vodka with no chance of contamination.
  9. hi, i just called sephora and the rep. assured me that the buxom lips, color dolly, did NOT contain gluten. all colors are formulated differently, all have their own ingredient list. She said is did not have barley of any sort in it. just an FYI in case anyone was interested. hope this helps!
  10. Omg Fries

    Chick Fil A fries are safe - just make sure you ask the manager to verify that only the fries were cooked in the oil. I asked at the Chick Fil A that I go to and the are safe.... the manager and owner made me feel very confident that nothing else touches the oil.
  11. I had a consult with a wonderful Doctor yesterday, after having had a horrendous experience over the past year and a half. I wanted to share his info in case anyone else is in need. He is located in Trenton, NJ, right next to Capital Health System Medical Center. He sat with me for over an hour, reviewing my file detail by detail, had empathy with what I have been through in order to get my diagnosis, the mulitple endoscopies, the forced gluten challenge, and was compassionate and encouraging, noting with the effort that I have been putting forth to heal my small intestines. He recognized how difficult the start of the Celiac life it, which made me feel so good. He really seems like he knows a lot about our disease and genuinely appreciated having a new patient! Dr. Armen J. Simonian, MD, He is with Mercer Gastroenterology
  12. The hosting your own BBQ is a good idea! Maybe next year we will give that a shot. I have to say, Saturday's BBQ was not so fun, it was at my husband's friends' house and I was not very comfortable, but then by yesterday's BBQ, I decided to take charge. Yesterday I brought Bob's brownies (with the home-ade fudge icing) and a gluten-free humus with Utz tortilla chips. It was great. I asked my friend to put some salad on the side for me, brought my own dressing, checked the meat and cheese package, all gluten free, it was a brand new grill, first time used, so I knew it was safe, and I really enjoyed myself! My mom is hosting today and she is so thoughtful, the whole menu is gluten-free, it makes it so nice. The potato salad recipe sounds great - I will have to try that too. For everyone else out there who had the same feeling, thanks for responding. I hope you made it through! Richard, I am not sure what was on the ribs, but they were already on the grill with the soy sauce covered chicken skeweres when we got there. Thanks again, I guess that this will def. get easier as I figure out how to navigate through these things!
  13. Well, this is my first Spring, and BBQ holiday with this disease, Happy Memorial Day weekend. I never even thought it would be hard, but it is! We had a BBQ to go to yesterday and I brought my own food and kept it in the car, in the hopes that I could eat something there...but I am slowly realizing it is almost impossible. The host did ask my husband why I was not eating anything, I guess he was offended by my declining all of his MOUTHWATERING concoctions.... homemade ribs, veggie/chicken skewers marinated in soy and garlic, homemade macaroni salad.... oh it was tough! We have another one today and 2 tomorrow.... how am I going to make it? Oh, but I know I will. I know... I know... it really is not a big deal in the scheme of things, there are so many more tragic health afflictions, but it is really hard sometimes. I am usually a very optimistic person, so I am trying to put this celiac journey into the right place, and talk myself into the fact that it really is only food, really it is only food, really it is only food.... can you tell I am really trying here?!? My 3 year old yells across the party, Mommy, aren't you hungry, why aren't you eating like we are all.... oh to be 3 again. Thanks for listening, I am sure by Tuesday, I will be over this and ready to get back to my normal life of trying new recipes and enjoying my day to day medical recovery and new found well-being.
  14. Hi there, I am sorry you are going through this... it is tough! I was diagnosed by my PCP in December 2007 based on positive celiac blood panel, low blood vitamin levels, and slight scalloping noticed during endoscopy a year prior. I went gluten free for 2.5 months, and PCP referred me back to GI Dr for follow up - he told me tTg was not run, and he felt that a true positive biopsy result was needed, so he requested that I eat gluten or "gluten challenge" for 4 weeks, re-do all bloodwork, and have the endo for the biopsy.... I really questioned this, as I had been gluten-free for 2.5 months, but I felt like it was important for me to have the best results possible, I have a 3 year old and 1 year old and the results would be invaluable for their future. So, I did eat gluten (a lot of it) for 5 weeks, felt really sick, nausea, belly pain, hand cramps, some vomiting, but I made it through, and all of the tests were 100% positive, the blood panels, the endo results showed severe scalloping, mosaic patterns, etc, a lot of damage. I have been back to the gluten-free diet for over a week, felt almost immediately better and I am really happy I know for sure. My son's IgA came out high, so we are having he and my daughter eat a ton of gluten for 4 weeks, and we have to do the bloodwork, and if that comes out high, the biopsy... it is so tough, but they are so young, I feel like I really need to know what is going on. My son, almost 2, has severe reflux, as well, so I hope this gives us answers. I hope this helps... good luck with your decision! I know when I posted a question about it I got so many conflicting opinions, but it is really your decision in the end. Jaime
  15. Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. This is all so new to me and I really have a hard tim trying to figure out the dr's intentions. My PCP told me "I have 110% confidence" that you have Celiac", yet I didn't know if he really know alot about it. Then, to go to the GI dr, who seemed to really be able to talk about it, questions the diagnosis. it had me thoroughly confused. I was kind of disturned though, b/c the GI dr really dismissed the neuro symptoms I was having. Every site I go to states the neuro symptoms in the celiac site and he was so quick to say that it was NOT indicative.... annoying to say the least. I guess I really need to find a new dr who is more in sync with my issues and my illness. I am so tired of doctors at this point! Between 2 little kids, the doctors and the dentist (my new BFF), it is so overwhelming. Is the ttg really an important diagnostic test?