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  1. You need to do alot of research into that product before you try it. I actually bought it from Amazon, then after doing some research into it, I found that it carries a strain of bacteria that is actually quite harmful to you (something about the strain being the same as the one that plagues hospitals and cannot be treated- causing patients major issues with infection and sometime death). I asked my naturopath about it and he said to stay clear of it. I too was hooked by the great testimonials online, but you need to realize that this product is manufactured in Japan and is not regulated by the FDA. Also, this product is sold as a secondary market (many websites are trying to sell the product and make major profits) so the testimonials are to be read with a little caution. Here is just one link I was able to easily find about that strain... http://www.healthyawareness.com/Archived/T...flora-01337.htm Good luck to you! Gina
  2. OK- Finally something I know about!! I am a certified ophthalmic technician and I deal with Blepharitis all day long! Blepharitis is essentially when someone's glands lining the edges of your eyelids secrete excess oils than say a "normal" person. When this happens you can get a "gunky" build-up along the ledges of your eyelids which can accumulate into a chalazion or stye. You will also get a kind of crusting along your lids which is sometimes visible. What can come of this is a foreign body sensation, redness & puffiness around the eyes. The best way to take care of this and prevent a build-up is to take a warm wet washcloth and soak your eyes a couple times a day (am & pm). This essentially loosens up the gunk around the eyes. Then you want to take a non-sterile gauze or a baby washcloth (something with texture) and rub gently across the ledges of your upper and lower eyelids. This condition is chronic and something you will deal with on and off your entire life. It makes a huge difference to continue with the hygiene routine I mentioned regularly. IF you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Also, this condition is not related to celiac or gluten intolerance. Gina
  3. OMG!!! I live about 10 minutes from there and never knew they had a gluten free menu. I ate there when it was Gracie's Cafe and I was still a glutenivore , and wasn't too impressed with their food. But that was several years ago and maybe since the name changed, so did the food. I am definitely going to head there as soon as i can to peruse that several page gluten-free menu!! Thanks so much for the post! Gina
  4. Hi Sherry, I have been gluten free since 5/08-- I have been on the SCD for three weeks now. Initially before going gluten-free- I was taking Triphala supplements to help me become regular- I started going gluten-free and then 3 months later stopped the Triphala because the company I was using did not have a contact # and never responded to my emails to inquire about allergens (most importantly- gluten). After stopping I remained regular but was throughly enjoying myself on the gluten free sweets out there. I have very bad dishydrotic eczema and it comes and goes in severity (only steroid creams help). I decided that with all the weight I was putting on and the allergic reactions I was having (itching, hives, heart palps etc..) that I needed to tweak my diet once again and then was born the SCD diet for me after reading the threads on this wonderful website. I am definitely struggling right now (major chocolate cravings and constipation has decided to pay another visit). But I am determined to give this diet a good try. Everyone's insight and experiences into this diet and lifestyle help me tremendously, as does yours. Keep the info coming. Have a great day (night ) Gina
  5. Rachel, That is very interesting about the chocolate. I crave chocolate like there is no tomorrow (this coming from a girl who hated the stuff until I lost 90 lbs 3 yrs ago and then couldn't get enough) I have battled constipation my whole life. I always thought it was "normaL' for me to go a couple times a week. I didn't know about magnesium in chocolate. That may explain my cravings. I was very regular going a few times a day until I started the SCD diet and chocolate is not allowed/legal I know that you need to take magnesium with calcium for absorption. Perhaps you needed to add calcium to your magnesium supplement. That also may be why the chocolate helps you, especially if you eat milk chocolate- it contains some calcium I would think. It's funny that I have the same issues with caffieine as you. I cannot drink anything with caffeine- I get shaky and heart palps too. But I have no reaction to the caffeine in chocolate. I miss chocolate! Gina
  6. Hey mftnchn, I went right into the full diet, since "D" is not an issue for me I didn't have to worry about easing into the diet, I went straight into it. It wasn't too hard to make the transition from gluten-free diet to scd diet with the exception of giving up the sweets -- having a tough time right now with sugar withdrawl. Gina
  7. Unfortunately, I can completely relate to this! Before I went gluten-free 5 months ago, I was so desperate to go more often (once went 6 days without a BM)- I read a book by Dr. Andrew Weil and he suggested a natural herb Triphala (made from 3 different fruits found in india). Well, it definitely did the trick for me. I stopped it a couple of months ago to see where I was at and still remained regular (not sure if it is because I had been gluten-free for 3 months by then). I have been on the SCD diet now for a couple of weeks and the constipation has come back, but no so bad. I am hoping once I continue on this diet a little longer it will become regular again. Constipation is the worst!! I feel your pain (pun intended)
  8. Hello All, My son is on the autism spectrum ( he has PDD) and we first noticed problems with him when he didn't speak at the age of 2. We sought early intervention and taught him sign language (which made a HUGE improvement for him- less tantrums because he was able to communicate his needs to us). When my private speech therapist and the early intervention speech therapist both independently mentioned this chiropractor to me who does alot of research with autistic children, I was right on board. My son was seen by psychologists, neurolgists, you name it and no one knew what was wrong with him because he is not a clear cut autistic child. He is extremely affectionate and makes great eye contact and many other attributes that are not associated with autism. When I went to see this Dr I will never forget what happened. She came into the waiting room and called my son's name and went down on her haunches and held her hand out to him. My son ran to her and put his hand in her and she stroked his back and looked up at us and said "I know what is wrong with your son". You can't begin to imagine how that felt to finally hear those words! Basically, she told us that children on the spectrum have trouble digesting proteins and that the brain requires proteins in order to function properly. Your body cannot produce these proteins, you need to ingest them. We sent out a stool test to confirm this and sure enough his test came back a "5" when normal was >54!! She first put him on a papaya enzyme and within 2 weeks he spoke his first word and since then he has been playing major catch-up. She has since put him on a stronger enzyme and he doesn't take the full dosage like he should (we put it in his sippy cup and sometimes he doesn't finish it all). Yes, he still has issues and he is yet to potty train (he's 5 1/2) but I shudder to think where he would be today without taking those enzymes. I have done alot of research and would never give him anything that could hurt him and as a parent of a very special child, I can tell you that ezymes and "non conventional" methods definitely work. Now, I have just found out that I carry a celiac and gluten sensitive gene and my husband is about to get tested as well (his brother has crohn's disease- gut problems run in his family) All this to say that I do believe that someday a connection will be found with gluten/casein and autism. We are about to make our 2nd attempt and gluten-free/cf with him. It is very tough when, as you stated, his whole limited diet revolves around gluten. I wish you the best of luck with your nephew. It warms my heart when I hear people who care so much for a child that they look into every possible place for an answer. If there is every any questions I can help you with, please contact me- I would be happy to. Gina
  9. Hey, Thanks all for the reply! That thread is just too intimidating and sometimes off subject. I have the book "Breakign the viscious cycle" and found it very interesting. And as previously mentioned in ohter threads- I have read "Danergous Grains"-- I foudn those books profound. The only trouble is that I crave everything I shouldn't have. But, with the exception of the yogurt (haven't gotten to it yet)- I am on the SCD full throttle and I amd very happy. My weight is starting to stabilize and I feel much better! Sophie Jay, I wish you the best of luck with this diet. I know that it is hard to stick with, but I feel it is deifnitely worth it. I am one of those people who did well with the gluten-free diet, but now I am doing exceptionally well with the SCD diet. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to. Gina
  10. Hello Sophie Jay, I also just started the SCD Diet- I have been on it for two weeks now and I feel MUCH better! I too have tried to ask some specific questions about foods and some other suggestions on a separate thread and I got the same answer... I was deferred to the HUGE SCD thread. I tried to read through it, but quite frankly I don't have the time to read through 30+ pages of posts to get the answers to "which bacon brand is scd legaL" etc... I would be happy to try to answer your questions (if I can) and be there for support purposes as well. I know that everyones situation is different, so not everybody responds well to the diet as others, but I can tell you that I definitely am having a postiive response. (although I do crave my gluten-free sweets!) Take care! Gina
  11. Hello to all! First let me start off by saying thank you to all of you that have replied to my posts- through your support and information I feel that I am making good choices in regards to my health and that I am not alone or crazy I have decided to try the specific carbohydrate diet since even though I am gluten free- I am still showing some symptoms and know that alot of it is related to sugar(refined) and some grains (can't pinpoint grains though- reaction to rice chex & brown rice, but can eat brown rice pasta- who knows??) Anyhow, I am starting the diet next week and have purchased the book "breaking the viscious cycle". But I am having trouble planning my menus- I have to cook everything ahead of time on Sunday because I have a long communte and work long days and do not want to cook when I arrive home. I need some tips and ideas for foods. I now realize I cannot have the Pacific Naturals Chicken broth since it contains cane juice- but I think I can have the vegetable broth (I don't have time to make it myself). For breakfast especially I am having great difficulty. I just found out that I am allergic to eggs (was eating them every day!) and i substituted it with Quinoa- now I cannot have that either. Also, enterolab shows a sensitivity to milk (blood tests do not ) and soy is out of the question. It is also questionable if I can eat nuts- possible past reaction- all blood tests now negative?? I noticed by all the threads that people on the SCD are very happy and feel more improvement that just with a gluten-free/cf diet.] Any tips would be greatly appreciated since I cannot get ym husband to help me figure out the meals. MOST IMPORTANT: I eat bacon every morning and I realize that the applegate sunday bacon I use is not SCD due to evaporated cane juice being added- does anyone know of a "legal" bacon?? Thanks so much! Gina
  12. Thank you all so much for your input. wel... I had teh blood test that tt\he NP wanted me to have done last friday and went for the small bowel xray yesterday. i have an appt with her again on 10/18... we'll see what she says. I know that she is going to push hard for me to have the endoscopy and I will not do it. The radiologist yesterday stated that I definitely did not have crohn's disease (the NP thought I might- I never thought I did since I have no symptoms associated with crohn's). Since that has been ruled out, I will not do the endoscopy because I know that it will come back either negative or inconclusive since I have been off gluten since mid-may. Thank you all so much for all your support. It is tough to keep to this diet (going to my mom's tonight and she is making a big pot of sauce with homemade pasta and I can't have any! ). So sometimes I feel like I need that "official " diagnosis to keep me going. But like CMCM just stated, most of the doctors out there are poorly educated on celiac and especially gluten intolerance. I think I will stick with it and continue my own research. This site is wonderful!
  13. Hi, Thank you for your response.. I called the country club and spoke with the head caterer who spoke with the chef who insisted that the meal I had was gluten free and could in no way become cc. Who knows why it happened to me. I am still convinced there was something in there the chef wasn't aware of that had gluten in it. He stated that the au jus was just drippings from the meat without any thickeners added. Who knows? But to answer your questions, yes I do feel better (I have to keep reminding myself that). Where before I was chronically constipated, I am now more regular. The heart palpitations stopped (who would have thought it could be related??) as well as a few other digestive issues I used to face and just accept as "normal". Thank you so much for your replies. Gina
  14. Hello all! I am more and more confused. I went to see an "NP" on Saturday at a digestive center that specializes in celiac disease (her children both have it). I gave her my enterolab results and she pretty much dismissed it and said it was of no value. She did say that I have a gene for celiac and crohns (??). She wants to test me to rule out these conditions. She wants to do a small intestinal x-ray and endoscopy and then the capsular endocopy (capsule w/ camera). She states that she cannot do the capsular until the endoscopy is done first due to insurance compnay guidelines and she wants to also take 6 biopsies. Since I have been gluten free for 4 months now, it makes diagnosis very hard. I don't want to go back on gluten and I am terrified of doing the endoscopy. I don't know what to do! I would hate to put myself through the endoscope for it only to come back clean or inconclusive (do to being off gluten x4 months) and then I will still second-guess whether I have an issue. I doubt that I have crohns disease.. it does not run in my family and my symptoms are the opposite of crohns (I have(had- better since gluten-free) chronic constipation and trouble with maintaining my weight I gain weight too easily. So I am trying to figure out if it is worth the stress to do the endoscopy. perhaps I could just do the small xray and blood work (but I know that the NP will not be happy if I decline the endoscopy- she was really pushing for it). All I know is that I went to a wedding this past weekend and I asked the chef personally if there was any wheat or gluten in the prime rib meal I was to have. He stated that there was not. All I ate was the greenbeans and carrots (very small portion) and a tiny bit of the prime rib w/ au jus and a 1/2 forkful of the mashed potatoes and almost immediately I felt my tummy bubbling and then came the stomach pains, slight nausea and bloating with gas... I guess I was glutened?? Should this be enough to tell me to stay off the gluten for good? I appreciate you reading through this topic and any comments (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Gina