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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've been avoiding major gluten for years, basically know wheat or processed foods, though I did eat oats and some barley. This was a weight loss choice, not gluten allergy related. Now I found out I'm celiac (95% sure), and need to avoid all gluten, trying for about 4 months perfect compliance. Thing is, I eat out very often, I've started telling the waiters I'm allergic to gluten and cannot have any wheat in my dish. But, how strict do I need to live? Can crumbs really effect me? Like yesterday we got served raw veggies in a bowl with pretzels next to them. I ate the carrots, but leaning next to the pretzels, is that too much contact for celiacs? My biggest problem is I can't tell if I've been 'glutened'. I have been living with mild symptoms (rashes, bloating, gas, cramps, headaches, muscle aches, tired, etc) that I always attributed to other things and never noticed the food connection. So since my symptoms are varied and mild, I can never tell if it is directly gluten related. Also, I haven't eaten bread or cake or something obviously gluten in years to know. Also, where is the best lists to look for foods with possible contamination? I know the obvious gluten containing foods, but saw someone mention tea . . .never thought that was possible. So, best lists out there?
  2. Hi all, So glad to have found these boards, I'm sure it will be a huge help to me in the coming time as I learn more about keeping to a celiac diet. My story as abbreviated as I can make it: '04 Weird persistant rash that took forever to go away, head to toe. '05 -stopped eating wheat for weight control reasons (on super strict limited diet), still ate oats, barley and other guten sources '06-'08 - developed mild symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis. spent about two years never getting a straight diagnosis because my symptoms didn't match up to any standards, did colonoscopy '06, was put on every drug imaginable, none worked. '08- I hear about Celiac and wonder if that is my issue, see a new Gastro (recommended by celiac association), and he thinks i have IBS and puts me on a two week dose of a drug to kill bug possibly causing my issues. He does celiac blood test and warns me it will come back negative no matter what since I've been sans gluten for 3+ years. He says he needs to do it to authorize the further celiac testing. 12/08 - still severe, gassy stomach cramps and issues, so make drastic diet overhaul, eating more variety, healthy fats, nuts etc, but also more gluten (ezekiel bread, oats). Stop BCP's. The new diet or possibly the IBS drug works, no more blood symptoms, less stomach issues, celiac test negative as expected, but we don't test further due to assuming celiac isn't an issue. 5/09 Diagnosed with PCOS, no menstrual cycles, weight gain, bloating, tired, etc. My new amazing GYN doc thinks there is a chance I'm celiac and causing some things she sees in my blood reports. 5/09 - Did LABCORP gene test. Positive for DQ2. Find our my Aunt might have been diagnosed Celiac years ago. Over the years I
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a good bread machine recipe. I cannot eat gums (xanthan, cellulose, etc) and also vinegar. I just want a nice easy basic recipe with gluten-free flours and eggs, oil, whatever is needed. does such a thing exist? I don't mind it a bit crumbly!
  4. Thanks all! So I'm gathering my data, I should ask her to gene test for: Alpha & Beta Celiac Genes, Haplotype test, anything else?
  5. For the gene testing, I have heard about Enterolabs, Labcorp, Kimball, Optimum Health Resource, and Prometheus. I'm going to have my GI order it most likely, but which lab is 'best'? Most accurate, etc? Bluecross users, has insurance covered any of these labs for you? Also, when I see my GI, what specifically should I tell her to test for? I'm off major gluten for years so no blood workf for me. Being off gluten won't effect the results of a gene test, correct?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm very happy to have found this forum, I can definitely use your knowledge and advice! I'm a 24 yr old gal, diagnosed with UC and suffering for about three years with mild symptoms, mostly really bad stomach cramps, gas, bloating, and discomfort. I do not eat much obvious gluten, no wheat, no breads, no convience foods. Now I'm not super strict, so I'm sure I'm ingesting trace gluten in other items. I wasn't intentionally avoiding gluten, I just don't eat bread for health reasons, preferring brown rice, quinoa, etc. I'm perplexing to doctors, too mild symptoms for my Colitis and no drugs, eating swaps, etc has fixed it. Now after hearing about Celiac and loooots of research, it sounds like it might be the culprit. I match up to a lot of the symptoms (I'm not underweight tho, I've always been normal, I have to work at staying thin). Not one doctor has even mentioned celiac to me. I'm about to start calling Mon and ask my general, naturopath, and gastro about it. My biggest question is the 'hot topic' here I see, if I've been not eating much gluten for the last few years, can any test actually tell me if that is what it is? Has any Celiac's tested positive to any type of test even tho they were avoiding gluten at the time? I'm going to ask about the blood test, gene test, and biopsy. Thanks!