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  1. Muscle Issues?

    These are classic symptoms of the initial onset of Lyme Disease. I had several similar symptoms early in the course of my illness. I thought I was going to die at the time. I went gluten free two years later but now that I have my real diagnosis, I can look back and clearly see how incredibly ill I was from this bacteria! Lyme patients cannot tolerate gluten, amomg many other foods. Pain, Neurological problems, insomnia, and fatigue are the most common symptoms. The conventiona Lyme tests are highly inaccurate, which is why thousands of people are walking around suffering with undiagnosed Lyme. I changed my entire lifestyle (foods, supplements, avoiding chemicals) to accomodate Lyme, without knowing I had it all along. It will not go away without proper treatment and left untreated for many years can result in neurological diseases such as ALS, MS, Parkinson's, etc. The best test to ask a Lyme literate doc to order is the Igenex Lyme panel.
  2. You are welcome BigDog, I can definitely relate to your experience as I was tortured for three years with severe myoclonus anytime I tried to sleep, day or night. I had body aches, blurred vision, hyperactivity, weight loss, worsening GI problems, heart palpitations, insomnia and the list goes on! I have lost weight due to being on the low salicylate diet but my myoclonus has almost disappeared (unless I ingest foods containing moderate to high levels of salicylates or am exposed to airborne chemicals containing sals such as colognes or fragranced products). Sulfites (in foods and cosmetics also cause the same reactions (and now cause me to cough and my throat will get hoarse/lose my voice when exposed. It floors me to see that physicians are not aware of salicylate intolerance in foods. In all likelihood, my problem is due to a sulfite oxidase enzyme deficiency. This causes an inability of my liver to be able to breakdown or metabolize foods and chemicals containing sals and sulfites properly. Here is some more info below but you can google salicylate sensitivity to find even more...I also have problems with aspartame, MSG, and preservatives (benzoates in anything such as suntan lotion, shampoo, body lotion, OTC medications or prescriptions, or soda cause me to have severe severe myoclonus). http://diet.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Ginger_Yazak_on_Salicylate_Sensitivity http://www.ocfp.on.ca/local/files/EHC/3rd%20Annual%20EH%20Day-2006/Food%20Intolerance%20presentation%20by%20Dr%20Riina%20Bray-E102.pdf Hope this helps you, Sylvia Ann
  3. I have been in Savannah since last Sept and will be returning to Florida in a few days....I became extremely ill and almost ended up in the hospital after stopping my GI meds (which contained salicylates). I was on steriods for 2.5 months and recently weaned off of them. I saw an allergist in Savannah who treated my sister, nephew and mother for various allergy problems. I advised him of my three year ,"14 doctor" myoclonus from hell reactions. I also informed him of my diary and shared the long list of foods, GI meds, and cosmetics that appeared to be causing my myoclonus, agitation, GI problems, blurry vision, etc. He concurred with me that I indeed have a major intolerance to salicylates. I had a RAST blood test for wheat, milk, dogs, cats, soy and the results wre negative. I have been on a low salicyalte diet since late Sept and my myoclonus has greatly improved (I am sleeping much better!!). However, I still react to Benzoates (a member of the salicylate family) which are in almost every cosmetic item, cold meds, ginger ale, etc.) and sulphites (which are in everything!-yikes!). My allergist ids going to patch test me for these items (preservatives) in Feb. The patch tests will measure delayed reactions..which is what I have been having. I have seen additional reactions during the past few months (face flushing from eating a peeled yellow delicious apple yesterday and I cannot inhale cosmetic or medications containing sals or sulpites...really bothers my throat and creates a horrible taste in my mouth). I have a new GI doctor in Savnnah and he ordered a compounded liquid treatment NOT taken orally (actually a very small dose of steriods) for my ulcerative colitis and it seems to be working. I will also start taking Low Dose Naltrexone to hopefully maintain remission. I had a special blood lab last September that is supposed to be 92% specific to determine if a patient has IBD. Guess what..my test results revealed that My pattern was not consistent with IBD!!!. Salicylate intolerance is extremely difficult to diagnose and the only way to determine it is to keep a detailed diary (food, meds, events-exposures) and correlate the delayed reactions to what you have eaten. Maifestation sof salicyakte intolerance include colitis, asthma (my sister and her son), "D", uticartia/hives. Myoclonus is not specifically mentioned but I know that salicyakte toxicity can cause myoclonus and I found an article about a two year old boy who had myoclonus and it turn ed out that he had a severe salicylate intolerance (fruits). How have you been doing?
  4. I Need Help

    I am so sorry you are going through this. It is so frustrating and emotionally painful when family members and your employer have no understanding or empathy for this condition/illness. I wonder if the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America has any advocate programs? If you are really concerned about your job, you could consult with a good employment attorney, who could possibly represent your case. Hang in there and fight back..or get an advocate who can represent you so you don't have to deal with all this on your own! Hope you feel better soon! Sylvia Ann
  5. Why Did I Have A Reaction

    Most mainstream tuna companies process tuna products with soy. You could be intolerant to soy. Tuna is also high in glutamic acid and some people react to this. Sylvia Ann
  6. Hi Korwyn, I will definitely chek out the gaps diet but now I have discovered yet Another possible trigger for my myoclonus...foods and cosmetics that contain salicyalates. I have been taking two medications for my chronic GI problem for 12 years and they both contain salicylates. I had been suspicious that I was suffering an adverse reaction (or hypersensitivity) for almost a year. I started conducting more research, reviewed my diary again and had another "Wow" moment". I have a serious problem now as my food, GI meds and cosmetic options are now extremely limited. I was reacting when I ate these foods (which are all high in salicylates: grapes, apples, strawberries, blueberries, melon, a few spices (but almost all spices contain very high levels). Mushrooms, Tomato sauces (and many sauces), many nuts, honey and toothpaste are also high in salicylates. I am also fairly certain that my coppertone sunblock aggravated my myoclonus. Many vegetables are also very high in Salicylates including sweet potatoes and broccoli. I am having a consultation with my specialist in Atlanta today as I am greatly concerned. I would like to pursue IGg4 delayed Food Intolernace testing asap so I can really know what is going on. I would like to know if this is happening due to leaky gut or what? I am so hungry and losing more weight (don't need to) because I am only eating small amounts of chicken, fish(only certain types), green beans, pears, eggs, organic bacon, iceberg lettuce with salt, water and cranberry juice. Apparently many people have cross- food group sensitivites (i.e. if you have problems with sulfites-you may have problems with salicylates). here are a few links: http://www.feingold.org/pg-aiden.html http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlere...i?artid=2695393 http://www.salicylatesensitivity.com/salic...e-free-products Talk to you soon, Sylvia Ann
  7. So you are able to use pure extra virgin coconut oil on your skin with no reaction? My track record has not been good with skin absorption reactions so I don't think I am brave enough to risk it. After three years of myoclonic jerks, twitching and sleep deprivation, I am "over" being a risk taker!! Sylvia Ann
  8. I am always hearing about Dr. Bronner's products but I have yet to try them. Are they all gluten-free and salicylate free? BTW, I am seriously wondering if I have a problem with coconut. I reacted severely to a gluten-free lip Balm called Sanre "Choclate Kiss" (my lips got extremely chapped and irritated). It contains coconut oil and cocoa. I recenty tried Badger Balm's unscented lip balm and I also had a reaction after using it for several days. It contains Castor oil.... both of these ingredients are salicylates! Of course..I recently ordered/received three jars of extra virgin coconut oil and now I am afraid to cook with it or rub on my skin! Do you know of anyone with a sensitivity to salicylates who was able to eventually go back to eating "normally"-i.e. gluten free but could eat foods high in salicylates? Does Leaky Gut cause this? Sylvia Ann
  9. Unfortunately, I cannot use Giovanni products. I had a severe skin reaction (eyelids) after using their shampoo and conditioner last year. It took me a few weeks to realize it was the Hydrolgzed (spelling error) Soy protein that made my eye lids red, irritated and dry. My eyes also burned and were extremely irritated from these products. I learned that I cannot use any products that use the word "hydrolgized" (wrong spelling) or I will have a reaction. Sylvia Ann
  10. I have three jars of the extra virgin coconut oil but I recentlly read that coconut is high in salicylates. Wouldn't coconut oil be off limits? Sylvia Ann
  11. Thank you Patti I will be looking at this website today! Do you purchase lipsticks and foundation from this company? Do you happen to know if Rachel 24 is still active on the forum. I was hoping to connect with her since I read she has the same problem with Salicylates. She would be a great resource for me on this topic. Thanks a million, Sylvia Ann
  12. I have been Gluten Free since last April and like many of us, have developed numerous additional sensitivities including MSG, Aspartame (artificial sweeteners), Soy, Dairy, and corn. My most recent sensitivity discovery is Salicylates so I feel as though I am "starting over"again (for the fourth time) with learning what products are safe for me to use. Has anyone had the exact sensitivities and if so, can you please recommend some quality cosmetic products that are free of the ingredients above + free of salicylates and chemicals including: -Face cream (I have dry skin) -eye cream -Body lotion -hand lotion -bath oil -Lipstick (I really need this) -Foundation (light coverage for dry skin) -Concealer -Pressed powder -blush or bronzer -toothpaste Thank you for your ideas and anyone who has encountered a similar experience. Warmest Regards, Sylvia Ann
  13. Hi Lisa, You are very welcome ....I have been suffering from myoclonus for almost three years and I keep learning something new every day (additional intolerances). I reacted to eating flounder last night that I cooked and was up for most of the night. I wonder if "Leaky Gut" is causing all of these reactions?? I have finally decided to pursue an extensive Delayed Food Sensitivity and chemical test (called an MRT test). I cannot afford to lose any more weight and am fed up with my limited diet, as well as reacting to so many foods and chemicals. BTW, do you know if the lancome lipstick (what is it called?) you use contain soy or corn? I would love to find a great lipstick!! I am looking at using a safe henna product made in California to color my hair...and it really needs coloring!! Sylvia Ann
  14. Liar, Liar?

    Ditto Peter!! I know many of us can relate to your feelings and I agree! We will have to start a "Preparing for the dreaded holidays with uneducated relatives" or "The most ignorant comments made by family members during the holidays regarding gluten"! Sylvia Ann