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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free Pasta

    hodgson mill all natural brown rice pasta penne with golden milled flax seed I like it for pasta with parmesan cheese it is very tasty and I don't find it to be mushy. I have tried a lot of them this one is my favorite so far. I did buy a less expensive one from my local grocery store under $2 for a bag of brown rice gluten free pasta. I have yet to try that one but I will. That is one of the crazy things about this diet it does send your grocery bill higher especially in the beginning when trying lots of new things. I asked my local grocery to bring in udis bread they did and they charge $4 something vs $6 + at some of the higher priced markets in my area. good luck
  2. Does This Sound Like Celiac?

    Well I had the cloudy urine with no uti too I also tested positive for blood in urine prior to being diagnosed the cloudy urine I have experienced before and after diagnosis. After being on gluten free diet 4 months or so ( NO CHEATING) I didn't even eat out anywhere during this time I was just trying to wrap my head around the label reading and the phone calls and email to manufacturers with yes or no gluten questions........ I was working out with a friend at the gym pretty regularly for a few weeks normally I drink lots of water at the gym this one night we went after work and I didn't drink as much I only had 1?2 bottle 10 oz or so that night I did notice cloudy urine. I woke @ 4:00 the morning after with bladder spasm and when I went to bathroom my urine was a rusty red color and my bladder continued to spasm I kept laying down and returning to bathroom feeling a strong urge to pee signs of uti.. went to ER and they diagnosed me with uti then mt urine test came back with blood no uti stop meds and off to uroligist had a bladder scope in the days to follow and everything was ok my bladder wasn't emptying all the way so he advised me to slow down when visiting the rest room to stand after peeing tilt forward and then sit back sown to try and finish emptying. I was also put on 2 cranberry pills a day and he wants to see me in a year prior to being diagnosed with celiac I was spilling proteins into my urine. This was detected at my routine physical ??????? anyone else have anything to add from there experience???? sorry for long winded response don't ignore your symptoms we are all very different some hospitals or clinics have a sliding fee for uninsured people don't let something that doesn't feel right go unchecked. Hope things work out well for you:0)
  3. Gluten External

    all our gloves are vinyl due to so mant people with latex allergies.
  4. Christmas Dinner Woes

    Wow hope you aren't offended but it seems like you have some real (JERKS) in your family. I can see asking to bring something that you can eat because they can't be sure of gluten in foods but to ask you not to come how terrible. my sister in-law has tweaked Thanksgiving dinner for me she isn't going to stuff the bird and she will use organic gluten-free broth as well to insure I can enjoy a meal she will leave the flour out of the topping on sweet potato casserole so I can have it. I am very sorry you have to put up with such ignorance how UNKIND!!!
  5. Gluten External

    Hello all I was just wondering everyone if I got the same information as others I asked my GI about gluten in cosmetics and shampoos (if I needed to avoid them) She said if i didn't have DH everything else was alright except lipsticks and glosses that may be ingested by default. I get dry patches on my hands sometimes but I am unsure the cause. I am a hairdresser and some of the styling products and shampoo/ conditioners are loaded with wheat proteins. I do wear gloves to shampoo when I know I'll be using one that contains wheat to limit my exposure. ????
  6. Been Away From Forum For A While

    oops I hit the red minus button (vote quote down) I thought I could just delted some of the thread so I wouldn't have to scroll down so far
  7. Been Away From Forum For A While

    Yes I have been scolded I have been having some intense GI symptoms the last few days. 2 days in a row I had the same dinner Day 1 I woke through out the night a lot then had several visits to bath room 5 am seemed to feel better not to much pain thru the rest of first day Day 2 I had same meal woke several times during night up again 5 am stabbing pains unable to use bath or go back to sleep. worked all day like that not fun. later that night able to get some relief but still sensitive and gas pains salad was my meal spring mix lettuce, cucumber,carrot,dried cranberrries, golden raisins, feta cheese, gluten-free havarti cheese, gluten-free turkey and hidden valley ranch also gluten free I found some new gluten free ready to use gravy at my local stop and shop
  8. Been Away From Forum For A While

    Wow sounds like you have been through it.... It is so awful to feel bad and then get the run around and feel bad for longer than needed. I have been trying to find out what was wrong with me since around age 27 and I am 40 early on I had lots of bacteria testing and blood work the doctors passed it off as stress. I feel like it is being noticed and tested for these days. I work in a salon and I hear so many people talk about being gluten free. It is amazing before my doctor told me that I might have celiac I had never heard of it before now labels are up all over the supermarket and it is talked about so often. perhaps a cure will be in our future or a medication to help keep us from doing damage best of luck to you :0)
  9. Been Away From Forum For A While

    I agree this is a great place and people are very kind and supportive. I was officially diagnosed in feb of this year. for the first few months I didn't eat out at all and I started to fell a little better. I felt the brain fog lift. It wasn't very responsible of me to have my fair day. but I did it and I learned that it didn't make me feel very good. I won't be doing it at the holidays I will bring my own stuffing and if I had to I could bring my own bird. luckily I don't have to. when i was first thought to have celiac my doc first did blood levels only one of my levels came back elevated... that was in 2007 I continued on eating normally. I still didn't feel well so I went for the endoscopy and colonoscopy and I was diagnosed with celiac sprue. I didn't have any little villi hairs left but my intestines appeared healthy and normal my gi doc said that the only things I needed to avoid were things containing gluten ie wheat barley rye and contaminated oats. your diet seems very restrictive do you have multiple diagnosis
  10. Been Away From Forum For A While

    Thank you I do try to avoid the gluten we have a no double dipping in the butter, peanut butter and other shared condiments in the house. My husband and son are very good about it. We try to have most meals at home and they are gluten free. I think we are on our way to only having udis bread in the house as well my husband likes it and he isn't crazy about some of the gluten free things he has tried. I see more and more options in the stores now that are gluten free it is just the going out portion I will have to go to places that I know are cautious and have a dedicated area for gluten free items. I just had a long conversation about Thanksgiving my sister in-law is very aware of hidden glutens
  11. Been Away From Forum For A While

    chicken chow mein is like chop suey stirfry like no noodles chicken n veg in garlic sauce (lo mein has noodles)
  12. Been Away From Forum For A While

    I don't eat chow mein noodles I have everything made free of wheat and gluten when I have had chinese food. I have been being very careful not to eat gluten laced things. I don't know what got in to me about the fair but I convinced myself that I was giving myself a day off. I am really pretty careful about what I eat. I mentioned the holidays but I wont eat anything that I shouldn't my sister in-law makes a great meal and she is careful about ingredient for me. I can have potatoes, turkey, squash, gravy and I might even ask her to make a gluten free stuffing for me. I really don't care about the pies either... I didn't want you to think I go off the diet deep end all the time it was 1 time and I felt poorly enough to no better in the future.
  13. Hello all, I am back checking in on the celiac forum. I was being good on the gluten free diet I had a couple of things by mistake later finding out I had ate something containing gluten. So after 8 mos being very cautious passing up cakes and all kinds of other delicious temptations the annual fair was in town and I decided that I was going to have a big cheat day. I can tell you that I had pizza, ice cream on a cone, and funnel cake. The ice cream and the funnel cake were great going down but I must tell you the pizza made me feel nauseated with each bite. I used to love pizza but before I was diagnosed celiac the last few years I was sensitive to pizza I went from in my early 20's being able to wipe out a large pizza with my husband to early 30's not even being able to finish one piece without feeling nauseated and not well in general. I had thought about cheating only on thanksgiving and christmas each year. BUT I think NOT! I had some chinese food that i order carefully to try an insure it will be gluten free. I stick with a fried rice that contains no ham or soy sauce. the last time I ate it i didn't feel the greatest that was a few weeks ago then I thought that I would give it another try as I really didn't really know if that was the cause of me feeling poorly. I had the rice and chicken chow mein for dinner wednesday night and I had the left over rice for lunch yesterday just a chief salad for dinner. Then I noticed I was waking a lot last night bloating and lost of gas. This morning I had some of the worst stabbing pains thru out my gi tract. I thought it was worse than labor pains. sorry to share but does anyone else have the problem of seeing undigested food after a bm. I have been having trouble losing weight and I just don't feel like I digest things very well at all?????? any
  14. Potato Chips

    I spoke to someone at cape cod chip chip company and all the new packaging should state they are all gluten free even the BBQ i so missed BBQ chips
  15. Severe Bloating

    you would be surprised my 6 yr old son has a good idea of the things that i am allowed to have. My husband goes on the hunt and brings my home gluten free things to try all the time. They are very understanding they make sure that they use their own butter. and we don't double dip in any containers when making sandwiches. It takes a little adjusting but it works. the hardest thing for me is all the prep that goes into making things. good luck