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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I fired off my own whitty email to them, I was just diagnosed with celiacs in feb so this info helps me tremendously and it really makes me mad to find out company;s do things like what snyders is doing
  2. I'll start off by saying Tyson should be boycotted and no one should eat their altered chickens. Tyson chickens are not a traditional chicken. There is so much growth hormone, steroids and antibiotics pumped into them that they are not good for anyone to eat. The normal chicken takes 70 days to mature for slaughter and Tyson chickens are ready for slaughter in 40 days while being 30% larger than normal chickens. If you want chicken I suggest you contact a local farmer, ask how they are raised and see about purchasing from a local farmer. Your body, farmer, community and concieous will thank you. I also suggest you watch the documentary Food Inc., it is carried in most movie stores. If you watch it you will be quite amazed and maybe learn something.
  3. 'dedicated' Fast Food Fryers

    I wouldn't eat at fast food just because remembering back to high school. We fried everything from whole cheese burgers to salt and pepper shakers (that didn't come out so well)
  4. I was diagnosed less than a month ago and I'm also having problems with some of the food. I am trying to find the against the grain baguettes because I used to be a major subway junky but most of my problem now is bread. I just ordered a sampler from ener-g, hopefully I'll find something. If anyone else knows of a good bread (something that resembles actual sandwich bread) please let me know
  5. Morbid Nightmares

    Thanks! I think I'll call my doctor and see if I can start by sitting down with her first and going from there
  6. Morbid Nightmares

    I'm new to this I just got scoped and found out I had celiacs about 3 weeks ago and I'm a type 1 diabetic. I have steadily been feeling better while trying to figure out the whole diet thing (coming from a person who was on a world class see food diet). In the last week or 2 insomnia has got really bad, I regularly experience the pounding heart beats and headaches, but in the last week Some very morbid dreams have been happening whenever I can get to sleep. The dreams generally wake me and then I can't get back to sleep leaving me even more tired than before. Every dream seems worse than the last and usually involve someone in my family. The thing that worries me the most is that every dream ends with me killing myself in some way or another. Some one please help this new celiac I'm tired and exhausted.