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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I no longer subscribe to the whole "dairy isn't good for us" theory. Two years as a vegan (and 15 as a vegetarian) nearly destroyed my mental and physical health. I now believed pasteurized dairy isn't good for us, but raw milk is perfectly healthy- as long as you don't have food issues like I do! I think I'll cut out the unfermented milk products, and see what happens. If I still don't feel better I will cut dairy out completely. I've decided recently to cut out most grains. I've noticed I feel sluggish after eating a high-starch/grain meal and better when I focus on high quality proteins, fats and produce. I'm planning on doing the GAPS diet in a few months anyway, in which case I'll be cutting nearly everything out! Thanks for all the support and tips!
  2. Okay. That makes me feel a bit better. I can go without milk, but it would be hard to give up ALL dairy products. I used to make almond milk and I love coconut milk so those are two good alternatives for me. I see what happens in a few days. Would you suggest, if I notice an improvement in a a few days, waiting a couple weeks then before doing a challenge?
  3. I did have a celiac panel done and it came back negative. I've been resistant to going dairy free because...well, because I love butter. I know I should. Would I have to cut out ALL dairy? Could I do yogurt and ghee? I wonder if it would help to just give up milk and see what happens. I have some friends that can eat cheese and other cultured dairy products but milk makes them constipated (which is my problem.) Giving up dairy seems so much harder than giving up wheat despite the fact that I was a vegan (still constipated though!) for years and didn't think twice about it during that time. After giving up dairy, how long should I wait before knowing if it was causing problems? Would I than challenge with wheat before adding dairy back in?
  4. I've been gluten free for about two months and was wondering if now would be a good time to do a challenge and how to go about doing one. I've been VERY careful with my diet. Making nearly everything from scratch except those items I know are gluten free. I've only eaten out at Chipotle and made them change gloves and be VERY careful. I've brought all my own food to friends houses and parties. I changed out my beauty care products after having a nasty reaction to my hairspray which unbeknown to me contained wheat protein. I can't really say I feel any different. I'm still constipated- though not as bad as before. I still get stomach aches- but now it is only when I eat grains and starches rather than all the time. I'm not sure if I'm still anemic and vitamin deficient. I haven't gotten retested for it. I was hoping, if I do have a problem with gluten, that if I challenged myself now, despite the fact that I still have digestive complaints, my experience will be definite. I've heard that if you have a problem with it and do a challenge you will know it. Should I first eat a non-wheat gluten containing grain like barley? If I don't have a problem with that go onto wheat. If I have a problem with wheat and not barley I'll know it's wheat and not gluten, right? Or should I just go crazy and have a piece of chocolate cake or pizza? Will I know right away if I have a serious problem with it or should I eat wheat for a few days (or more) before making that decision? Thanks for the advice.
  5. Okay, thanks. I'll check out some of those brands. I do try to stay away from sulfates and parabens. I wonder if I've been having skin problem lately because of the ingredients in my hair products and makeup. My scalp has been painfully sore with little bumps all over and I've been breaking out in weird pimply rashes on my face. I'll get rid of all my stuff and start over and see what happens.
  6. I may have spoke too soon. I just heard that vitamin E may be wheat derived. Is that true?
  7. I have OCD and have suffered from panic and anxiety attacks. That's what it sounds like to me. I agree with the previous poster. Sensitize yourself to going to the grocery store and buying a couple things. Keep doing that until you are able to do a whole trip and than bring a grandchild along. I've learned with my anxiety that you have to keep exposing yourself to those triggers. Little bit by little bit until you are able to handle it without having a panic attack.
  8. I've been gluten free for about a month or so now. I'm not a diagnosed celiac- just trying to figure out if I have a problem with it. I used some hairspray this morning that I haven't used in a few months and within twenty minutes my neck, collarbone and back of my neck all the way to the neckline of my shirt broke out with an angry red rash. There were a few bumps and it was mildly itchy but mainly it was just a bright red, flat rash. My husband checked the bottle and it did say it contained wheat protein (I didn't even think to check this morning. My shampoo, soap and conditioner are all gluten free.) It's been about twelve hours and most of it has faded. There are still a couple spots on one side of my neck where I sprayed the most to keep my bangs pushed back. I've tried to be careful with cross contamination and my diet. I've not noticed a huge difference with my digestive issues but I really don't think this can be psychosomatic since I didn't even know there was wheat in it and my husband noticed the rash before I had even looked in the mirror. I guess I am wondering if anyone has had anything like this happen and could it be the result of the wheat protein?
  9. I don't think it's shingles. My sister had them and this is nothing like that. It's more itchy than painful. Only my scalp hurts but there is no outbreak there so I'm not sure what this is. I hope it's just some weird passing fluke.
  10. It is quite itchy. The ones on my face look like acne but there are a few (on my chest and back of my neck) that don't. I have added tapioca starch to my diet but I've had it before and didn't react like this. I've not really increased anything else in my diet. I've only taken away. Unfortunately, I don't have insurance so I can't see a dermatologist. I hope it just goes away. I may try some tea tree oil. I don't know... I'm starting the GAPS diet in October which is, I think, a kind of elimination diet. I hope I don't have to deal with something like what you went through!
  11. I've gotten them regularly since I was five. All over my tongue, my cheeks, inside my lips and sometimes down my throat. Very painful. I would miss school because of it. I found that eliminating caffeine and artificial sweeteners reduced my outbreaks but I still get them fairly often- about once or twice a month. Right now my cheeks are a mess and I have a couple on the back of my tongue. My husband thinks I'm addicted to Chloraseptic (is that gluten free? I should check.)
  12. I have NEVER had problems with acne. Never. Not when a teenager, not when pregnant, nor during that time of the month. I went gluten free about three weeks ago and all of a sudden, seemingly within the last few hours, I have developed the worst case of acne I've ever had. I woke up with one zit this morning and now my face, chest and neck are covered. It's awful. The only thing I have changed is going off gluten. Do you think this has something to do with that? Also, and I don't know if this is related to the the acne, my scalp hurts so bad. It feels like someone was trying to pull my hair out of my head. I can hardly touch it. That started the same time the acne flared up. I keep looking in the mirror and am horrified. I've never even had to use anything stronger than organic cleanser on my face so this is kind of freaking me out.
  13. I'm going to try your bread recipe out. I really like that it uses no starches and is high in fiber. If that doesn't work I'm considering going grain free altogether and seeing if that helps.
  14. Hmmm...I only drink water and raw milk- sometimes herbal tea. I'm not dehydrated. No caffeine. I've been making all my own gluten free breads from scratch- so no processed foods. Lots of veggies and fruits (I used to be vegan and I eat a huge salad at least once a day.) I already take magnesium for a heart murmur and it's never once helped the constipation. I took major doses when I was on iron supplements and it still didn't help. I really need to start taking the iron again but I've stopped because I thought it was making things worse. However my ferritin levels are really low so I need to take care of that. I'll give up the oats (though I've only had them once since going gluten-free) and the starches and see what happens. It's frustrating when you eat a really clean diet and still have problems with this. I have friends that eat like crap (chicken nuggets and processed cereal) and never deal with this.