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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm sorry about your friends - maybe you've opened their eyes a little and given them something to think about. Time will tell! I've discovered that "everyone responds differently" to the information about celiac and gluten intolerance. Some people take that "crumb" of information and are very interested to learn. To some people that same crumb of information results in a case of mental diarrhea (for example, my mother, my sister, my brother....). I've learned not to bring it up unless it's relevant. Then if it becomes relevant, I start with a little information. If someone's interested, I attempt a basic education, and go from there. If I see their brain begin to cramp and eyes glaze over, then I just stop. Our house is gluten-free. No play-doh, no anything with gluten. I don't have to explain to anyone or defend my position. It just "is." I hope your girls get feeling better!
  2. I think your body is adjusting to the change. Living gluten-free is all about adjusting: physically, mentally, socially, etc. I think it just takes some time to get used to it all, especially the eating at restaurants part! I noticed a change in food's appeal and my appetite, and welcomed the return of my hunger pangs. It's different to eat because your body demands something rather than because it's lunch time or snack time or party time or whatever. I can't address the Hashi's part, but that could play a role. There are very knowledgable, friendly people here who can help you with that part.
  3. I have had problems with dry eyes, too. Those issues seem to have improved some with gluten-free. However, I haven't noticed any correlation with my vision / levels of correction.
  4. I have similar pain that starts at the hip joint and runs down my leg. Achy. Sometimes tingling. Sometimes extending all the way to my toes. Acetaminophen / ibuprofen helps. It makes sleeping on my side difficult, and one side is worse than the other. It comes and goes, and has improved since going gluten-free. I find taking D3 has helped. Recently I added other vitamins/supplements - fish oil, cod liver oil, potassium, calcium, multivitamin. When I take all of those the pain goes away. Maybe like other posters said it's the potassium that helps? When I skip a day or two of taking the vits/supps then the pain creeps back in. I'm thinking of seeing a rheumotologist (sp?) but am afraid of not finding one that is educated re celiac. I'm reluctant because I can help the symptoms and it doesn't really interfere with my life. It's mainly a nuisance and a frustration at this point, and I usually grin and bear it. I'm not sure what to do unless/until it gets worse. I'm sorry you have this problem, but it's nice to know I'm not alone...!
  5. So, once again, I attempted to communicate with my sister. She has symptoms, plus is related to me. In my dreams, in this, the best of all possible worlds, she would take my words to heart and agree that a change in diet would help her health (which needs help) and then start down that road (into the sunset). She wouldn't even have to pay to go to a doctor or any of that stuff. She says = "I have accepted everything you have told me and I also accept that I'm a member of the celiac club. But just because I recently discovered I have cloven hooves and a curly tail doesn't increase my desire to start rooting in the mud." Whaddya do. I just said ok, I've been heard, thanks for listening, and what you choose to do with that knowledge is your choice. I just need to tell this story to those who will understand the frustration. thanks
  6. I lived for a while in my mom's basement. I set up a table with a heating element (like a little stove)and a toaster, etc. and shelves for food, and had a refrigerator. It was basically a kitchen without a sink. I used a tub for dirty dishes then washed upstairs in the kitchen, and sometimes in my bathroom. Maybe you could have similar set-up to keep your stuff separate. It worked very well once I got it all arranged. It sounds like you are in a supportive environment - I hope it all goes well!
  7. This is very interesting. My sister has this, and it's very painful. She got some special foot stuff too and it helps. She doesn't hear me re gluten and will never do anything about it I am certain.(I see gluten issues in all 3 of my siblings.) I have read here and there online that there could be a relationship between celiac and plantar fasciitis. Her foot issues have progressed to the point that when she saw a podiatrist recently and had x-rays, he came bursting into the room to because he wanted to "see who is walking around on these feet." She has hammer-toe, too, and has been told that eventually surgery would be necessary but not a permanent fix. Sooner or later I suppose she will end up not being able to walk. I hope that your feet troubles improve on the diet! I would love to know if you find out any more on the relationship between the two. And likewise if I find anything I will post.
  8. Re the "low gluten" - It sounds like they may they may be thinking of the low-carb type diets, since their popularity was mentioned. I'd make it clear that you are gluten free for medical reasons, as opposed to following a low-carb regimen like the paleo diet or Atkins or something similar to those.
  9. Just Diagnosed And Very Hopeful

    I, too, have children, and had mine tested right after my diagnosis. Having children around made me quickly realize that the whole house needed to be gluten free. They get the stuff everywhere - counters, plates, utensils, hands that touch everything, etc. I just could not be certain about it. So now the only gluten in the house is sandwich bread (for school lunches) that I control plus I have taught the kids how to make sandwiches properly. They whine about it now and then, but have gotten used to it. They can have whatever they want outside the house. And for a treat I will sometimes buy a bag of pretzels or something that is relatively easy to keep contained. Wheat is not healthful for anyone to be eating anyway, so we are eating better now and I don't feel like I'm depriving anyone of anything. I think my whole family has gone through withdrawal from gluten! Incidentally my 7 yr old, whose blood work was negative, recently complained of a bad stomach ache after eating spaghetti from a restaurant! So I guess she probably has an intolerance and is better off gluten-free. Again, good luck with it and hope you are feeling better soon! You have a great attitude about it and that will help tremendously.
  10. Disappointing Doctors Visit

    Just for information - not all celiacs have pain. I have celiac disease. I can eat gluten (a "little glutened" like you say above) and my only reaction is to maybe have mild D for a day or so. My 21 yr old daughter also has it and she eats gluten occasionally with little to no reaction. That lack of an obvious, painful reaction does not mean that damage is not being done inside. I think you've gotten some good, balanced advice here. Please listen to what your body is telling you. Good luck in your journey to health.
  11. Dry Eyes?

    Curious about the tomato paste - I checked a can I have and its only ingredient is tomatoes - which are gluten free - ???
  12. Beyond Frustrated With Family

    My mom got tested over 6 months ago - but she says the doc didn't give her the results. She won't call and ask. Mind you, she's been back in his office multiple times since then. She "forgets" to ask. She promises, "I'll call Monday," etc, but of course, never does. How frustrating is that! My brother listens, and says he'll "look into it." My sister - "hmmmmm. You don't say....." My oldest child's blood levels were higher than mine, but she won't stick to the diet. All very frustrating to say the least. I feel like I've done all that I can, and just let the rest go.
  13. Gluten Free And Loving It.

    Glad you're feeling better! I'm in TN, too. FYI - found a GI, Dr. Christopher Lind, at Vandy. He is very knowledgable and easy to talk to and has also been a speaker for the local support group.
  14. Warning Bar

    Hi, all - I just noticed a warning bar on a post I made. But, there is no warning when I click on the link. Why is this and have I done something unacceptable? If so, my apologies! thanks
  15. Gravy

    1 tablespoon butter / oil to 1 tablespoon flour to 1 cup liquid