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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey guys I went to my Gastro yesterday and because I'm almost done with college and I might be moving she gave me a copy of all of my records. Since being gluten free (5 years) I have had almost no relief from any symptoms and I'm looking for some answers, and no one has been able to give me any. While I was reading through my records I stumbled across my original biopsy (the evil one that confirmed Celiacs) There was an addendum with a disaccharidase analysis. According to this test I was significantly deficient in lactase, maltase, sucrase, and palatase and it commented that I had a disaccharidase deficiency. I was never told any of this by any of my last 3 gastroenterologists. I have done a little reading and it fits my symptoms, but I don't want to jump to conclusions. Does anyone have any experience with Disaccharidase deficiency? Is this something to pursue and bring up to a Dr.? Thanks, AP
  2. Rice Allergy

    Thank you guys, StephanieL -- I got the allergy testing done because I started having more digestive issues than before I went gluten free. I had been eliminating out foods that I thought were bothering me, and was down to almost nothing. I'm not 100% certain but rice seems to cause me heartburn and bloating type reaction. The allergist tested me for all the items that I had eliminated as well as common food allergies in my family (pork, grapefruit). My Dr recommends me going 2 weeks without and then testing it too see the exact reaction, which I am going to do.
  3. Hi guys, I recently (yesterday) was diagnosed via a prick test that I have allergies to rice, walnuts, pork and grapefruit. I have already am pork, walnut, and grapefruit free, but I am having trouble finding gluten free and rice free foods. Does anyone know any good gluten and rice free recipes? or products. I am also trying to limit corn. And to top it all off I am a college student without a job, so would it just be a good idea to cut out all grains? like the paleo diet? (I haven't done much research on this so I may be thinking of something else) Thanks AP
  4. Hey guys I have been having strange symptoms: extreme energy levels causing me insomnia, general weakness, shaking mostly in my hands but occasionally my entire body, jumpiness, dry eyes, turning blue when tired, headache, hives, muscle twitching, hiccups, feeling out of breath and heart burn. They have been really bad since December, but they seem to be getting better. I'm worried that they may be autoimmune related and will come back. I got a blood test but by the time I got it my symptoms were starting to dissipate and all of the results are with in the normal range, but several of them are, in my opinion, boarder line. But at this point my dr told me that it's all in my head and that I'll just have to live with it, and even my parents are starting to believe I'm making it up. TSH 2.48 ref. <0.47-4.68> Free Thyroxine 0.78 ref <0.78-2.19> Sodium 142 ref <137-145> Potassium 3.8 ref<3.5-5.1> Chloride 107 ref<98-107> CO2 26 ref<26-30> Anion Gap 13 ref<10-20> Blood urea nitrogen 8 ref<7-20> Serum creatinine 0.7 ref<0.6-1.3> BUN/creatinine ratio 11.4 ref<7.1-23.5> I'm sorry I've been posting so much, I just want an answer and to feel like myself again, Thanks AP
  5. I Keep Turning Blue

    thanks frieze That is what it looks like when i turn blue, although mine is very temporary it goes away about a minute or two after I get up and move, and when I turn blue it is pretty much my whole body, although recently it seems to be affecting single places at a time, like the other day my knees turned purple/blue when I was sitting at my desk but the rest of me was fine. it lasted about 3 minutes and then went away, there was no pain, numbness, or tingling. AP
  6. I Keep Turning Blue

    I finally got my test results back, the dr told me that they were all normal and then just kind of brushed me off. here are my results, some of them are on the edge of normal. I am curious about the thyroid results because my symptoms seem to be similar to thyroid problems. glucose 83 <74-106> Calcium 9.2 <8.4-10.2> Total Bilirubin 0.3 <0.2-1.3> AST/SGOT 22 <15-46> ALT/SGPT 22 <13-69> Total Protein 6.8 <6.3-8.2> CRP Inflammatory <0.5 <0.0-1.0> Albumin 4.2 <3.5-5.0> Albumin/Globulin RA 1.6 <1.0-2.0> Alkaline Phosphatas 61 <38-126> TSH 2.48 <0.47-4.68> Free Thyroxine 0.78 <0.78-2.19> WBC 5.1 <4.8-10.8> RBC 4.46 <4.20-10.8> Hemoglobin 13.5 <12.0-16.0> Hematocrit 40 <37-47> MCV 90.6 <81.0-99.0> MCH 30.4 <27.0-31.0> MCHC 33.5 <30.0-37.0> RDW 12.6 <11.5-14.5> Platelet count 241 <130-400> NEUT % Auto 58.4 <37.0-80.0> Lymph % Auto 32.5 <10.0-50.0> Mono % Auto 6.7 <0.0-12.0> EOS % Auto 2.0 <0.0-7.0> BASO % Auto 0.40 <0.0-2.50> Neut # Auto 3.00 <2.00-6.90> Lymp # Auto 1.70 <0.60-3.40> Mono # Auto 0.30 <0.0-0.90> Eos # Auto 0.10 <0.0-0.20> Baso # Auto 0.0 <0.0-0.20> Erythrocyte sed rate 3 <0-20> Sodium 142 <137-145> Potassium 3.8 <3.5-5.1> Chloride 107 <98-107> Carbon Dioxide 26 <26-30> Anion Gap 13 <10-20> Blood Urea Nitrogen 8 <7-20> Serum Creatinine 0.7 <0.6-1.3> Bun/Creatinine rati 11.4 <7.1-23.5> Thanks Guys
  7. I Keep Turning Blue

    Thanks for the ideas Cavernio - I have looked into Reynauds syndrome and it doesn't really fit my symptoms because it doesn't seem to be related to stress or cold, mainly it is sleep or triggered by my position. I started having the symptom before I started taking any medications so I don't think its that. I am taking amitryptaline as a sleep aid instead of a antidepressant. My HMO doesn't cover anything prescribed by anyone other my general practitioner so they tried to keep it cheap. They are going to try and get some blood work but I have to work it out with my insurance first Thanks AP
  8. I Keep Turning Blue

    beachbirdie- thanks for the reply. I have been trying to get a new doctor recently but I am from a small town where there aren't any doctors taking patients I also have an HMO which only covers certain doctors but I did manage to get into see a different doctor at student health services. It was kind of a fluke though. I went back because I've started having nightmares and I have been extremely jumpy. the new dr did a full neurological exam and listened to my heart and lungs. she didn't find anything and she was stumped. She said the same thing my other dr said that she would do more research to try and figure it out. she told me that she wanted to test my thyroid, and do a cbc and a complete metabolic work up. she told me to come back in 2 weeks. but she doesn't want to test me until she has a better idea of what she is looking for. mean while she told me to up my omeprozole for heartburn and that it was my choice to continue the amitryptaline or not, as she has no idea if it is causing my nightmares. Thanks guys AP
  9. Accutane?

    I would stay away from accutane I have 2 friends that took it and after finishing treatment they both became allergic to fragrances. one of my friends gets hives when she goes near/uses fragrances like lotions or candles, and the other gets a migrain and her skin itches even though she doesn't get hives. they also say that their skin is a lot more sensitive now as well. I hope you find something that helps, my acne cleared up when I went completely gluten free. Good luck AP
  10. I Keep Turning Blue

    Thanks again guys, ravenwoodglass - it kind of looks like that but not quite as red, mine is more of a blue gray hue. I am really particular about what I eat and I make all of my own food and don't really eat with non-gluten free people, so I don't think I'm getting CC if I am I have no idea how. I do know that I have other sensitivities/intolerances and I am pretty good about staying away from them. Does your livedo get worse when you've had less sleep? I went to student health and the RNP wants me to try amitriptyline for a week to see if it will help me sleep, and if it doesn't she wants to test my thyroid. she didn't even seem interested/concerned that I have been turning blue. she also said that she doesn't think my main symptoms (blueness, heartburn, and not being able to sleep) are not connected. thanks again, AP
  11. Is Anyone Here Rh-negative?

    I'm A- and have celiac all of the girls in my family are rh neg and both my dad and my brother are rh pos. but I'm the only one with celiacs
  12. I Keep Turning Blue

    Thanks for the ideas guys Madagascar- the temperature doesn't seem to effect me turning blue, but I have noticed that the less sleep I get the more frequently it happens, also I asked my dr if it could be raynauds but he doubts it. I have not had my heart or circulation checked recently, I had an ekg about 5 years ago and it was fine, I was told I had a heart murmer last year, but the dr said I was dehydrated and it went away within a couple days. I talked to my dr today because my heartburn was to the point where it hurt to eat anything and my mom is concerned that I am only getting about 2 hours of sleep a night. He prescribed omeprazole for my heartburn and told me to go to student health about my sleep problems (as I am attending school 9 hours from home). I have been looking into other autoimmune diseases and found that I fit the symptoms of Graves disease pretty well, (insomnia, hyperactive, heartburn, increased d, increased hunger and thirst, feeling of something in my throat...) How would I go about getting this tested as my dr. doesn't want to test me for anything until my symptoms increase. Thanks, AP
  13. Has anyone experienced their entire body (hands/arms, torso, legs/feet) turning blue/gray randomly, I have talked to my dr already but he seems stumped, and doesn't want to do tests until its worse. It started this past summer it happened like 2 or 3 times and it always happened when I had been laying on a flat wooden surface, and it didn't happen again until about 2 months ago. In the past 2 months or so it has happened at least 4 times but now it seem random when it happens, like I was sitting in class on thursday and it started with my hands and then pretty soon I had a blue/gray hue. When it happens, (anytime of day/night) I'm not usually cold, but my extremities start to ache and sometime my hands will tingle, and they get really hard to use like I'm wearing gloves even after the color returns, basically I turn a gray/blue color and my veins become prominent. I also have other symptoms, I have too much energy to sleep, I get about 2 hours of sleep a night, for as energetic as I am I feel really weak, I have had really bad heartburn and indigestion the past couple of weeks, and I have this weird feeling in my throat, kind of dry and like I have food stuck or something. Any ideas that I can take to my Dr. would be much appreciated. Thanks AP celiac - March 2009 dishydrotic excema - May 2011