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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Scrubbing Potatoes...

    Thank you all!!
  2. Hi guys, Okay, so this might be a bit of a paranoid cross-contamination question; judge as you may. My dad insists upon scrubbing the outside of the potatoes with the same scrub brush as we use for scrubbing pots, pans, and cleaning dishes. I'm thinking this may pose a cross-contamination issue because I do not live in a gluten-free household, therefore you cannot assume the brush is clean. I've been told I'm just over-emotional... Does anyone have a similar experience or insights to offer? Or perhaps you are sensitive and have had a reaction to such forms of cross-contamination? Any information would be helpful, really. Thanks so much!!!
  3. Hi, Just wondering if anyone's had any success eating out or purchasing gluten-free products (from a grocery store)in Quebec City, or Old Quebec. We will be staying there and eating out around dinner time. We have heard of Lapin Saute, but it seems kind of pricy. Not sure if thats the norm or not. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Has anyone done the (Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned) test? How much more accurate is it than an IgA or IgG test?
  5. As for what I am eating, just regular run-of-the-mill gluten-free stuff, for example, fish, pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, corn, potatoes, gluten-free bread, crackers, a few cookies here and there , salad, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk (LF) and other dairy products (LF with lactase enzyme). My GE thinks that the bloating/gas is coming from the lactose, but I know it isn't, because I had been off of dairy for six months before he told me to start taking the lactase and go back on a LF dairy diet. So I did, and nothing changed. Stomach acid...yeah, possibly. The majority of my stomach pain (ache) went away after starting prevacid. However I still seem to be producing a lot of gas so the last time I went to see him I was told to double the prevacid (2 30mg tabs/day). Nothing has changed. I read up on bloating/over production of gas (in general), and the book said that it could be due to malabsorption and/or not enough good bacteria (among others, but these were the two reasons I thought most applicable). The others were reasons like gastritis, IBS, and parasites. Anyone have any input on this? Oh, and I was also thinking that perhaps my system might just be taking a long time to heal...but it's got to be more than that...cause it wouldn't make sense that there would be hardly a sign of improvement after 6 months, would it?... Thanks
  6. On thing that I did not mention when I first posted this that may/may not make a difference to your replies would be that around two months ago I began to take prevacid (acid reduction), which helped to get rid of most of the stomach/abdominal pain I was feeling every time after eating and throughout the day. However, as I mentioned before, the bloating persists, with the occasional pain/cramp between the belly button and rib cage (on the front). If you place your hand directly above the belly button, the pain is in the area of the palm.
  7. Could it really be corn/soy/eggs? I've definitely heard of it before, but how does one test for it? Do you have to be referred or something?
  8. Hi, I have been following very strictly (except for today... ) the gluten free diet. Every time I eat a meal, I get extremely bloated directly afterwards. I don't really have any idea what is causing it. This was happening before I was diagnosed as well. Until 2 months ago, and at the direction of my GE, I was dairy free. Now I am lactose-free, and so far the bloating has not changed, which leads me to think that it isn't lactose/dairy. I'm really not sure, and I was wondering if anyone else could lend a bit of insight or perhaps they have had similar situations?? Thanks!
  9. I am sorry to hear that! It definitely is a shock to find out you have to go gluten-free, and takes some adjustment. Perhaps you should see a doctor and get officially diagnosed to make sure. It probably seems absolutely overwhelming at first, but trust me, it will get better! However in the words of kwylee, don't let it control your life! I would certainly look at this as a great opportunity - even where I live, (we have 1-2 gluten-free bakeries), people could be doing much more - especially in the restaurant sector. People that need gluten-free food would love to be able to go out to eat and be able to sit in a restaurant and know their food is gluten free. Try looking at it from a positive point of view, and think of where you could take this!! You have the knowledge, you have the desire to cook/bake, and you have the market! Other than money, what more could you ask for? I know for me, one of the jobs I would absolutely love would be to work at one of the gluten-free bakeries near my house. It seems like such an opportunity to experiment with different foods, create gluten-free versions of regular baked goods, and provide people with yummy (yes, yummy!), safe things to eat.
  10. Hi, I would definitely take the suggestion of cooking home-made meals. Much cheaper and less risk of CC - if you are eating out. Start with naturally gluten free foods...rice, quinoa, potatoes, plain meat, fruits and vegetables. I'm still new at this too, and it takes time to adjust!
  11. Hmm...Is it still possible to have this after 4-5 months? I was diagnosed in May of this year, and still I find myself eating things, while not necessarily being hungry...It's really strange for me to do this, because I have not in the past, and I kind of attributed it to stress or something.
  12. Is The Barbecue Safe?

    Thanks for the reply! My family hasn't bought a new barbecue since diagnosis, so there have definitely been some gluten-containing substances on it. Darn. Now that I think about it, it probably is contaminated - I just recently read a post about needing it to be 600 degrees Fahrenheit or something like that to kill the gluten protein. Can anyone confirm that? Also, if there are any more opinions on the 'barbecue' question itself, they would be appreciated! I need some evidence to prove to my parents that I'm not neurotic about everything like this.
  13. Hi, I'm sure many of us on here have eaten off of a barbecue...what I want to know is, is it safe for celiacs? Does anyone have a definite answer or suggestion? Thanks!
  14. Hi, yes you are definitely not alone! I am just going to take it one day at a time... I am looking for a local support group hopefully they can give me pointers:)

  15. Ahhh.... This is encouraging (in a very frustrating way) to hear. I have the same issues with someone in our family, and it is difficult. In fact, I think I'll go down now and see if I can "help" with dinner.