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  1. While living in Japan I went to the doctor two times because of intense abdominal pain, nausea, cramps, and lots of stomach acid. The first time I went he thought I could have a thyroid problem or some infection so he ran a blood panel and they came up negative. He told me to come back two weeks later to see if my symptoms improved. I came back just as sick as I had been and now was feeling pain behind my right ribs. He said, "There can't be anything wrong with you since the blood work all came back normal. I'm going to prescribe you some sleeping pills and anti-depressants to help you through the difficult time you must be having." He ran one blood panel, and pushed my stomach for a minute and decided I must be depressed and unable to sleep. Funny thing is, I told him I'm sleeping MORE than normal because I feel so sick all the time. I got diagnosed with celiac a few months after I yelled at him for not believing me and that I wasn't crazy. Turns out I also had a couple gallstones and constant gallbladder attacks for years, but at least four doctors kept saying I was "too young for those, so we will run tests for something else". Strange that I had every symptom of gallstones but doctors just waved that idea out the door. Went back to the doctor in Japan after I had my gallbladder removed because I had a heat rash on my surgery scar. He did a full bow in apology for not believing me and doing more tests when he should have. I have since switched doctors, but the amount of time I spent in misery from doctors downplaying my pain and symptoms is more than enough to make anyone sick.
  2. I am a 21 year old woman who was just recently diagnosed. I was told that I had a minor wheat allergy growing up and so it wasn't a real problem if I kept eating wheat. Growing up my immune system was almost completely shot, I was depressed, unmotivated, and always felt sick. Then I had this nice period from about 15-19 where if I ate wheat I only had a minor stomach ache and I thought it was worth it to eat what I wanted. I started to suddenly get sick with throat infections, sinus infections, colds, flus, and everything else that normal people shouldn't get back to back. On top of that I started getting indigestion, signs of malnutrition, and sharp pains in my stomach. I finally was diagnosed at 20, and not four months later got even SICKER despite being gluten free. From eating gluten and wheat for so many years, I had developed gallstones despite being below average in weight, young, and eating low transfat diets. I had years worth of scarring to my gallbladder caused by eating the gluten, and even developed lactose intolerance to boot. After surgery I have felt better, but if I had known what you did from so early an age, I would have had so much better of a life and childhood. I know it's hard to be gluten free, but take it from me, it's not worth the consequences. I've undergone so many painful treatments, surgeries, and horrible sickening medications for celiac related problems that I would never wish on even my worst enemy this god awful disease. You may not believe any of us and think we all just sound like we are over worried over things since you don't feel anything now(heck I did too), but you are destroying part of your body everytime you eat gluten, and the more you do that, the less your immune stystem can fight real problems and the less your body functions. It took me a painful surgery and 3 months of agony before I realized that I had caused all of it by being stupid and pretending I didn't have a problem. I truly wish you do not make my mistakes.
  3. Hi everyone! I was diagnosed just this year in February with Celiacs at age 20, and kept feeling sick (but better on some days which was how I knew the gluten free treatment was working). I started to get different pains then I was used to, like a gnawing hunger pain that felt like an ulcer, and stomach cramping and diarhea. I dealt with that for almost 5 months until I got sharp pains under my right rib that shot through to my shoulder. Went and got an ultrasound done and it turned out that I had a couple gallstones about a centimeter each. They did surgery on my birthday in July and found that my gallbladder was in worse shape then they thought since it had scarring all over. They suspect that I've been havin gallbladder attacks for years but dint notice. I'm only 125lbs, and had a relatively low fat diet growing up. I started thinking it was from Celiacs (as it turns out many of my life's problems were) and got to looking into it. There's a few articles coming out now saying that doctors suspect that up to 80% of gallstones and gallbladder malfunction is caused by Celiacs. Did anybody else hear about this? Or have gallstones or gallbladder problems? Thanks guys!
  4. Age diagnosed: 20 Gluten free: 8 months Recovery: 80% Spent most of my childhood with headaches, horrible allergies and asthma, stomach pains, and feeling sick so often that my parents thought I was a hypocondriac. I realized when I was a teenager that I might be allergic to wheat because my stomach would puff up and hurt so bad the next day, but when I mentioned it to my doctors they thought it was a mild food allergy and I didn't need to worry since I'd 'grow' out of it. So like an idiot I ate more wheat thinking I could build up an immunity to it. Finally I started to get horrible indigestion and stomach pains, needed to have peptobismuth no further than a foot away during school, and was sick every week almost with a cold, flu, throat infection, or sinus infection, so I knew something was wrong. Finally the doctor diagnosed me after a blood test and endoscopy, but not four months later even worse symptoms came back. Turns out that having undiagnosed celiacs can lead to gallstones even in someone who is only 20, below average weight, and who ate minimal transfats growing up. Got the gallbladder out on my 21st birthday and am feeling better, but still definitely have ups and downs.